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[A gigantic thought to the wonderful 1900 followers, I am very touched and many have been with me for a long time now, I thank you! Love]

Lil Nas X has just given birth to a baby, a first child named Montero, size 15 songs and weight: 78 . Montero responds to the expectation, with a very versatile mix of pop songs as sweet, sincere and infectious. Congratulations to the father

It's time for one of the most anticipated pop albums of the year, Montero a potential sig-nificant turning point for ... read more
*not going to be one of my typical reviews, sorry*

Here we are, what absolutely shouldn’t have happened is a reality - the should be one hit wonder TikTok cowboy rapper Lil Nas X’s debut album is here and it is an event.

Before singles for this album dropped, I wasn’t even sure if I thought Old Town Road was a good song - I’m still not sure if it is - but I was fully on board rooting for Montero Hill, AKA Lil Nas X, because of the dumb controversy and pushback against ... read more
Lil Nas X is a star.

Not only is this a great pop rap album with some fantastic highlights, but it’s such a monumental and important moment and I’m so happy for Lil Nas X. He has proven himself to be more than a meme and a one-hit wonder, and has fully cemented himself in the music industry and it’s amazing to see.

Lil Nas X has had a great past few years, and I’ve been ridiculously excited for his debut album. Aside from his music, I think he’s one of the ... read more
It’s pretty gay… whoops good. It’s pretty good.
Favourite: Industry Baby (Feat. Jack Harlow)
Worst: Scoop (Feat. Doja Cat)

1. Montero (Call Me By Your Name) - 7
[It's okay, lyrically it's not bad, production as usual is probably the best feature. It's message about wanting to speed up the relationship in my opinion could've been explained better I guess but other than that nothing else is too bad]

2. Dead Right Now - 9
[It's kinda sad the lack of faith his parents and people had on him but he proved them all wrong! Kinda funny that I ... read more
O álbum que marca a estreia de um dos nomes mais promissores dessa geração de artistas que ocupam os principais condutores da música pop em 2021, é um excelente fascínio, com erros óbvios, mas que em nenhum momento deixa de ser empolgante.

"Old Town Road" foi um verdadeiro acontecimento. A música que apresentou e levou Lil Nas X para o topo da Billboard Hot 100 por 17 semanas — quebrando o um recorde que dificilmente ... read more
This day marks the iconic debut album 'MONTERO' by rising star & gay warrior/rapper Lil Nas X. Not only this album is consistently good, it is very well produced, exactly the way a pop rap album should be. The featurings are all on point, the message it represents to the younger audience that is 90% of his demographics is also so damn inspiring, everything he sings about in this album, from being an insecure outsider to a black gay kid who has dominated the music industry is powerful as ... read more
A estreia de Lil Nas X tem alguns problemas porém em geral é um bom registro, que mostra um amadurecimento do repertório do mesmo, comparado com as músicas de seu EP.

Em 2019 surgia Lil Nas X com o viral "Old Town Road" porém após isso, muitos ficaram pensando qual seria o próximo passo do artista após um grande sucesso como esse e se ele seria apenas um one-hit wonder. Mas em "Montero" ele prova não ser apenas ... read more
For a very long time, I've been hyping up Lil Nas X's "MONTERO", expecting it to be right up there with some of the best rap albums of the year so far. The singles that Lil Nas dropped recently have all slapped, from the intoxicating titular track and the triumphant "INDUSTRY BABY", which only got me completely hooked in the record. After hearing the record, I can definitely say, unlike most from what I've seen, that this easily lives up to the hype. The rap game's necessity ... read more
Lil Nas X shows us on his debut album why he is one of the most important stars in the music industry today.

The rapper's baby is finally born and is ready to conquer the world. 'MONTERO' is a fun and well thought out project, it seems that the artist has made a full 8 to 80 since his '7' EP, using his charisma and personality in an interesting and captivating way. The production of the album is adventurous and full of quality, one of the examples of this is the song 'INDUSTRY BABY' which ... read more
Everybody is giving high rates to this album today, but next year no one gonna remember this anymore.

Is a ok album, with good sonority and elements. Is not just a generic trap like 99.3% of all this shit in there, this album have his own face and personality. Is fine and enjoyable, but nothing that I will remember or that gonna mark me, is just a pop album with good ideas.
Catchy catchy catchy

That’s what Lil Nas X is great at and he uses his talents to full extent here

The record starts and ends incredibly. Even though it slows down from “SCOOP” until “DOLLA SIGN SLIME” other than these 4 tracks everything is great

The intro “MONTERO” can be considered to be the hit of the year as it was immediately loved when released as a single with its infectious energy

“DEAD RIGHT NOW” although a more laid back track ... read more
7.6 - Really Good

Y’all, I think Lil Nas X might be gay.

So MONTERO has finally released. And it’s definitely a debut album.

I honestly do not have too much to say about this, at least when it comes to the music, but it’s quite good! Lil Nas X delivers some extremely catchy bangers and jams in sometimes mixed quality. However, the songs that hit, really fucking hit. He has such a great talent when it comes to creating a hook that will not get out of your head. This can be ... read more
Even my straight ass thinks this thing slaps. It's legitimately impressive how Lil Nas X is such a good entertainer, has an astonishing grasp on how to market himself, as well as the tunes to back up his image. I'm usually one to avoid big pop rap releases such as this one since they typically don't appeal to me in the slightest, but ever since "Industry Baby" dropped, I have been hyped as fuck for Montero. Thankfully, LNX didn't disappoint. This album fantastically balances being ... read more
Not overblown, not bombastic, not daring, this is just simplicity done extremely well, and it takes great skills to achieve greatness through simplicity.

MONTERO is akin to a fresh aural lemonade, had it came out in early June, perhaps this would’ve been the album of the summer.

Lil Nas X might have just become one of the best pop-rappers of this new decade. I definitely will be listening to this repeatedly.

Favs: "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)", "DEAD RIGHT NOW", ... read more
Em entrevista para a Apple Music, Lil Nas X deixa bastante claro que o objetivo central desse álbum era contar histórias pessoais, saindo de sua zona de conforto e se mostrando mais vulnerável para seu público. Nesse sentido, ao ouvir as quinze canções de MONTERO, fiquei com a sensação de que ele conseguiu atingir - em partes - o seu objetivo. Embora muitas vezes de maneira simplista, o rapper transita entre assuntos que envolvem suas ... read more
I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong about Lil Nas X. Like many, I just assumed that after the hype of Old Town Road, and maybe a couple of less popular singles, that he would fade into the ether like so many pop one-hit wonders before him. That's why it's a surprise that despite his many detractors, Montero seems to be taking it all in his stride, and amassing a gigantic fanbase along with it. But at the end of the day, the repeated determination to try and shock conservative ideals, ... read more
lil nas x’s success is an absolute anomaly. we all expected him to be a one hit wonder because what else would be the fate of a joke country rap song featuring billy ray cyrus? but then panini dropped and scored him his second hit. ok maybe he’ll have two hits but there’s no way he’ll be popular for much longer right? wrong. if anything, he’s just become more relevant since he dropped panini. even when you don’t consider how much of a one hit wonder old town ... read more
Pregnant lil nas x inflation videos
get ready, because lil nas x is ready to storm the mainstream. known previously as a sort of singles specialist, he’s set out to change that by releasing his latest full-length, boasting fifteen tracks and 40+ minutes of content. though the best tracks on the album are still the singles (with the exception of “SUN GOES DOWN”), there are some deep cuts which make his huge album promotion cycle pay off. most notably, the songs with features are extremely catchy, even if they ... read more
Eu sempre caguei muito pra nova diva do pop, até porque lançando aquela bomba encardida que é Old Town Road... e essa bomba ainda quebrar o recorde da Mariah? Não.
Depois ele foi lançando uns singles que foda se.
Aí ele começou a lançar os singles do seu debut, primeiro veio MONTERO, e eu detesto essa música, only polêmica, é muito chata.... aí ele lançou Industry Baby que é outra chatice, ... read more
Lil Dad X gives birth
Depois de ficar famoso com Old Town Road(que aliás já enjoei pra caralho) foi muito esperado o debut de Lil Nas X
O álbum começa com o primeiro single do álbum que é a controversa MONTERO(Call me by your name) uma música com um clipe muito bem feito com as criticas a homofobia que o Lil sofreu principalmente por ele ter assumido isso no auge da sua carreira com Old Town Road, segundo Lil essa música é uma carta pra ele de um tempo ... read more
I am outraged.

Earlier today, I was feeling great. Had a steamy cup of coffee, watched some FOX news; y’know, the usual. However, once I passed by my son’s room, I noticed something unusual on his computer screen. I took a bigger peek and guess what I saw? Naked men dancing in a gym bathroom! I was immediately angry, and asked my son who that was before revoking his computer privileges for the week. He told me the person on his screen goes by the name of Lil Nas X.

I decided, ... read more

I really thought this album was going to exceed my expectations, however there are some songs that really made me doubt this album. And don't get me wrong, there are very good hits on this album, but the collaborations, I must say, disappointed me a bit, coming from people with great potential. But the album is still good. I hope and in the future he will continue to improve because without a doubt he is a boy who has potential.

Favorite tracks: Call Me By Your Name, Dead Right Now, ... read more
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