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Louder Than War

17 albums in, this is possibly their best work and they have finally honed their sound into their own. One of the best bands around in these dark times.


First with K.G. and now on L.W., King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have released the two ultimate King Gizz records.

Perhaps one of their most intriguing musical collections to date.
It's not just a follow-up to their first mildly disappointing venture, it's a bracing reminder of just how thrilling King Gizzard can be at their peak.

With their feet up on the couch and laurels well and truly rested upon, they’ve gifted us with L.W. which (excepting its sister record) is undoubtedly the most comfortable LP the group has released in quite some time.

Under The Radar

They leave no stone unturned or path unexplored.


Prog-psych-punk sextet take satisfying third bite of the microtonal cherry.


Seventeen albums in, KGLW continues to expand and explore.

Classic Rock

Great modern music. Get on your camel and ride.


L.W. resembles K.G. after three additional months of lockdown: It’s more antsy, more angry, and less concerned about letting its gut hang out

The Forty-Five

Like its counterpart, ‘L.W.’ enfolds you entirely in the idiosyncratic Gizzverse – and at the moment, there’s something highly enjoyable about being transported elsewhere.


L.W. may not boast many surprises, but it cements its makers as masters of their realm.

The Needle Drop

King Gizzard reinvigorates its approach to microtonality a bit on L.W.

FLOOD Magazine
Using its practice and expertise with microtonal tunings from the aforementioned 2017 excursion, the Gizzards may have simply found a way to test weird new waters and write better songs on this half of the equation.
Beats Per Minute

While listening to L.W. it’s hard not to stop thinking that they’re trying to repeat Flying Microtonal Banana, which is by no means a good quality as these thoughts drown out this new effort. Setting this to the side and trying to appreciate L.W. on its own terms, the best that can be said is that there are a few good tracks in an otherwise mediocre album.

King Midzard and the Lizzard Wizard

No matter your opinion on the band, you must admit that King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard are one of the most untamable and musically fluctuating bands of the past decade, never settling into staleness. Through their prolific release schedule, the band has never seemed to run low on unorthodox album concepts. This was even the case with their run of albums in 2017, releasing 5 within the span of 11 months, yet having each feel unique in their own way. ... read more
L.W. - A record unreasonably belittled by expectations.

Like the experimentation King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard or not, you have to admit that they are a band that respects artistry. Continuous innovations like Nonagon Infinity, Flying Microtonal Banana, even when King Gizzard has a consistent sound, they have always been testing with different styles and subgenres, perhaps such aspect is the reason for attracting so many listeners. Which, is also probably why people turned their back ... read more
Damn, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have come out with a pair of their kookiest concepts to date: they made two records about being extremely fucking boring!

Look, even for what i’m going to say about this record, I mean no disrespect to King Gizzard at fucking all. When you step back for a moment, it is an absolute goddamn miracle that King Gizzard has been this consistently good for this long. Think about it, in the nine years that King Gizzard have been around, they have not only ... read more
Seems like they really stick with these ugly ass covers. This should be called W, because i don't see any L's.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard return once again with the continuation of K.G., L.W. And yea, it's good. It's actually better them it's prequel, by far.

K.G. played with some interesting ideas, but they really played it way too safe with that one, end ng up in having a record with way too many samey songs, resulting into an unmemorable project that everybody forgot about quite ... read more
2017 was a prolific year for King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. After releasing an album as ambitious and well-recieved as 'Nonagon Infinity' in 2016, it perhaps would not have been surprising for any other band to take a step back and allow themselves an extended period of time to recharge their creativity and refuel their passion, but of course we all know by now that King Gizzard would go on to release 5 albums the following year, 5 widely varied and eclectic albums, but the cream of the ... read more
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Added on: January 15, 2021