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With Plugs I Met 2, Benny not only adds a well-rounded arc to his discography but also solidifies his status as an elder statesman/role model for a new generation who could genuinely use the perspective.


It’s less of a ‘Burden…’ expansion pack and more of a statement in its own right, one that underlines Benny The Butcher’s ascension as one of the most vital voices in rap today.


That Benny has endured the worst, that he managed to turn breadcrumbs into hedge funds, has empowered him to seize this spotlight. The themes might be as old as the genre itself, but the voice is as fresh and focused as any.


Plugs 2 is a typically intense, lyric-heavy offering from the skilled emcee. Combined with Fraud's nostalgic, sample-filled backing, the short set feels like a time machine to the golden age, only updated for the 2020s with crisp and impeccable production.


On his latest nine-track triumph, the Griselda star finds an easy chemistry with Harry Fraud, whose syrupy samples lend poignancy to these stories of hustling and survivor’s remorse.

Beats Per Minute

The Plugs I Met 2 keeps his blades as sharp as ever.

Rolling Stone

On The Plugs I Met 2, Benny explores this sadness and danger more fully over a selection of Harry Fraud beats that meld the grit of the first Plugs with the sheen of Proof.

The Needle Drop

Lighter on the features than its predecessor, The Plugs I Met 2 mostly finds Benny the Butcher in top form.

Spectrum Culture

Fraud elevated the album to a new level, but it's questionable how much further Benny can stretch his writing before fans start losing interest.


The rapper’s attention to detail is undeniable – but serving up a pile of rhymes, rather than full-bodied songs with snappy hooks, can be boring no matter how skilful you are.

Honestly what the fuck was Fat Joe’s verse lmao. This man really compared himself to Harvey Weinstein and said a cringe ass “Wuhan Virus” bar. But at least this project overall is pretty fire.

Griselda has been one of the most exciting things in hip-hop for me lately. Benny and Conway released two of my favorite rap projects of last year, and Burden of Proof is probably my favorite Griselda release to date. When I saw this was coming out with Harry Fraud I was excited, but I ... read more
Coming only a few months after his most recent album Burden of Proof, Benny the Butcher continues to exhibit why he may be the most likely breakout member of Griselda. Both Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn have excellent but still oddball styles to their music that may make their rise less likely, but Benny's more mainstream production style and rap form have the exact kind of qualities that a general hip hop fan could sink their teeth into. That The Plugs I Met 2 perfectly fits to that ... read more
Benny The Butcher's sequel to "The Plugs I Met" with producer Harry Fraud is not as great as the first one, but still a very solid project. The Plugs I Met 2 includes features from 2 Chainz, Jim Jones, French Montana, Rick Hyde, Chinx and Fat Joe. These were weaker features than the previous album but still has a decent input from all of them so Benny wasn't outshined and was able to carry the project. Benny matches the energy of Harry Fraud's instrumentals perfectly. The project is ... read more
Edit: This album grew off me quite a bit, definitely not the normal standard I thought Benny had met when I first listened to it. Somehow sounds more dated then Tana Talk 3 + Plugs 1 despite coming out a few months ago. This + the lukewarm collaborative works from Benny has me worried for his future.

--------------------------THE FOLLOWING BELOW WAS WRITTEN THE NIGHT OF THE 3/19/2021--------------------------

You want some facts? Here's some facts: Benny has dropped quality, consistent ... read more
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Added on: January 12, 2021