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Every album or EP I have reviewed, ranked.
Updated 6h ago231 albumsRanked 4
Albums, Mixtapes, EPs, Live Albums, and more that I heard for the first time in ‘23 (No Singles) Will be turning this into a ranking list by the end of the year Recommend sorting by “Recently ...
Updated 6h ago222 albums 2
the best 20 albums/songs of the floptok history #slay #period #ate #jiafei #potaxie🥑👄🥑 💋💋💅💅🥑🥑🙄🙄💅✨
Updated 3mo ago20 albumsRanked 1
The Youngest running the game right now Tap In
Updated 2mo ago3 albumsRanked
Updated 1w ago54 albums
Every album I've reviewed from the '20s, ranked.
Updated 9h ago84 albumsRanked
Álbuns/EPs/Mixtapes que eu já ouvi em toda a minha vida, pelo menos os que eu me lembro :P (Compilações, Reissues, Remixes, Singles e Projetos Não Lançados podem estar ou não, pois dependem de ...
Updated 2w ago344 albumsRanked
This is my personal list, where I am adding all the projects that I have evaluated throughout my life. So there is everything, many artists, many genres, many groups and more. This list is ordered ...
Updated 7h ago1,285 albumsRanked

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