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Jubilee captures the essence of delightful Chamber Pop and heartfelt Indie Pop and makes it graceful. Zauner is a master at bringing emotions to life or making them speak when they seem deeply buried, volatile in contrast.

Sometimes the choices we make explain a lot. Take for example the one I made today, which is to write about Japanese Breakfast, when Wolf Alice is releasing a new and highly anticipated album. Not because Jubilee is inherently better, because I don't know yet, but I'm ... read more
This dish might not be to everyone's (westernized) taste on a hungover morning, and it's also a breakfast with many components—rice, grilled fish, miso soup, pickles, and a Japanese-style omelette—and some relatively obscure ingredients. Having said that, this is as clean, wholesome, and nutritious as breakfast gets, so if anything is going to make you feel better it may well be this. However, I advise you to steer clear of tofu with a hangover (vegetarians: you may shoot me now); ... read more
pride month: day 4

alright i’m gonna clarify a few things about this series.
1. i decided to include new releases by lgbt+
artists in the series so i can listen continue the series and still listen to the albums i’m excited for
2. albums tagged as “queer” are by artists who have said they are attracted to the same gender, but haven’t stated/are unsure of their specific identity.
with that out of the way, this album is great. i loved all of the singles that were ... read more
This song is great it sounds like she's 18 but she's 32 she also know how to speak English too.
i also love the other songs like Paprika,be sweet,(Kokomo , IN ),slide tackle,Posting In Bondage,sit,Savage Good Boy,In Hell,Tactics,Posting for cars i love all songs there like filled with happiness and the cover looks very cute too. I'm rating this a 100 cause this sound to to TO good and i can't stop listening to it .

Love the Love the cover and love the songs so i rate this a 100 cause ... read more
8.2 - Great

What a treat of an album.

Before jumping into Jubilee, I had absolutely no clue what to expect. It’s an album that struck me with its mystery, as I had never past heard of Japanese Breakfast, but the album cover is absolutely stunning. I also heard of it’s praise and hype from the singles, which had good responses. So yeah, you can say I jumped into Jubilee blind, and what I got was an extremely well done pop album that left me in a state of sweetness and warmth after ... read more
With Jubilee, Japanese Breakfast has somehow managed to exceed my already high expectations and deliver a insanely infectious and concise album that is definitely one of the best of the year.

I had never heard of Japanese Breakfast before, but I heard “Be Sweet” as a single and it immediately became one of my favorite songs of the year. I really liked the next two singles as well (“Posing In Bondage” and “Savage Good Boy”), but they didn’t click with ... read more
What is the name of this yellow fruit?
what do they eat for breakfast in japan? egg and toast?
I wasn’t familiar with Japanese Breakfast before the release of this album and didn’t really know what to expect of it. Now that I’ve heard it, I can say that “Jubilee” is a nice little record with fun and catchy catchy chamber pop bangers.

The word “Jubilee” translates to a joyful celebration, and that’s exactly what this record is. While she tackled topics such as grief in the past, Japanese Breakfast, real name Michelle Zauner, said she wanted ... read more
Minutos de pura imersão descrevem 'Jubilee' como um disco repleto de nuances e camadas das quais podem ser exploradas a partir da colisão harmoniosa de fatores acertados por Michelle Zauner em mais uma obra fascinante.

Pairando entre cordas e sintetizadores, a maturidade da artista ganha um novo sentido quando suas composições encontram arranjos e melodias representados pelos mais diversos instrumentos detalhadamente colocados sob medida, ajustando ainda mais a ... read more
Jubilee has some of the most elegant and catchy melodies I've heard this year. Japenese Breakfast knows how to play with words and production to create the most purest and exciting sounds. In my opinion the first part of the album is much stronger and memorable than the second one, but even so, the project overall brings a warm and sweet atmosphere that make us want to immerse forever.

Paprika (9.5/10)
Be Sweet (10/10)
Kokomo, IN (8.2/10)
Slide Tackle (8.1/10)
Posing In Bondage (9.2/10)
Sit ... read more
Advertised: Japanese Breakfast 🍚 🥣 🍣 😋

Reality: Continental Breakfast 🥐 ☕️ 😡😒
Jubilee by Japanese Breakfast absolutely blew me away with just one listen. This is the type of chamber, indie pop (whatever you wanna call it) that completely satisfies me. Its atmospheric, beautifully sang and rich in so many sounds, as well as having lyricism that I can resonate & think with.
Michelle Zauner is one of my favorite creators in the current-day indie scene. She seems like such a genuine human being and her body of work just adds onto that feeling for me. There is a certain level of care that is woven into her music, a loving creative touch if you will. Every word out of her mouth seems to be significant in some way and not a moment is wasted. She seems to genuinely care about her art and the way that it touches and affects those around her.

Zauner also has showcased ... read more
Honestly, it's just great to have some fun Pop again

I technically listened to Japanese Breakfast's (Michelle Zauner) last album, Soft Sounds From Another Planet, after it received plenty of attention and acclaim in 2017, but it sadly didn't click with me and I've genuinely forgotten what it sounded like... So, we'll consider this my introduction to Japanese Breakfast.

And what an introduction! Jubilee is a beautiful and entrancing listen, yet is filled with enough energy and immediacy that ... read more
i don’t really know how to make this review but i love every single thing about this record. the production on all of the tracks is fantastic, the string work is gorgeously done, i love the bubbly synths that appear on some of the songs, love how catchy and detailed the writing is, the vocals are unique and bright, and i love the overall feeling that the album gives me. it makes me feel good, nostalgic, and a little emotional too. it’s just an amazing and flawless experience imo.
-Paprika 10💜

-Be Sweet 9.6💜

-Kokomo,IN 9.2💜

-Slide Tackle 8.6💚

-Posing In Bondage 9.3💜

-Sit 10💜

-Savage Good Boy 6.8🤍

-In Hell 9.1💜

-Tactics 8.0💚

-Posing For Cars 8.3💚
I had the immense pleasure of attending the first concert to play the songs exclusive to this album, at a pride-centric music festival in Nashville. Perhaps the energy of the crowd, the fact that I was seeing JB live for the first time (an experience I would highly recommend) and the fun I had that night have colored my review of this album in a certain way. That’s very possible. But I also just maintain that it’s great.

The LP’s title doesn’t lie. This is album is a ... read more
Yeah, sorry, I don't get it.

Jubilee is quite good in parts. Its opener, Paprika, is honestly one of the better pop songs to come out of this year, although it suffers from the occasional overbearing production decisions, something the rest of this album also endures. Though there are a few more hits within the track list, many suffer from the same problems, and ultimately, Jubilee feels like one of those records that wants to be very pretty, and very grand, but is trying too hard to do so, ... read more
"I want to be good / I want to navigate this hate in my heart / Somewhere better / I want to feel it."
If Soft Sounds represented the 'acceptance' stage of grief, then Jubilee is whatever comes next.

There is beauty in simplicity, and this album proves that. Made up of only ten tracks, Jubilee is bursting with emotion in spite of its simple chamber pop sound. At times easygoing and breezy, such as the fun 'Be Sweet' and the tongue-in-cheek 'Savage Good Boy,' Jubilee truly shines the ... read more
My current aoty. Kinda put into perspective for me that I’ve been missing something from most of the other music I’ve loved this year. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this has it. Something where it burrows down into my soul on first serious listen. I adore this front to back and think it’s a serious contender for aoty even with some heavy hitters headed this way.
“Because my last two records were about grief, I wanted to write about something entirely new and unexpected. [...] Jubilee reflects a change in narrative. I’m giving myself permission to feel and explore joy for the first time” - Michelle Zauner AKA Japanese Breakfast

In an act to create a record that reflects joy and celebration, Michelle has managed to create her most vibrant album yet. One that is incredibly bright and bursting at the seams with liveliness. A direction ... read more

I was blown away by how good this is. The production is so lush, her voice is so pretty, and I love everything about the synths that are incorporated on this album. This is some of the best indie pop I have ever heard, and I am left absolutely amazed. I'm so glad I decided to listen to this because I am going to be coming back to this a ton. The best part of this album for me is the synths. They add so much to the album and they are all used so well and that so much more ... read more
Já esperava algo bom pela capa linda, mas sério isso me surpreendeu, Jubilee tem tudo de bom que um álbum pode ter, bons vocais, conceito, coesão, boa produção, tudo de bom se encontra nesse álbum que com certeza é um forte candidato para melhor álbum de 2021
Jbrekkie Jubilee record is SWEET like the fruit on the album cover her voice is candy and compels you to listen to what she has to say, I just wished all songs were synthpop inspired and went in the same direction as Be Sweet, Slide Tackle, Posing in bondage, Paprika, In Hell; I would have rated this higher than this but still a COOL 👍 Album
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