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Squid - Bright Green Field
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The Line of Best Fit

Curious and capricious, Squid know how to grab your interest and to keep it, deftly remaining unsettling and reaching for the unexpected, and always leaving enough room to dance.


Bright Green Field is nothing short of immaculate. On the surface it seems like organised chaos, but as you listen it reveals itself to be so much more.

An uncompromising debut that fulfils every ounce of the band’s potential.
A bold debut that continues their frenetic exploration of post-punk kraut-jazz but also moves into more electronic and soundscape-like worlds.
Here, they embrace vulnerability, taking time to address modern issues (read: symptoms of capitalism), while also imbuing a real sense of fun, artistic merit and instrumental democracy in the record's 11 tracks.
Under The Radar

Squid accomplishes an impressive feat of ambition with Bright Green Field, pushing past genre confines to craft something singular, thoughtful, and captivating.

Loud and Quiet
An entirely dynamic free flow that manages to satisfy a disparate, yet tightly cohesive tracklist. Even to a point where songs converse independently amongst themselves.
Squid always seemed destined to have an epic album in them, and they’ve delivered just that.

The music is busy, but rarely familiar, and certainly stimulating. Truly a band for the times, Squid feels like a wild jumble of thoughts come to life, effusing anger, confusion, humor, detachment, and even joyfulness in their pursuit of true creative freedom.

Succinct yet packed with stunning detail, it refuses to take the easy way out, and that stubbornness may see Squid outstrip their peers in a head-long race towards a re-engaged future.

Squid proves on their very first try that they have the cajones to make big changes to the way we think about music ... Bright Green Field is already an album rife with the qualities of a classic.


Bright Green Field is a masterful work, knowing when to wear its influences proudly and when to veer off wildly into its own lane.

Spectrum Culture

Like (almost) nothing you’ll hear this year, Bright Green Field is a remarkable and unabashedly strange debut for Squid, one that is as perplexing as it is addicting. The only thing more addicting is trying to describe them to your friends.

Beats Per Minute
The innovative sonic mayhem of their music is both an acknowledgement of the despair of our existence – and a reminder that nobody is alone in feeling it.

There’s reassurance to be gleaned from that spirit of examination, and from the accompanying music’s audacity ... Their ambitious record is, in itself, an absolute tonic.

It’s a little pretentious, and definitely an album that requires your full attention, but it’s a deceptively good time too.
The Forty-Five
They challenge and toy with their audience, an approach that will win friends and enemies alike. Their ‘Bright Green Field’ is yours for the pillaging: it’s up to you to seek out any treasure within its acres.
Northern Transmissions
Squid’s fictional municipality is an extraordinary place to spend your time and one that encourages repeated visits.
The Independent

It makes for a challenging first listen – deliberately so, you’d guess – but there are real rewards for those who take the time to unravel this cacophony ... This is proudly shape-shifting, genre-defying music. 

The Arts Desk

It is evident from Bright Green Field that Squid are not about an egotistical frontman but a rare and promising artistic cohesion where talented musicians complement each other’s ideas.


The British quintet’s utter disregard for rock convention elevates Bright Green Field’s paranoid, vaguely dystopian universe.

The English band’s nervy debut blazes through scraps of jazz, funk, krautrock, dub, and punk. More than a canonized style, it’s their level of control that sets them apart.
Crack Magazine

Songs feel perpetually on the brink of collapse as the band lock into Krautrock grooves, only for them to fall apart, leaving Dan Carey’s watertight production to hold it all together.

Slant Magazine

Originating as a quintet schooled in modal jazz, Squid’s transformation into post-punk disruptors is indicative of a band that relentlessly bucks against their limits. To hear them ply their craft on Bright Green Field, the album represents a crystallization of that impulse.

The Needle Drop

Some of its ideas do get a little stale, but all in all Bright Green Field is an ambitious and very promising debut album.

The Skinny
If Squid are the guitar boys' buzz band of the moment, some are going to get a little more than they bargained for on their debut LP.
The Observer

Though nothing here is truly experimental or innovative – it’s more the kind of music that gets labelled as such because of the influences it shows – Bright Green Field has a hurtling energy, each song shifting restlessly, repeatedly in style and pace.

Crackheads running rampant in England streets, mental wards overflowing with patients, the grassy pastures of rural Britain. Squid’s jazzy post-punk revival opus, the eclectically apocalyptic ‘Bright Green Fields’, attempts to tackle the un-urbanized section of their homeland, a massive 90+% of England that goes oblivious to outsiders, stepping into the shoes of those who live past the picture-perfect facade portraying England as nothing but sunny green fields and stunning ... read more
To say that there are before and after Bright Green Field is perhaps a little too hasty, yet the Brighton natives have offered us an absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish that will be remembered for years to come. They knew how to revisit through the anguish of the world, with the help of a modern signature absolutely personal

For two years now, the underground scene in the United Kingdom has been rising up among the most promising, as the standard of the future. Among the ... read more
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Yeah, no, this shit is great. Squid are, I would say, the most quote on quote ‘fun’ band in ‘The Windmill’ trilogy of bands that people have connected with each other (the other two being Black Country, New Road and Black Midi, connected due to their affiliations with previous record labels, performing joint gigs at the venue known as ‘The Windmill’ ... read more
There's not even a FUCKING sea creature on this cover OR IN ANY OF THE SONG, LET ALONE ANY SQUID!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I PAY YOU FOR????????????
Envision the Great Plains, a vast open space with only one color to be found, green. An empty open space, leaving room for thoughts to prevail. A sight seen by many in just their own backyard, a field of grass. It may seem mundane, but in these plains, there’s nowhere else to go but these fields. This provides a beautiful golden frame for the painting of Squid’s debut project “Bright Green Field”. The framework leaves a lot to interpret, and the painting gives us the art ... read more
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