Sons of Kemet - Black To The Future

Black To The Future

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Black to the Future textures Sons of Kemets' worldview through an unconventional jazz lens. They eschew expectations of the genre here through a more Afro-Caribbean emphasis on drums, horn hooks and brass.

The varied and layered arrangements feel both laid back and urgent, and balanced by great sequencing. Joshua Idehen introduces and hits the racial justice message home with a powerful delivery that invites inner reflection but his words feel short-sighted. The instrumental tracks prove the ... read more
Shabaka Hutchings has progressively become the world leader in the UK jazz movement as a bandleader through essential themes and unending innovation. Working as a part of psychedelic nu-jazz outfit The Comet is Coming, bandleader for afrobeat infused Shabaka and the Ancestors, and of course bandleader of Sons of Kemet, Hutchings is exploring all ends of music through various mediums in exciting and fresh ways unlike any other. Black to the Future is no less adventurous and spiritual as other ... read more
Música primigénea. Es irresistible para el corazón el sentir el poder de las raíces. Black To The Future es una oda a la influencia que fue la música africana para la totalidad de los géneros que hoy día escuchamos, pero sobre todo del jazz, porque del jazz y sus diversas fusiones devinieron incontables cantidades de géneros; tal vez no de todos, por ejemplo el electro, entre muchos otros, pero sí de la mayoría.
Por supuesto ... read more
Starts strong but gets redundant pretty quickly, which is a shame because there’s definitely potential there.
Sons of Kemet pls get more innovative within the Jazz scene a NO for Me
'Black To The Future' is my first introduction into the world of the UK Jazz band Sons of Kemet and it was a great introduction to say the least. The groups saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings is someone who I'm relatively familiar with as I loved the 2020 project 'We Are Sent Here By History' which he was involved with under Shabaka and the Ancestors, and it was easily the best Jazz record of 2020 in my opinion with it's dense and engaging takes on Avant-Garde Jazz, Spiritual Jazz and Afro-Jazz. So ... read more
I mean, is it possible for this to be this good. Foolish me though jazz was largely easy listening, I’m such a noob.
Field Negus (feat. Joshua Idehen) - 3/5
Pick Up Your Burning Cross (feat. Moor Mother & Angel Bat Dawid) - 4/5
Think - 4/5
Hustle (feat. Kojey Radical) - 3/5
For The Culture (feat. D Double E) - 3/5
To Never Forget The Source - 5/5 ❤
In Remembrance Of Those Fallen - 5/5 ❤
Let The Circle Be Unbroken - 4/5
Envision Yourself Levitating - 3/5
Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong - 5/5 ❤
Black (feat. Joshua Idehen) - 4/5
What a strong jazz album, Sons of Kemet managed to wow me today. 'Black To The Future' is throwing all the musical elements to the sky like it is confetti, transpassing modernity and tradition, bringing sound elements to a new model, diving into complicated feelings that can be so overwhelming through intense passion, the manipulation of instruments is a big part of this successful record as well. A lot of the nuances that divide this record in momentums feel original, in a poetical sense, like ... read more
Swags of Kemet
It's more lyrically and poetry orientated than YQIAR, so it's falways going to get less attention in general than its predecessor. But this new Sons of Kemet record still has plenty of empowering instrumentals and ideas, aided by the continuation of a world where little has substantially improved in terms of what the album intends to convey. While you could say that Shabaka Hutchings may have made this album perhaps more than once, it's still a welcome addition to his growing prism of recent ... read more
i never though i would enjoy jazz this much in my life.
worthy of recognition. the only true downside comes in the form of accessibility. in some cases (like with grime legend d double e) it works wonders, while in a track like hustle, kojey radical takes too much of the mainstage, distracting from the sound around him. don’t get me wrong though, it’s one of the best albums i’ve heard all year
Well, this was unexpected...

This album feels like a blend of their debut 'Burn' and their breakout record 'Your Queen Is a Reptile', BOTH of which are two of my FAVORITE jazz albums of ALL TIME! So, there's no way I don't LOVE this right.........? RIIIGHT?

Not really... the chaos of 'Burn' and the radicalism of 'Your Queen Is a Reptile' could have accounted for an exhilarating and dauntingly beautiful experience *IF* the musicality was not sacrificed in the name of concept. 'Black To The ... read more


Fav tracks: Pick Up Your Burning Cross, Throughout the Madness, Stay Strong
Field Negus 5.0💛
Pick Up Of Your Bruning Cross 7.4💚
Thnk Of Home 6.0💛
Hustle 6.4💚
For The Culture 6.9💚
To Never Forget The Source 7.6💚
In Remembrance Of Those Fallen 8.6💚
Let The Circle Be Unborken 5.8💛
Envision Of Yourself Levitaiting 8.1💚
Troughtout The Madness,Stay Strong 7.8💚
Black 4.8💛

Nota Final:67💚💚💚(Mediano)
Sons of Kemet - Black To The Future

Genre: Jazz Fusion
Country: UK

Final Verdict: 64% (Good Album)
Yearly Ranking: 163th / 479

Highlight: Throughout The Madness, Stay Strong

Made me think of:
Tony Allen
Urban Village
Shabaka and the Ancestors
it's as radical as it is accessible
The 2018 album Your Queen Is a Reptile wasn’t just my introduction to Sons of Kemet, but rather to the overall prolific work of saxophonist and composer Shabaka Hutchings and in hindsight that album was a true revelation to me. I loved the fact that the ensemble had two drummer, the grooves were primarily set by the tuba and the music said a whole lot with just song titles, seldom vocals and vibrant music. The groups newest album Black To The Future has more vocalist this time around with ... read more
Sons of Kemet's past projects have been some of my favourite jazz projects ever so this album, while still conveying some interesting ideas, feels a bit like a disappointment.
Shabaka Hutchings can do no wrong. Whether with The Comets Are Coming, Shabaka and the Ancestors, or Sons of Kemet; the result is always electric, explosive, and enlightening. Black to the Future ups the ante on the exploration of black culture and history from previous albums; fierce and flowing, the future looks strong.

Standouts: Pick Up Your Burning Cross, To Never Forget The Source, In Remembrance Of Those Fallen, Let The Circle Be Unbroken, Envision Yourself Levitating, Throughout The ... read more
Saxophonist extraordinaire, Shabaka is back with Sons of Kemet, one of his numerous bands, this one having the unique combination of saxophone, tuba, and two drummers. They aren't alone on Black To The Future though; their complex jazz improvisations and compositions are enhanced by guest poets and rappers. They portray pictures of racism, with a powerful intro and outro, narrated by Joshua Idehen, and a big theme for this record, which is Afro-futurism. As for the instrumentals themselves, ... read more
I am a field negro now
Exodusing from these wretched plains
Pour holy palm wine, wash away this wasted shame
Blood is thicker than cotton or sugar cane

I don't think you're ready for the pain
I don't think you're ready for the change, mate

You are a field negro too, son
Leave Candance Owens by the plantation ( Sheeeesh )
Foolish us, thinking the overseer even had the keys to these chains
How could we expect the dungeon keeper to make the rules and play fair this game?

Oh, bless your ... read more
Where 'Your Queen Is A Reptile' felt urgent, upfront, and direct, Sons of Kemet's 'Black To The Future' takes on a more brooding and dark approach without sacrificing any of their fierce playing and poeticism.

A sinister uprising is constantly bubbling beneath; a testament to how the current state of the world is never as pretty as it may seem, and Sons of Kemet know how to convey that very message.

Favorite Tracks: Field Negus, Pick Up Your Burning Cross, Think of Home, Hustle, To Never ... read more
Let The Circle Be Unbroken is up there when it comes to the best songs of the year, but this project as a whole is disappointing. D Double E is the only guest that finds his pocket and place in the music and doesn't take over and ruin the song he's on. The features on here besides him are so bad that 4 out of the 11 songs are skippable on repeat listens, and I for one will be skipping them. Kojey Radical was abysmal, his lyrics were shallow and tepid and his delivery even more so. Joshua Idehen ... read more
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