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Bright Green Field

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Crackheads running rampant in England streets, mental wards overflowing with patients, the grassy pastures of rural Britain. Squid’s jazzy post-punk revival opus, the eclectically apocalyptic ‘Bright Green Fields’, attempts to tackle the un-urbanized section of their homeland, a massive 90+% of England that goes oblivious to outsiders, stepping into the shoes of those who live past the picture-perfect facade portraying England as nothing but sunny green fields and stunning ... read more
To say that there are before and after Bright Green Field is perhaps a little too hasty, yet the Brighton natives have offered us an absolutely brilliant experience from start to finish that will be remembered for years to come. They knew how to revisit through the anguish of the world, with the help of a modern signature absolutely personal

For two years now, the underground scene in the United Kingdom has been rising up among the most promising, as the standard of the future. Among the ... read more
There's not even a FUCKING sea creature on this cover OR IN ANY OF THE SONG, LET ALONE ANY SQUID!? WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I PAY YOU FOR????????????
What the fuck.


edit 2: what the ACTUAL FUCK
Envision the Great Plains, a vast open space with only one color to be found, green. An empty open space, leaving room for thoughts to prevail. A sight seen by many in just their own backyard, a field of grass. It may seem mundane, but in these plains, there’s nowhere else to go but these fields. This provides a beautiful golden frame for the painting of Squid’s debut project “Bright Green Field”. The framework leaves a lot to interpret, and the painting gives us the art ... read more
squid more like mid

honestly it sounds like itzy mixed with ajr and viagra boys lol 🤍
wheres the tenticle porn :(

EDIT: ok i didnt expect this but this is one of my favorites of this year so far. i adore everything about it bro like god damn as soon as i put it on i knew i was gonna have a blast. epic!
Dynamic, juxtaposing, enthralling and maddening. Squid highlights their eccentricity and their off-the-wall capabilities as a band, by making an album that's difficult to digest to unless you pay fully attention to it. It's elusive and hypnotic and cryptic, showcasing the brilliant madness of the band. An art punk masterpiece that'll have us questioning what it really means after all these years, for now, I'll play mine.
9.3 - Phenomenal

Fuck. I mean, where do I start.

I have a bad habit of rating albums high. When an album wows me at first listen, I give it a high score, but sometimes never return to it ever again. This is especially for new acclaimed releases such as For the first time by BC,NR, or classics like In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. I’m not saying those albums are not good by any means, they are actually quite great, but man, the opposite case of these examples was with Bright Green Field. ... read more
As Squid begins to make some traction following their debut album, fortified by the already massive amount of momentum the group have garnered from a selection of singles and EP's since their inception back in 2017, you're sure to see a lot of comparisons about their sound. Most commonly, you're going to see effectively every correlation and contrast with modern weird-rockers black midi and Black Country, New Road, who are just up the road in London from Brighton, where Squid call home. This ... read more

Yes, the album is good, but I didn’t understand why they find it SO AMAZING like that, there’s nothing very extraordinary.
EDIT: I heard it in full about 7 times now, it's a 55 unfortunately. Ill relisten in a couple of days or weeks or months or years or decades

I never had this with an album before, I've had 5 listens of this album now and I still don't remember that much from it, outside of the singles... I wanna give it a 60, but at the same time, it's also a 90. I don't dig the production that much but at the same time I actually do.. its just......aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i play ... read more
If I had a nickel for every time a new album in 2021 was released with an album cover depicting a person lying in a grassy field that everyone seems to love yet I just don’t enjoy as much, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.

Jokes aside, my feelings towards the newest Squid album isn’t exactly like “Nurture”. For one, I do actually enjoy “Bright Green Field”, and two, I can easily see why people ... read more
listened to this before the new weezer album because i actually have sex
Three young bands have emerged from the Windmill in Brixton to send a message about the future of experimental rock/post-punk. black midi and Black Country, New Road have both amazed me with their debut albums "Schlagenheim" and "For the first time". Their brilliance, nuance, complexity and overall infectiousness led me to give them both "mastapeece" tags upon release! Now it's time for Squid to shine through with their breakthrough LP and... goddammit this scene ... read more
I don’t like the vocals and the instrumentals are absolutely unimpressive
En pocos días Squid recibió el reconocimiento casi unánime de la comunidad AOTY; ciertamente lo merece, pero esto me lleva a preguntarme qué necesita en realidad un disco para volverse tendencia aquí? Me cuestiono esto porque en verdad he oído grandes propuestas en lo que va del 2021, claro, tal vez no mejores que Bright Green Field, que ni siquiera pasan las 50 valoraciones, quedando condenadas al olvido por desconocimiento antes que por mérito; ... read more
This will need a couple more listens to digest completely, it’s a densely packed listen.

There are moments on this thing that are annoying, and some songs do sound a bit weak, but the whole thing seems to have a thread going through and the album feels like a world of its own because of its bombast (or its grandiosity? Only time will tell).

On the flip-side, some songs do have an innovative character to them but so many songs just sound like recycled Black Midi or BCNR. Anyways, this ... read more
This. This, right here. This shows that rock is very much alive and well, and that we don't need to be so fixated on past trends in order to make genuinely compelling, unique, genre-pushing music.

I'm gonna be honest, the 2020s have been absolutely abysmal for music. It seems that every significant artist has run dry of interesting ideas and are now copying each other, and in the case of rock, past acts in order to maintain a consistent image instead of looking for legitimate inspiration and ... read more

Bright Green Field guarantees that 2021 will go down as an important year in music. In response to Black Country, New Road’s monumental album For The First Time, Squid has released an album that is just as innovative and masterful in blending post punk, alt-rock instrumentals, and jazz. In an hour that is danceable, transcendent, and experimental, Squid deliver an incredibly impressive debut album.

Bright Green Field starts off with a short 40 second introduction titled ... read more
I do feel like I need to give this a few more spins, but first impressions... man, these guys are overhyped in my opinion. I mean, it's no doubt that they're very talented, but putting them in the same tier as Black Country New Road and Black Midi just feels silly to me. I don't know, I guess I just expected more experimentation? Again, I do plan to relisten, but as of right now I'm very lukewarm towards this thing. Bright Green Field isn't a bad album in any sense, just nothing really blew me ... read more
While I somehow missed the hype-train for Black Country, New Roads, I was all aboard the one for Squid

Formed in 2015, the Brighton quintet have released a slew of singles and EPs prior to their debut, Bright Green Field, most notably the single Houseplants and the EP Town Centre in 2019 as well as the single Sludge, backed by Broadcaster, in 2020. However it wasn't until January of 2021 that we got our first taste of this record with lead single Narrator.

A towering, 8 minute cut of choppy, ... read more
I was assimilating "Bright Green Field" throughout this whole week and letting the album grow in me and basically it was a mix of emotions.

The songs "Narrator" and "Boy Racers" were definitely the strongest points of the project for me, in fact, I would say they are one of my favorite songs of this year thanks to their creative formulas and a production out of this world. Now the rest?

I have to say that I expected a bit more and that’s why it took me so ... read more
While I do still think the BC, NR album from earlier this year is better, this is still really amazing!

Vocals are really bizarre, they literally sound like the auditory equivalent to how Jim Carrey acts in his movies. And this is kinda a double edge sword, because on some songs, the vocals fucking transcend the song to great heights (like on "Narrator", that song fucks!), but on some tracks, it can get a little too weird for me personally (Documentary Filmmaker"). Also, the ... read more
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