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When two separate entities come together at the height of their creative powers to craft an entire album together, and absolutely nail it, it’s beautiful to behold.
Beats Per Minute

Haram is a tremendous success, largely due to the powerful lyrics by its antiheroes. It is built to make you uncomfortable, from its harsh cover art to its incendiary lyrics.


It’s not a guaranteed easy ride the whole time, and may struggle to convert your casual Radio 1xtra listener, but for lovers of confrontationally experimental music, it ticks the boxes with unnerving aplomb.

Spectrum Culture
If you can get past some ankle-high hurdles, this album is a must-listen for anyone who calls themselves a hip-hop head.
The Needle Drop

The Alchemist helps Armand Hammer make their most surreal album yet.

Slant Magazine

Throughout, the album’s 14 tracks unravel into convoluted tangles of disembodied voices, discordant jazz piano, and droning synths.


On their collaboration with the Alchemist, ELUCID and billy woods drag postcolonial wounds onto the examination table. They don't just embrace the darkness; they wear it as a protective cloak.


The best tracks on 'Haram' come together with crooked production that twitches with sharp samples and cuts, and AH’s billy woods and Elucid filling the space with pointed flows.

A legendary pair of hip-hop’s greatest visionaries, Billy Woods and Elucid have spent the last decade molding a platform for themselves built upon meticulous repartee and rhyme-labyrinths, of sorts, that will leave you entangled in confusion as you attempt to decipher what two near-poets have just said. Both artists having incredibly extensive and prolific solo catalogs under their belts, it only makes sense that they would gel so well when put in the same room. It almost feels as if ... read more
8.6 - Amazing

As a vegetarian, yeah this album cover kinda making me uncomfy.

There is a lot of new music coming out this week. And when I mean a lot, I mean a LOT. There is new Xiu Xiu, Death From Above 1979, AJR, and even more. However, out of all of it, HARAM was the album I was looking forward to the most. I listened to BRASS about a month ago, and was really impressed by billy woods’ talent on the mic, along with its eerie atmosphere, and even though I had never listened to an ... read more
pov: you attend a mayhem concert
Can’t believe this group really named themselves after a detergent brand.

This collaborative project between the underground hip hop kings Billy Woods and Elucid (also known as “Armand Hammer”) is quite a noticeable improvement from both of their recent outputs. On this album, they’re aided by the pristine producer The Alchemist. From the beginning, this project was set in the stars to be something special in the underground hip hop world. I’m seriously thinking ... read more
With the right amount of grit and an interesting soundscape Armand Hammer and The Alchemist create one of the best Hip-Hop records of 2021 so far with their collaborative effort 'HARAM', a record that sees Billy Woods and E L U C I D do their thing over production that feels incredibly unique to them, especially given the psychedelic nature of some of these intricate instrumentals handled by The Alchemist.

The Alchemist has always had a good sense of space and he's great at making beats that ... read more
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Added on: February 24, 2021