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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 1d ago2,496 albumsRanked 30
This is a record of all the 2021 releases I've listened to and rated. I wasn't able to make a list throughout the year last time since I joined mid-year, but this time, I finally have the chance ...
Updated 5d ago77 albumsRanked 24
music From 183 albums... 10/10s: 1 9/10s: 1 8/10s: 11 7/10s: 54 6/10: 52 5/10: 27 4/10: 22 3/10: 13 2/10: 7 1/10: 1 0/10: 1
Updated 2h ago188 albumsRanked 18
Including: LP, EP, Live, Soundtrack, Score, Instrumental Not including: Mixtape, Compilation, Reissue, DJ Mix, Box Set, Unofficial
Updated 1d ago144 albumsRanked 15
Consider this a rework of my 2020 Album Diary. Instead of listening to 3 albums a day, I will just list my favorite thing I've heard that day. As well a give some honorable mentions if I want. ...
Updated 3h ago104 albums 15
THIS IS ALWAYS BEING UPDATED 1/2 of the list based on quality, 1/2 based on personal enjoyment and replayability Also it’s a little messed up sorry
Updated 1w ago263 albumsRanked 15
My record collection scored. Long live physical things!
Updated 6d ago356 albums 15
So I recently bought my first ever vinyl, this will obviously be in the order of purchase, and yes my first vinyl was Lift Your Skinny Fists
Updated 2w ago43 albums 14
Updated 1w ago123 albums 14
This is a list of albums/songs that (while not 10/10s or my favorite music to put on) is music that every time I listen to it, I have that 'accession' or 'holy fuck' moment every time I listen to it. ...
Updated 1w ago89 albumsRanked 12
startin the year off right! a long list of album covers i find cool or unique! feel free to suggest!!!!! wahoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
Updated 4d ago111 albums 11
All of 2021.
Updated 7h ago188 albums 10
This list is pretty self-explanatory, I'll be listing every single 2021 album I listen to here, and at the end of the year I should have a pretty conclusive list. I'll be trying to listen to a bit ...
Updated 14h ago63 albumsRanked 9
gonna try and listen to more new music this year and become music
Updated 3d ago55 albumsRanked 8
I'm doing one of those, because I'm a cringe ass nae nae baby trend follower. KEY: Albums released in 2021: * Albums released in 2021 but on the day I rated them: # Albums made by members of the ...
Updated 2d ago74 albums 8
rules: albums only. no eps or singles. mixtapes and compilations are allowed if they feature mostly new/previously unreleased material. live albums and remixes are allowed but i normally don’t ...
Updated 4d ago110 albumsRanked 8
leave recommendations in the comments if you want
Updated 15h ago106 albums 8
In this list I'll cover those covers, either from albums, singles, EPs, compilations, I don't care. If they look good for me, it's fine. Also, there is no particular order, too much work for me.
Updated 2d ago237 albums 7
Updated 5d ago24 albumsRanked 6
What speed does God even go at? Apparently, he's really, really fast? Avg. Rating: 9
Updated 1w ago7 albumsRanked 6

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