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SOUR is a formulaic, predictable breakup album. A collection of similar sounding ballads, it mostly follows the same song structure of her hit single "drivers license": muted moody verses, belted chorus and layered vocal effect on the bridge.

Her indie girl voice is better than most, but she has an unpleasant timbre at times with belting that quickly becomes flat and repetitive. "good 4 u" and "jealousy jealousy" do well to keep things fun with their angsty pop ... read more

SOUR, the debut album from Olivia Rodrigo, is the best break-up album I've ever listened to and might be album of the year. Olivia Rodrigo started her career early, acting in a few Disney TV shows and started singing on Instagram, which caught the attention of some people who thought that she'd be an amazing singer. Olivia Rodrigo, who's only 18 years old, has understood the pain of a break-up and the heartbreak that ... read more
...give me a chance to explain.

Olivia Rodrigo’s debut LP, “SOUR”, was an album I wasn’t necessarily too excited on listening to. The actor turned musician was a name that I didn’t really know of until this year's biggest hit so far, “drivers license”. This ultimately was my first impression of her, but what I was left with was an empty listen. My care for her artistry was at an all time low, before even looking into more things. But one thing I did ... read more
Como um nome em ascenção, Olivia Rodrigo surfou na onda do sucesso, mas infelizmente, acabou se afogando na maré desiludida de uma estréia mediana.

Existe na música pop, um grupo seleto de artistas femininas das quais alcançam um sucesso estrondoso antes dos 20 anos. Ainda na década de 2010, tivemos Lorde e Billie Eilish como os maiores fenômenos nesse sentido. E agora, chegou a vez de Olivia Rodrigo, uma jovem que parece ter muito a ... read more
SOUR or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About Getting Older and Accept Olivia Rodrigo’s Music For What It Is.

This is gonna be a little different from what I usually write. This is a very long, detailed (surprise, the guy with the Abed profile pic likes to be overly analytical) and self-indulgent review. I do eventually talk about the album itself in Chapter 4, so feel free to skip to that if you want. For everyone else, strap yourselves in.


Pop music is something that ... read more
SOUR has some obvious flaws, but Olivia Rodrigo’s debut ends up being really enjoyable and promising regardless. I’m impressed.

Olivia Rodrigo is certainly having a moment right now. And while I wasn’t the biggest Driver’s License fan, I definitely wasn’t one of its biggest haters either. I didn’t love that song, and I still don’t, but I do think it’s pretty enjoyable for what it is, and once you look past the cringe lyrics and teenage melodrama ... read more
i stepped into the big youtube ripoff building. i walked past so many epic internet celebrities like miniladd and david dobrik and dan avidan and even shane dawson :) but as i walked further, i saw them on the couch in front of the cool tv. it was bizaardvark. they were there and they were doing weed, like with cigarette marijuana. "hello horse face guy" the females said. i said "b-bizaardvark! you guys are women!" and they said yeah and i peed a little hehe, giving a big ... read more
Chegámos ao momento decisivo da carreira de Olivia Rodrigo, o seu primeiro álbum! Depois do estrondoso sucesso de "drivers license" o nome da cantora tem estado na boca de todo mundo, desde do drama do triângulo amoroso à volta da sua primeira música ou do sucesso inesperado que os seus singles têm tido, o que fez muitas pessoas até lhe chamarem uma "industry plant" e que a sua fama foi comprada pela Disney (mesmo não ... read more
7.2 - Nice

Well, it’s official. She isn’t an industry plant.

Olivia Rodrigo is a name I have known for a bit of time now. She started her fame as a Disney star, being main characters in both High School Musical: The Musical The Series, as well as Bizzardvark with Jake Paul (for some reason). I didn’t think too much of her, until she dropped drivers license, a bombshell that exploded into virality and extreme stardom. Although I think the song has been overplayed to death, ... read more
Sour foi um album que na época que foi anunciado não sabia o que esperar, confesso que na época não era um grande fã das musicas de Olivia e apesar de não achar-la ruim achava que ela era uma artista bem básica, porém ao longo do tempo fui comecando a apreciar mais as suas músicas e com esse album comecei a gostar dela ainda mais, ela mostrou aqui que não é apenas uma artista basica e que apesar de ter algumas musicas ... read more
Was about to do a "left me with a sour taste in my mouth" joke, but it turned out to be much better then what i expected it to be, even if i enjoyed the singles.

Olivia Rodrigo has been popping off a lot recently. I never really gave her music much attention, so when i saw this came out, i taught "Oh shit, there's yet another bland pop album pooped out intro the mainstream". Turns out i couldnt've been more wrong.

"SOUR", if you decide to completely ignore the ... read more
I do not envy Olivia Rodrigo at this current phase of career. I mean, I’m sure anyone would love to have their first ever single reach number one and album that’s guaranteed a spot on the top ten if not number one as well, basically guaranteeing her a successful music career for at least five more years, but that level of overnight success for someone who literally just started - especially someone who is young, a woman, is enjoyed by young women, and has any industry ties at all - ... read more
Finalmente chega o debut de Olivia Rodrigo que hitou bastante com o seu incrivel single oficial de estreia Drivers License que foi um dos maiores hits desse ano
O sucesso tambem foi pros outros singles deja vu e good 4 u
Apesar do nome que significa ''azedo'' a sonoridade em sua maioria é bem calma,leve e doce como em deja vu que eu tinha achado bem ok antes mas agora eu adoro é uma música bem agradavel de se ouvir o azedo está nas letras que falam de temino e da ... read more
Surprisingly a really damn solid debut! Didn't really expect the world from it despite really enjoying Driver's License but yeah, for a teen pop record in 2021 I had a pretty nice time. I can definitely see Olivia becoming massive very soon, even more than she already is. Only complaint is because I have a 14 year old sister I will not be able to escape this thing for the next few months
For those expecting a mess of same-ole-same-ole, Olivia Rodrigo should squash those concerns by the very first track. What we could have gotten was that very thing - Billie Eillish whispers, TikTok pop repetition, Disney channel sweetness, and obnoxious mainstream sameness. Instead, Rodrigo quickly reminds listeners that just because you're on Disney+, or a TikTok accidental star, or even the musical guest and the bit of skit on SNL, you don't have to linger in the boring repeats of modern pop ... read more
One of my most highly anticipated albums of the year, hoping it would sound sonically similar to the beautiful "deja vu".

Unfortunately this falls straight out flat. Olivia has no personal identity whatsoever. Every song on here either sounds like an extremely watered down version of Paramore, Taylor Swift or Lorde.

And her voice? Well it makes it slightly unbearable. That cursive singing is truly grating and her trying to imitate Lorde in some songs, makes it even worse.

Lyrical ... read more
The melodies, lyrics, visuals and all the brilliance of a young girl's mind are just assets for an artist like Olivia Rodrigo. Her stunning voice is the balance between the tracks, the album has a clear path, cohesiveness is checked. Everything about this record works so well as a debut album, that honestly of all the debuts that came from the disney world, perhaps 'SOUR' is the best from all of them. Her inspirations are so obvious but we got to aknowledge that, she's a product of the ... read more
60 - 2 bops (brutal, Good 4 U)

Well, I suppose I have a couple apologies to make. First, Olivia Rodrigo, I’m sorry for trashing you in front of my friends. I never liked ‘drivers license,’ and I made that clear to my best friend, Maddie, many times. Maddie’s now quite a fan. Second, I’d like to apologize to Maddie. ‘Good 4 U’ is a banger. I was being obstinate at the time. Finally, I probably need to apologize to myself for being a whiny little rat. ... read more
Sour by Olivia Rodrigo is so obviously an industry album that it takes away a lot of interest. It lacks creatively and lyrically which make it fall into a formulaic sound that so many artists like Olivia Rodrigo offer (sometimes better, sometimes worse).

It attempts to recreate the early indie pop sound of the 2010's, but fails and ends up sounding like the worst parts of the genre. You know who and what I'm referring to.

I feel bad bashing such an album, but huge industry products like this ... read more
this album is the ultimate representation of teenage heartbreak. it puts those feelings that you try to hide deep inside on full blast and the result is a very moody and melodramatic project. there’s a lot of emotions portrayed in this and for each of them there’s a different type of sound which makes the record very diverse, even though it has a lot of slow moments. but to me what really sells this album is the concept and how it was executed. heartbreak is something we all go ... read more
A estréia de Olivia Rodrigo não traz nada sonoramente interessante ou muito cativante, tendo uma sonoridade extremamente nauseante.

As duas músicas que gostei um pouco foram "deja vu" e "Drivers License", embora as melodias daqui sejam todas muito insossas esses são dois singles que se salvam pela interpretação sendo esse o primeiro e o segundo pela sua parte instrumental.

 A intro "Brutal" é tão ... read more
Esse album acabou de lançar e já vi uma quantidade bem grande de reviews sobre o mesmo, e aqui estou eu me juntando ao rebanho lançando uma review sobre o album de estréia da Olivia Rodrigo.

E já vou ser sincero, eu nunca me senti atraído pela música dela, sempre me soou como algo superficial e caricato, então ouvi o album sem grandes expectativas, e para ser honesto, é bem no nível do que eu esperava.

O album aborda o tema ... read more
Amazing for a debut album.

To be honest i'm surprised after listening to this album specially the opening track (brutal) as i expected something average or even awful.
And i'm glad that it's not just another generic pop album and actually has some bangers and impressive melodies. Although it still has some corny lyrics and boring moments that keeps it from being a good record.

Best songs: brutal, driver's license.
8.4 - yaya skrttt good album

heyyyy, this isn’t bad at all! ik im not really a “fan” of this artist as one of my most liked reviews is tearing into her sophomore single. but with the third single to “sour” i was honestly pleasantly surprised by the catchy riff of the pop punk song. i expected rodrigo to make an album full of edgy heartbroken ballads, but she tries to expand her creative scope with this new pop rock direction. the singles are probably the worst ... read more
brutal: 6/10
traitor: 8.8/10
drivers license: 9.8/10
1 step forward. 3 steps back: 8.5/10
deja vu: 9/10
good 4 u: 7.5/10
enough for you: 7.9/10
jealousy, jealousy: 6.5/10
favorite crime: 8/10
hope ur ok: 7.6/10
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