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Records of 2021, yet to be listened to.
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basically the title. no more no less you don't have to guess. notes for the ones i'm anticipating the most. organized by date, soonest to latest, then for albums with no release date, sorted by hype.
Updated 1d ago22 albums 10
Albums I’m just hyped for
Updated 3d ago22 albums 8
reccs are always welcome :)
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This is a list of my most anticipated albums of 2021. Albums are in order by release date. Albums with stars in the description are the albums I’m the most excited for. Albums are removed from this ...
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Yeah. This is just my “anticipated releases” list, lmao
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Updated 3d ago22 albums 3
Some albums I'm anticipating in 2021
Updated 1d ago58 albums 2
Stuff from this year that I'll for sure get around to listening to when the time is right/when it comes out
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Ranked in terms of hyped-ness (i guess?) for the first 10-15 then it's just a bunch of shit I'm excited af for.
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Here's all the records coming out this year that I want to listen and rate/review. I'll be ordering them as I go, not chronologically, so you can see my journey this year.
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in no particular order this year is looking so much better than last year and that's saying some shit when the album comes out i'll have a short lil verdict on this list of what i thought, ...
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April 2021 Playlist