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Life Of A Don actually exceeed my expectations my a very long mile, and that's exactly what I didn't expect. Given the cloud of rumors around Don Toliver lately and the fact that I wasn't a fan of a majority of his features lately, I didn't even plan on checking out this record. However, some of the features made me think of listening to this before today's supposed central festivities! (Magdalena Bay and James Blake), and I was pleasantly surprised by how pleasant this project was.

Life Of A ... read more
If you thought Don Toliver's debut album, 'Heaven or Hell' was a disappointment, just wait till you hear his sophomore album, 'Life of a Don' which is basically a disaster, there's just no other way to describe it. Everything's way too druggy, which some people may point out as a positive like on 'Rodeo' but it definitely isn't a positive on this album and numbs my mind until it hurts. Don Toliver doesn't seem to be able to come up with a concise project and just when I thought he had settled ... read more
Why are people being pretentious a pop trap record? It's still just as odd and unique as HOH, if not more unique. 100% a step-up.

What's bad about this? Nothing, as far as i can tell.

It's much more solid then his previous works. There are barely any bad moments on it. And even of there aren't an undetermined amount of stellar ones on it either, there's defo more of those then the bad moments.

There isn't any point to expand on it. It's good. It's Don Tolliver. It's a vibe.

fav tracks: ... read more
Life Of A Don is definitely a little bit disappointing considering just how much I liked his last record and how much potential I think he has, but I still really enjoy it nonetheless. I just wish he went a little further with it, as it feels too similar to what he’s made before.

Ever since his stellar feature on Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD, I have been very excited for Don Toliver’s career. Since then, he has been one of my favorite new voices in trap, as he has a voice and ... read more

I was actually looking forward to this, I never heard Don Toliver before but “Moon” was my favorite song off of Kanye’s latest album and Toliver was a big reason why. So it’s pretty disappointing to say that “Life of a DON” is boring as FUUUUUU-
I was very interested in seeing what new Don Toliver was going to bring, since when the collaboration with Kali Uchis was launched, I really liked it a lot, and I wanted to see what will happen when he brings out his next project, and here I am, a little disappointed, it is not the worst I have heard of trap / rap this year, however, I thought it would be an album that I could get to like because the first part is the strongest and the one that I liked the most, but on the other hand the second ... read more
Don toliver é um nome dessa nova geração de artistas que me parece interessante e acredito que se ele continuar evoluindo artisticamente ele poderá ser um grande nome do trap rap.

Porém apesar de já ter ouvido algumas musicas dele, nunca tinha ouvido nenhum álbum do rapper antes, e esse é o primeiro disco de Don que ouço, e acredito que foi uma boa introdução ao artista. Não é uma obra prima mas consegue ... read more
Don Toliver is back again with another release following the excellent “Heaven or Hell”

This time “Life Of A Don” has Toliver playing to his strengths once again, playing it safe even, using his normal sound but this time slower

The record is good but unlike his 2020 release this time many tracks aren’t as distinct and recognizable and blend into the heavy druggy trap/rnb atmosphere of the album

Production is very good complimenting the vibe Don is giving ... read more
(Review starts after this short note, so just skip over it if you wanna only read that)

Before I get started with the review, I wanted to get a few things out of the way regarding how I'm gonna be reviewing in future. By no means does this mean I'm gonna stop reviewing music; I genuinely love hearing new music and other recs I find off here and, although I may not be the most vocal person in it, I think the AOTY community is awesome and I love interacting with everyone in it. As of late, ... read more
I don't know what I was expecting, but this definitely ain't it.

The good: That intro fooled me, that song is beautiful, might even be one of my favorites this year not gonna lie, sadly it does not get better than that. I do have some cuts that I'll come back to, the run from What You Need up until Drugs N Hella Melodies (Kali Uchis could have had a verse on that song but it is what it is, she's the best feature in here without a doubt) but after that song this album nose-dives.

The bad: ... read more
Very solid follow-up to Heaven Or Hell and one of the most satisfying records to come out today that I've heard so far.
Favourite: Drugs N Hella Melodies (feat. Kali Uchis)
Worst: Double Standards

1. XSCAPE - 7.5
[Just a chill kinda vibey track with some really nice production]

2. 5X - 6
[Why does he sound a bit like Future at times? That is a big no sir. Other than that it's kinda average]

3. Way Bigger - 6
[Couldn't really care for this tbh lyrically it's ok and a little boring]

4. Flocky Flocky (feat. Travis Scott) - 7
[This is kinda fun I guess but then again nothing truly impressed me]

5. What You ... read more
This is fairly underwhelming considering how quickly Don rose to stardom the past couple years featuring on Astroworld and his own debut project Heaven or Hell, however it definitely has its moments, even if those moments are inconsistent throughout the 50minute duration of this record.

Don definitely played it safe and stuck to what he knew people would enjoy, with some fairly cliché pop rap tracks on this album. Features were pretty lacklustre except from the big names, but there was ... read more
I really love Don's first two projects, but this doesn't hit me the same. It doesn't sound nearly as ambitious or creative as his past work. He seems to have just settled into the Travis Scott sound instead of continuing to grow his own sound. This exact album was already made much better on Heaven Or Hell, and most of these songs just come across as B-sides. The middle of this album is pretty tough to get through, as the pace slows down a lot and few of the songs are interesting enough to ... read more
The first three songs trick you into thinkinng this would be awesome but the album slowly becomes a dull mash of songs. this shit is way too long and i wanted more SoFaygo. songs 6 to 10 are so forgettable and boring. If it was shorter and a bit better it would be awesome but alot of the songs still manage to be enjoyable and stand out from the others.
this is so fucking boring
This is definitely a step up from Heaven or Hell. Loving the production.
the fact that the acronym for this album is LOAD still haunts me
LOAD (heh) can join The Melodic Blue in the "2021 Trap Albums I Was Super Excited For That Disappointed Me Due To The Filler, But There's Still A Lot Of Good Songs So They're Not Bad Albums, But Considering The Features And Singles They Released Beforehand It Was A Little Underwhelming" pile.

family ties > Life Of A Don > The rest of The Melodic Blue

FAVORITE Tracks: Way Bigger, Flocky Flocky, Drugs N Hella Melodies, 2AM, OUTERSPACE, Crossfaded, BOGUS

LEAST FAVORITE Track: ... read more
October 8th saw a lot of exciting drops, including albums by James Blake, BADBADNOTGOOD and Magdalena Bay, but the most high profile drop was from Don Toliver, whose debut album 'Heaven Or Hell' was a mix of high quality hit songs and boring filler tracks trying to sound like Travis.

From the very first track of this album it is clear that Don is still trying to follow his mentor into a psychedelic niche, rather than continuing to make catchy hooks that inevitably find their way onto TikTok. ... read more
Insanely boring
Don Toliver has one of the most unique inflections in hip-hop right now, really making waves as somewhat of a trap Sampha. He is capable of mesmerising performances, holding it down impressively on Travis Scott's CAN'T SAY, and of course his spell-binding contribution to Kanye's Moon. However, on his solo work, Don Toliver continues to remain in the slow lane, churning out banal trap that only hints at his abilities on the microphone. And while Life of a Don is marginally better than last ... read more
When does this get a little more interesting?
Definitely played it safe but overall a very cohesive and smooth album. Still kinda stuck in Travis' shadow but his vocals are still really really unique. The more experimental songs are the better ones, Bro gotta get trippier.
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