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Sinner Get Ready

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It is always very complex, sometimes impossible for an artist to leave her comfort zone, the one that made her known to explore new horizons, moreover with a concept as complex as the main task. Yet Kristin Hayter managed to climb her third step with genius, to offer us one of the most thrilling, terrifying and sensational musical experiences of the year.

Kristin Hayter is a woman who has been damaged by life and has become one of the most talented artists of the last 5 years. A victim of ... read more
Well, Bo, looks like you got a competitor.

Singer, songwriter, screamer, multi-instrumentalist, cuntkiller, death dealer, butcher of the world, and lover of Cheez-It’s Kristin Hayter AKA Lingua Ignota has been making more and more noise in the experimental and underground metal communities, having a sound that draws from so many various inspirations yet bent to be incredibly unique to her. Due to her eclectic background in classical music, heavy genres, academia, and an almost ... read more
this is my opinion
This album helped remind me of what made music click for me in the first place. Mysterious atmospheres that make some sense when put together in a bigger picture. I couldn't tell you the meaning of most of these songs without doing a ton of research, but the sum of the pieces feels like something complete and grand in its own way. I loved how different this was from her last project. This album is a lot more focused on calming dark atmospheres as opposed to the loud hellscape that Caligula was ... read more
man wow. kristin hayter only knows how to make masterpieces.

Kristin Hayter known as Lingua Ignota returns with her 4th studio album, SINNER GET READY. this follows up her 2019 album, CALIGULA, which received wide critical acclaim and a bigger fan base.

with this new record, she does a full 180 turn from CALIGULA, stripping the harsh noise, electronics and, instead, makes use of over 40 different instruments; banjo, piano and woodwinds to name a few. this sound works perfectly for Ignota, ... read more
Album of the year. Holy frick.

What do I even say to start this. This is so close to perfection, I am absolutely stunned. While only half as terrifying as Caligula, this is 10 times more beautiful. Lingua Ignota is one of the most talented musicians ever.

Favorite tracks: all of them except
Least favorite track: the sacred linament of judgment

Edit: you can’t call me a fantano drone, I gave this score way before fantano rated it
An ode to America’s goth child, Pennsylvania.

I remember watching an interview Anthony Fantano did with Lingua Ignota (aka Kristin Hayter) where she brings up her current home state, Pennsylvania. She talks about the state in a very subdued tone, describing it as very bleak, hollow, and almost devoid of life at times. As a civilian of Pennsylvania myself, I resonated with a lot of the things she said regarding the state. I live in the more western side of the state, which is less scary ... read more
Wait Lingua I'm not ready for school yet! Don't pull out of the driveway noooooo
I just wanna preface this review by saying that the midsection and second half of “MAN IS LIKE A SPRING FLOWER” is one of the most breathtaking pieces of music I’ve heard all year. It builds into this crescendo of dark bliss over the course of 7 minutes and it’s an absolute treat to experience!!

Lingua Ignota is no stranger to unconventional styles of self-expression. Her quasi-religious and almost macabre style of Neoclassical Darkwave is something that’s truly ... read more
'Sinner Get Ready' é aquela pretensão fora da caixinha que todo artista um dia quer ter.

Gritos e ruídos formam alguns dos principais elementos presentes no álbum, que desponta na ausência de formatos, seja por músicas que surgem a partir de uma atmosfera intensa — os melhores momentos são esses —, ou canções que acabam sendo amenizadas pela perda de ritmo a partir da segunda parte. No geral, Lingua Ignota soa ... read more
I hadn't heard anything from Lingua Ignota before this, but I'm definitely considering checking out more of her work, as this is definitely one of the most intriguing releases I've heard all year.

The entire album has a perfect haunting aura to it, which never stops keeping you on the edge of your seat for the entire 55 minute runtime. The experimentation is another highlight, as the combination of unusual musical styles, dissonant instrumentation, and amazing and downright terrifying vocals ... read more
Lingua Ignota's third album "Sinner Get Ready" is an absolute powerhouse. Coming off the back of "Caligula", a sonic behemoth inundated with grand and harrowing tracks, Kristin Hayter strips back her sound a lot more on this project, and that's all for the better. I mean, I think "Caligula" is fantastic but this, this is better. On the opening track, "The Order of Spiritual Virgins", Lingua's sound introduces itself as bold and magisterial, containing ... read more
The most overrated record of 2021.
I can't take this woman seriously, I don't know if it's her interpretation of the songs, but everything I've heard from her sounds ridiculous to me at some point.
The songs are VERY dramatic, to the point that it feels like she's doing an even more exaggerated imitation of something already ridiculous.

To me she would be a perfect artist if she were a character from Lord of the Rings or some other medieval fantasy work.
I can't feel anything listening to this ... read more
To say that I don't get the hype behind Lingua Ignota's music would be an understatement, her previous record 'Caligula' didn't have much of anything that interested me and with 'Sinner Get Ready' I feel more or less the same about it. Now the Avant-Folk and religious sentiments both lyrically and instrumentally are interesting on a conceptual basis, but in execution I just found a lot of it to be incredibly dull and lifeless, plus whenever I wasn't feeling bored by it I just found it grating ... read more
Sin sinner, who got the keys to my Beamer?

The best album by the public school/art college classically trained goth nerd so far, but I’m yet to find her scary in the slightest. To say Hayter’s voice lacks authenticity held up to such measures is still an understatement…but at least she’s not over stretching so much in this regard now, and there’s certainly less stomping about here.

As she gets more tasteful and conservative sounding her art starts to come across ... read more
Eu vi esse albém recebendo uma aclamação tremenda dos usuarios e da critica, eu já ouvi falar dela no site antes mas nunca experimentei seu trabalho e neste ano chega o selvagem e dramatico Sinner get Ready

Um dos meus amigos do site o @Crazyreviews que aliás aclamou a discografia dela fez um video de sua média da discografia de uns artistas e na parte da Lingua Ignota tinha um trecho de uma música que brevemente descobriria que se tratava da ... read more
Kristin Hayter, aka Lingua Ignota (unknown language) gained a great deal of attention in 2017 with her album All Bitches Die and even more so in 2019 with Caligula. Hauntingly dark and alluring records that integrated the oppressive walls of noise and screaming of Death Industrial with the ageless beauty of Classical music, especially in her vocals, as Neoclassical Darkwave.

A particular combination that allows Hayter to perfectly evoke the horrors of domestic abuse that she has suffered, ... read more
Hallelujah! this is just perfect, it hurt so much perfection to fit in my ears! The beats are simply unique and give a huge medieval feel especially in the song Man is Like a Spring Flower! The back vocals are beautiful and fit perfectly with the beats and lead vocals. I can easily compare this album to several Arca works but in an even more amazing way! Exceeded any expectations! 🧚‍♂️
this woman will never fail to scare the living shit out of me

I don't even know where to begin with this. Lingua Ignota is an artist I wasn't very familiar with until last year when I heard caligula for the first time. That album still resonates heavily with me, thru it's dark and detail;ed lyricism weaving tails of abuse and power, and also thru Kristen Hayter's powerful voice and dark instrumentation. That album is a fucking experience and one that I should really return to more often... but this, in my opinion, is the best album she's done ... read more
In solitude and auto-reflection Lingua Ignota delivers an album that is not only incredibly powerful but too original. 'Sinner Get Ready' is a gothic/folk/alternative record that shows you exactly where this artist come from and where is she aiming to go, the tracks are phenomenal and so it's her immense voice, from top to bottom you can feel everything she's talking about. The poetic basis made this even more authentic that I could've imagined, it's ethereal, visceral, excruciating and also ... read more
8.5 - Amazing

Well, I think I’m converted.

Lingua Ignota, also known as Christina Hayter, is back again with another album, after 2 years of hype and anticipation, and I was for sure on this ride, even if I was late. Right before I went on my hiatus, I listened to her second and formerly most acclaimed album, CALIGULA, and I utterly adored it. A listen that was terrifyingly filled with awe, witnessing someone dive into themes of abuse musically in abuse in a way that was captivating yet ... read more
Wildest album of 2021

Just got surprised by lingua ignota, the act i'm not very familar with. Folk inspired classical music with horror elements that results in a melancholic experience, just what i was waiting to hear for a long time.also the raw theatrical style and kristin hayter's haunting and powerful vocals along with her incomparable musical knowledge are the things that make it a unique and captivating record. Just wondering if the classical elements were inspired by bach (specially ... read more
Lê aí.
Can’t describe the feeling while listening to this masterpiece, just so so so well done it almost sent me immediately to the church. Here, Lingua Ignota returns with her awesome and sick theatrical voice and so many dramatic elements that, in theory is metal, but at the same time is more than that, it’s her reinventing those styles once more and taking you to a psychedelic trip. All the songs here are so well done, every detail, can’t remember a single thing that’s ... read more
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