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Blue Weekend

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‘blue weekend’ shines in it bareness. the third album by wolf alice presents a variety of vibes and genres. the result is an expanding, everlasting project which guarantees enjoyment.

by numbing down the rock, and often toning down the volume, somehow wolf alice emerge louder than ever. the group’s emphasis and ideas come across clearer than anything they have previously released.

after winning the coveted mercury prize award, wolf alice had cemented their cult status and ... read more


My favorite indie rock band is finally back with their third album, Blue Weekend.

If you’re following me for a while now, you might have noticed that I got a bit obsessed with this band lately. I listened to their first 2 albums well over a year ago, but my obsession really began just a couple of weeks before Blue Weekend was announced.

I don’t know how to explain this properly, but I will try. You know when you listen to a ... read more
There’s a palpable sense of artistic growth and maturity on ‘Blue Weekend’, the feeling you get watching a band finally finding themselves after years of struggling with their own identity. Wolf Alice has, for me at the very least, always lacked something to truly maximize their potential. As great as the highs on ‘My Love Is Cool’ and ‘Visions Of A Life’ are, Wolf Alice seemed to lack a clear sense of their identity. Now, 4 years detached from their ... read more
I had never heard anything from Wolf Alice before, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this, but this is a truly great album. Not everything connects with me, but when a song on here does connect with me, it ends up being fantastic. I already really like this, but I can see this whole album growing on me even more for sure.

Edit: After a few more listens, this is already starting to grow on me even more. Even the moments that didn't necessarily connect with me on the first or ... read more
am i amazed by how incredible this album is? yes, absolutely. am i surprised that it’s this good? no, absolutely not. ever since the release of the lead single and announcement of the album, this has been my most anticipated album of the year. with the quantity of the lead single as well as wolf alice’s amazing track record, i had extremely high hopes for this album. and looking back, having expectations this high for any album can lead to major disappointment if the album ... read more
Looks like I finally found my album of the year. Wolf Alice has been one of my new discoveries this year, my first experience with the band was with the first single from this album, "The Last Man on Earth", and let's say it was a three-dimensional experience, the emotion and style of the band took me completely by surprise (in a great way), I remember that the day I heard this song I was super excited to hear more of the band's projects, but unfortunately nothing captivated me in the ... read more
This is the perfect album to listen to at 3 am on a bus trip where only you and the driver are awake. Then you look out the window and see the forests and mountains lit only by the moon passing quickly through your eyes.

The record has a really nice sound, and it sounds like a crazy fusion between the album.
"An Overview On Phenomenal Nature" by Cassandra Jenkins and AMO of Bring Me The Horizon.

Sometimes the album takes a very calm and melodic line and manages to change very well ... read more
In the Blue Weekend exists a warm, blissful ocean that sinks around you and enchanting you in a sea of comfort, it's also a sea of mystery where many discoveries await and a world to explore. That world I just described feels a lot like the Wolf Alice album "Blue Weekend" a melancholic and gorgeous aesthetic permeates throughout this record, with it's highs and lows you're entering the most polished and consistent Wolf Alice record, a mix and mattering of highly executed indie and art ... read more
I just want to say straight up that It’s not very often you get to hear a rock album so instrumentally tasteful that’s also able to blend gentle and fragile acoustics with electric guitars and drums so seamlessly, production here is key. #2021

‘The Beach’ starts off in a tentative and dynamic quality that creeps up beautifully and almost crashes out of existence seemingly as organically as it’s beginnings before the arrival of playful California sun-soaked ... read more
It appears that 4 years was well worth the wait as Wolf Alice triumphantly return for their third studio effort.

Let me just preface this review by saying that my only past experience with the band was their massive hit single “Moaning Lisa Smile” which came back quite a while ago but was one of my favorite songs for a period of time. I’m honestly surprised this is my first foray into the bands’ actual catalog.

Nonetheless this is as good of a starting place as any ... read more
'Blue Weekend' is delightful, thoughtful and aggressively immersive. I already knew this album was going to be a hit, from the first dazzling single 'The Last Man On Earth', I was already quite impressed. Wolf Alice is a band that I've been listening for quite some time, I adore their music, but this time around they exceeded my expectations, the production is fucking amazing, they were literally struck by a lightning in the studio, I'm certain of that. Pretty sure this record is going to grow ... read more
i don't like this
Random Releases #6

Blue Weekend is the third album from Wolf Alice, a British band that I haven't heard of until now, with the album being a beautiful representation of a gloomy, gorgeous weekend when you're going through multiple emotions all at once. The album really plays with plenty of sounds, with most of them being magnificent and unbelievable, sounding unlike anything I've heard before, taking all type of sounds and crafting them in a way so that they all flow together smoothly. You ... read more
Não conhecia muito a banda porém com vários falando bem dela, fui ouvir esse álbum. Uma das coisas que me interessou bastante foram os vocais, doces e belos da vocalista, que me encantou, outra coisa de grande destaque é sua incrível produção.

O álbum começa com as ótimas "The Beach" "Delicious things" e "lipstick on the grass" que contém belas letras e produções. ... read more
One of the most spellbinding albums this year has given us. Wolf alice never miss
im blue abu dee
On the cover, they are standing at a bus stop.
As if they want to take us on a journey with them.
And when that bus finally arrived I let myself be taken on that journey with my whole body and soul.
It is absolute perfection.
I can't even say which song I liked the most. Each one is exactly where it should be. So that this bus could go on smoothly without any bumps on the way.
This is their most ambitious but also most complete album to date.
Another contender for album of the year. Ehh as if ... read more
(I might start doing this style more often if I don’t have too much to say about a specific album)

But yeah, it’s really good. Wolf Alice deliver with a clean, mostly consistent set of tracks, and as someone new to the group, I like it for sure. I think it can be derivative, as I definitely heard influences of Fiona Apple and Lana Del Rey on some tracks, but it never bothered me too much. I think some parts could’ve went harder, but the uses of layering and ... read more
I’ve never listened to a full album from Wolf Alice before, and for whatever reason I just didn’t expect much from this record. However, I actually found myself enjoying quite a bit of “Blue Weekend”.

I haven’t been as into newer dream pop or indie rock for a good bit, so that’s probably where my reservations came from, but “Blue Weekend” managed to stand out amongst their peers in a noticeable way. For one, the sound is immaculate. Every synth ... read more
Sounds good, but leaves almost no impression on me. The songs just sound nice. I expected more considering the singles sounded cool. I wasn't disappointed, but certainly not as impressed as I should have been.
If Visions of a Life was the manic sibling of Wolf Alice's debut record My Love is Cool, careening around with unbridled energy but clearly of the same genetic code, then Blue Weekend is the older and wiser sibling who has taken all the shared experiences and condensed them into a more well-rounded end result. After four years since their sophomore album, Wolf Alice have found themselves at a point of bravado following their critical praise and fully display it on their third record, which is ... read more
Apesar de ser composto por ótimos elementos, 'Blue Weekend' não traz absolutamente nada especial ou fora do comum.

Ao longo dos anos, Wolf Alice conquistou um espaço interessante na cena rock dos UK - parte dessa conquista deve-se ao fato de que eles realmente apresentam um trabalho de ótima qualidade -, mas estão longe de ser algo que a crítica especializada como um todo descreveu nesse último álbum. Claro que, ultimamente é ... read more
Becoming celibate
Okay, I was expecting a very good album, I predicted 90, but it turned out that the Blue Weekend album is even better than I thought and it becomes one of the favorites for the album of the year.

I won't hide, I'm a fan of Wolf Alice, both previous albums were great and especially Vision of a Life. That's why my expectations were really high and I'm glad that the new album exceeded those expectations.
This time Wolf Alice decided to soften the sound a bit and the album is not as rock as the ... read more
Blue Weekend? I think this is what everyone is gonna be crying to this weekend because it's so god damn good

This is a great album. Considering that the first thing I want to do after listening to this is listen to it again, you know that Wolf Alice did something right. This album puts together some really beautiful indie rock tracks, that all feel very whole and connected. The whole feeling to this album is undeniable, and it feels like a really nice dream for most of the track listing. The ... read more
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