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rules: albums only. no eps or singles. mixtapes and compilations are allowed if they feature mostly new/previously unreleased material. live albums and remixes are allowed but i normally don’t ...
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A collection of sales, streams, and radio play from a various sources. These are the top performing songs of the rock genre in the USA Updated Every Tuesday - - LEGEND: = (No Movement) ^ (Rise) V ...
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albuns que quero ouvir - albuns that i wanna hear ouvi✅ - listened
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things i missed
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Album ascoltati nel corso dell'anno (IN CORSO) 100 - Capolavoro: 0 (94-99) - Fenomenale: 0 (87-93) - Sorprendente: 3 (80-86) - Ottimo: 9 (70-79) - Buono/Veramente buono: 13 (60-69) - Decente: ...
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I opened myself to a lot more new music this year and ive just been focusing on listening to new stuff that im missing out on.
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Ngl this year kinda wack
Updated 1w ago76 albumsRanked
Im bored so i made this
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