Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
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I went around and asked fellow reviewers on the site what the worst album they've ever heard is and here are your picks! I'll be updating the list if you want to be featured on it, just comment here ...
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inspired by @ToasterQueen12
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I love Weird Al, I Grew up on Weird Al. Here is his legacy.
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The worst cover arts I can find. Either ones that are laughably bad, are weird in a bad way or make you come across it and say "I do NOT want people to see that I own this."
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Cute bebes Suggest more bebes for the list. I only know so many bebes.
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My pick for the biggest meme in music for each year Some years have too many good memes, a year can have up to 3 selections (one winner and two runner ups) The winner can be either a song or an ...
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They're a punching bag, but for good reason. Limp Bizkit SUCKS.
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Do livro "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". Todas as edições. Completo.
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Every album that rocked did a past review on it
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I stole this from this bald guy on YouTube.
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Highest Rated: Kid A Lowest Rated: Rock n Roll Jesus Most Appearances: 1) Now That's What I Call Music! with 14 2) Jay-Z with 10 3) Eminem with 9
Updated 4mo ago 2 The most commonly used songs in Meme Mashups and Megamixes. (This List will mainly contain songs artists such as ...
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These albums altered my life dramatically and made me into the man I am today.... A Certified Big Ol’ Swinging Dick At The CrackerJack Factory!!! #YaDig #GoodTimez
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all of the albums that i have rated from 0-20
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This is in no specific order.... These are albums I can listen to front to need for skipping a single track. A beautiful album/mixtape that can be played, without a need of having to be ...
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