Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
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The Londoners cement their place at the peak of British music with a stunningly good third album.
A history book-cementing document of a band at the peak of their powers.
The Guardian

On their third and best album, the London four-piece embrace a more polished, widescreen sound that serves their sharp writing on late-20s anxieties.

The Independent

If you imagine their old songs as rally cars, the new ones are still driven as wildly, but with steelier focus and in-built roll cages.


‘Blue Weekend’ is a triumph. In the context of the world around it, though, it feels even more than that. It’s special.


‘Blue Weekend’ is masterful. Noticeably simpler in sound than was perhaps expected, some songs are stripped right back to the barest of bones. But that’s fine, because when you have moments of pure beauty like this, you don’t need fancy clothes to cover them.

The Forty-Five

‘Blue Weekend’ is a ballsy idyll of feeling: the sound of a band satisfying themselves rather than proving themselves, and completely filling the space they’ve carved out over the years.

The Telegraph

The third album by the four Londoners is a raw, rousing, grungy masterpiece. British rock has clearly never been in ruder health.


Blue Weekend is Wolf Alice’s best work yet – a confident, euphoric, blistering 40 minutes that’s guaranteed to be on many people’s ‘best of’ lists at the end of the year.


Competent, confident and captivating, Wolf Alice’s absorbing third LP showcases their penchant and passion for stretching their sound while further solidifying their distinctive musical identity. If there’s any justice in this world, Blue Weekend will be the album that finally convinces audiences outside of the UK—and specifically here, stateside—of their brilliance.


Across all of Blue Weekend, one thing is very clear – this is Wolf Alice’s best offering to date, and one of those albums that qualifies as an event. It’s emotionally stirring, sonically riveting, and just as unpredictable as always.

The Line of Best Fit

Truly establishing themselves as the bright possibilites of guitar music, and blurring lines along with setting new ones out, ultimately with Blue Weekend, Wolf Alice continue to be the very essence of what is to be a band while also remaining - more importantly - human.


With a newfound simplicity, the dynamic shifts hang together around earnest vocals and mature songwriting to produce not only a sonic achievement but an emotionally intimate one.

Under The Radar

Blue Weekend is a stunning return and one that should cement Wolf Alice’s reputation still further. As ever it’s an eclectic yet cohesive collection of songs that demonstrates maturity, and an unerring ability to craft beautiful, heartfelt genre-defying music full of warmth, depth, and emotional intelligence.

Classic Rock

Not just euphoric but also important music, and another near-faultless Wolf Alice wonder.


North Londoners get it together Traffic-style at lockdown Sommerset Airbnb.


Definitely not a reinvention, it plays to the band’s strengths while amplifying new qualities, a record as bruising as it is subtle. Working to their own passions and desires, ‘Blue Weekend’ places Wolf Alice beyond the reach of their peers.

Evening Standard
The Mercury Prize-winning band have a take-it-or-leave-it confidence throughout their third album.
The Skinny

The north London quartet’s third effort is a dynamic and diverse journey through love that further secures their status as one of the UK's best acts.

The Observer

Ellie Rowsell’s shapeshifting, storytelling flair combines with shoegaze, folk and indie pop on this alchemically good album.

God Is in the TV

The result of this isolation is an intense collection of memorable and powerful tracks that twist and turn. An intensity that’s present in both the explosive and mellow moments.


Blue Weekend never feels overwrought despite its ambition and lengthy creative process -- instead, it's the kind of big, unabashedly emotional album that people make memories to, and some of Wolf Alice's most confident and fully realized music.

Record Collector

These 11 songs are varied enough to make categorisation tricky, and they often mix it up within the same track.


Blue Weekend is a collection of songs that immediately dazzle, with a relentless array of strong hooks, nestled within a sea of diverse sonic colours.

Northern Transmissions

Rightfully so ‘Blue Weekend’ will crystallise Wolf Alice’s status as one of the most important bands of the last 10 years but it’s hard to overlook the album is missing an extra sprinkling of magic.

The UK band’s enormous third album is pristine and emotionally extravagant, the platonic ideal for contemporary big-tent rock music.
Loud and Quiet

The formula remains largely the same – singer Ellie Rowsell’s subtly raspy vocals and confessional lyrics buttressed by the grungy indie pop they made their name with – although there are efforts made to deviate from this, with varying success.

No Ripcord

Musically, Blue Weekend serves as a refreshing counterpoint to the U.K.'s recent post-punk renaissance led by acts such as Squid, The Murder Capital, and Dry Cleaning. But Roswell also shares themes of shame, confusion, and feeling lost in the song's blissful anthems.

The Arts Desk
On a couple of listens, it doesn’t always match the sheer chewiness of their last album but it does sound bigger, like the kind of album that may take them where they’re going.
The Irish Times
Still, in a bumper transitional year, when so much incredible music is literally churned out on a weekly basis, it’s highly unlikely that we’ll be appraising this as one of 2021’s best.
The Needle Drop

Nearly every song on Blue Weekend comes across as an overblown pastiche of 90s alternative and indie rock.

‘blue weekend’ shines in it bareness. the third album by wolf alice presents a variety of vibes and genres. the result is an expanding, everlasting project which guarantees enjoyment.

by numbing down the rock, and often toning down the volume, somehow wolf alice emerge louder than ever. the group’s emphasis and ideas come across clearer than anything they have previously released.

after winning the coveted mercury prize award, wolf alice had cemented their cult status and ... read more
There’s a palpable sense of artistic growth and maturity on ‘Blue Weekend’, the feeling you get watching a band finally finding themselves after years of struggling with their own identity. Wolf Alice has, for me at the very least, always lacked something to truly maximize their potential. As great as the highs on ‘My Love Is Cool’ and ‘Visions Of A Life’ are, Wolf Alice seemed to lack a clear sense of their identity. Now, 4 years detached from their ... read more


My favorite indie rock band is finally back with their third album, Blue Weekend.

If you’re following me for a while now, you might have noticed that I got a bit obsessed with this band lately. I listened to their first 2 albums well over a year ago, but my obsession really began just a couple of weeks before Blue Weekend was announced.

I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I will try. You know when you listen to a ... read more
I had never heard anything from Wolf Alice before, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but this is a truly great album. Not everything connects with me, but when a song on here does connect with me, it ends up being fantastic. I already really like this, but I can see this whole album growing on me even more for sure.

Edit: After a few more listens, this is already starting to grow on me even more. Even the moments that didn't necessarily connect with me on the first or ... read more
am i amazed by how incredible this album is? yes, absolutely. am i surprised that it’s this good? no, absolutely not. ever since the release of the lead single and announcement of the album, this has been my most anticipated album of the year. with the quantity of the lead single as well as wolf alice’s amazing track record, i had extremely high hopes for this album. and looking back, having expectations this high for any album can lead to major disappointment if the album ... read more
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Added on: February 24, 2021