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if i could make it go quiet

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SHUT UP!!!!! SHUT UP!! PLEASE JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!! SO BORING!!!!!!! SUPID DUMB!!!!!! SHUT UP NO ONE [email protected]! SHUT UP!!!!

if I could make it go quiet. My least favorite album of 2021 after five whole long, grueling listens. 11 songs that are still way, way, WAY too long for their own good, I felt like my brain was rubbing and churning up against the gnarliest sandpaper for the entire dragged out duration of this album. This listening experience felt like my woman dick was shoved into a ... read more
Not gonna lie chief, I would have rated this higher if it was all just wlw anthems, but I understand that girl in red probably wanted to expand her reach and be known for something more than just songs like "girls" and "hannah" (though if you're going to be beloved by any community, I think lesbians are the coolest one possible).

(EDIT: just so there's no misunderstandings, i dont support the obnoxious stereotype that all lesbians listen to girl in red, or if you listen to ... read more
‘if i could make it go quiet’ is a project which sounds vastly different than the rest of girl in red’s catalogue. it sees marie ulven taking a rather weird direction for her first official lp.

this album is very much appreciated; her efforts come across as emotionally relatable, especially on “.” and “midnight love”.

a song such as “body and mind” is the reason why i chose to listen to ‘if i could make it go quiet’. i knew ... read more
I was gonna make a funny joke like "saying this is the music means to represent lesbians is the most homophobic thing I've ever heard." It was gonna be hilarious. Though I ran into the problem that this album is actually pretty decent. VERY obvious flaws but I thought like most of the songs were good pop music. Like yeah you could argue "ohh it's generic and boring!" I mean sure I guess, but all the songs were competent enough that they instilled something emotionally in me ... read more
De volta para a metade da década de 2010, em 'if i could make it go quiet' podemos encontrar grande parte daquilo que mais esteve presente no nicho de adolescentes fanáticos pelo indie pop/rock e que tornaram essa classificação algo além do âmbito musical, mas sim, como um estilo de vida, onde fotos, vídeos e textos publicados no Tumblr remontam perfeitamente a atmosfera desse álbum, uma vez que girl in red parece ter feito ele justamente ... read more
I completely understand why people don’t like this, and I agree with a lot of the points these people have made about the album, but I just find this to be a fun and enjoyable album in this lane that ends up being pretty solid despite its flaws.

I had seen people talk about girl in red’s music before, but before this album I hadn’t really heard any music from her. And maybe seeing the negative things I did about this album lowered my expectations to the point where I was ... read more
É álbum divertido, apesar de básico e comum, porém o maior problema do album está nas letras que são péssimas e vergonhosas e fazem com que várias músicas que tinha gostado muito no disco como "You Stupid Bitch" começasse a não achar grande coisa por causa de suas letras.

Serotonin - 5.8/10
Did you come - 7.2/10
Body and mind - 7.4/10
Hornylovesickmess - 5.7/10
Midnight love - 7.5/10
You stupid bitch - ... read more
Bem melhor do que eu pensava, a produção é bem agradável, mas ainda tem umas músicas bem chatas
So I’ve been a fan of girl in red for a good while now, I first listened to her when I was in school back in 2019. A friend of mine showed me the song “girls” and I instantly fell in love with it. I dug deeper into her discography and listened to basically every song she had made (which wasn’t that many). At the time she had two eps and a couple other songs and honestly I really liked all of them. Fast forward a little bit and I find a girl in red vinyl on discogs. It ... read more
This album is definetely not weird as the cover suggests, it's actually pretty fun. girl in red sounds promising, the music is actually versatile, loved the vocalist (don't know who she is), I guess this artist is one of the many modern indie rock/bedroom pop coming into the industry right now, I think it's a cool movement especially if made by female artists.
Even though I have nowhere near the same level of vitriol for this project, I think I enjoyed watching MirroredComfort absolutely kick the shit out of it as much as everyone else did. Respectfully disagree, my guy.

That being said, I do agree this is undoubtedly Marie’s weakest project yet. I understand her wanting to branch out her songwriting topics from just ✨lesbian actions✨ (though I consider it a respectable niche) but I kinda think the fact that I can’t latch on to as ... read more
People are oftentimes miserable in this website. Thar artwork is not even bad. It may not be fully representing the contents of the album but to me (and I believe I speak for some here) that is a gorgeous cover. Haunting and just begs you to ask her who she is. With someone who has a stage name as girl in red, you will really be asking yourself, "Who is this artist?" The music itself does not bring anything new but it has its moments. A moment of release. Something that she has been ... read more
-50 points for the album art
I think Girl in Red has perfected this sound, but to evolve she really needs to start chasing a new avenue, as this sound is starting to sound repetitive, bland and has been done 1 million times.

Everytime I started loving a song on this album, my experience was ruined by the corny ass lyrics, and for that I cannot be compensated.

Nah from a bedroom-pop production standpoint, this album was aight. Nothing special and definitely a style we've all heard time and time again, however this doesn't ... read more
This album is not bad. This album is not good. It is 𝓂𝒾𝒹.

10 MILLION LISTENERS ON SPOTIFY? I do not know why I was so blown away by that but wow. Um, when this album started I didn't really think it was that bad, I actually thought the first 3 songs were pretty good/decent. Then the 4th song came on... I started understanding why this has such a low score. After that song the album just PLUMMETS into just mediocrity. The song-writing, production, & vocals are all pretty standard. ... read more
girl in red is a name that I have heard many mentions of over the past year or so. Like "we fell in love in october" some of her previous tracks have impressed me in their sombre and emotionally weighty vocal performances. Considering this and the polarity of her debut record "if i could make it go quiet", I decided I'd check it out today to form some of my own opinions on it. Whilst I do respect what girl in red was trying to do on here - expand her pallette into the woods ... read more
Wow O_o the art
life time
girl in red
she needs hair
Serotonin: 86πŸ’š
Did You Come?: 80πŸ’š
Body And Mind: 77πŸ’š
hornylovesickmess: 77πŸ’š
midnight love: 78πŸ’š
You Stupid Bitch: 80πŸ’š
Rue: 85πŸ’š
Apartment 402: 84πŸ’š
. : 80πŸ’š
I’ll Call You Mine: 86πŸ’š
it would feel like this: 80πŸ’š

Um bom álbum com canções interessantes, porém não é nada de muito novo. No geral, é bom
FAVORITE TRACK: I’ll Call You Mine


bro.... i’m so disappointed.

girl in red makes music that is in the genre of “indie pop for teenagers about love”. Similar to artists like Conan Gray, Clairo and Wallows- girl in red has always been able to stand out because she’s proved to be quite talented with tracks like i wanna be your girlfriend and bad idea. if i could make it all go quiet feels like a soulless indie pop album ... read more
"If I Could Make It Go Quiet, girl in red’s first album, shows an amateur singer, who is still learning how to make some chords talk to lyrics that are still far from perfect, but who is fearless enough to try to achieve this goal. “If I Could Make It Go Quiet is an attempt to learn what it’s like to be human. To deal with the scariest parts of myself. To live with the pain of knowing I’m only flesh and bones,” Ulven defined her album on Instagram. The ... read more
«if i could make it go quiet» is a bland project with the same recurring themes of loneliness, non-corresponding love, and horniness, which really doesn't add much to the way too extensive catalog of similar mediocre indie-pop projects.

the album does have some better moments and a handful of decent melodies, structured around some nice guitar moments. yet these aren't nearly enough to make it up to the overall unmemorableness of a tedious record with - and i often refrain from ... read more

One of the worst and most clumsy lyrics of the year so far here, alongside Jazmine Sullivan's stuff on "Haux Tales". Apart from "Body and Mind" and "Rue" that both offer some really solid and fun solutions, "if I could make it go quiet" is rather a mediocre record. Vocals aren't outstanding, and the instrumental section is just like everything out there. If this is music that is a representation of the lesbian ... read more
Serotonin is the best banger on this album by a ways but this whole album is really interesting and pretty, albeit very flawed on the songwriting end, and it's a cool direction for girl in red to go after the pretty excellent singles she dropped before this album rollout.

I'm just a sucker for this kinda pop sometimes too
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