Kill for Love
Chromatics - Kill for Love
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2012 Ratings: #56 / 928
Year End Rank: #9
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2012 Ratings: #45
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Kill For Love shows that synth/dream/chill/call-it-what-you will pop can be as visceral as rock; the synth as driven and nuanced as the guitar, perhaps more so. 

Consequence of Sound

With Kill For Love, it almost feels like the man’s true thesis, as if he’s strung together all his ideas, feelings, and sounds into one colossal being that acts less like an album and more like a highly organized archive.

The 405

The album is such an entirely immersive experience from the beginning to the end that it seems somehow inappropriate to assert the superiority of one track over another.

Drowned in Sound

These opening six songs are as good as it gets, and if there were four or five more, this would be the album of the year, for sure.


It's not just a collection of hits; it's an album, one that gives the project's familiar nocturnal foreboding a new sense of grandeur. 

Beats Per Minute

Kill for Love‘s pop numbers are leaps and bounds better than almost anything else released this year, and when the album pulls away from them, it can’t help but lose quite a bit of its strength.


Kill for Love is a heavy-hearted but eternally romantic midnight road movie for the mind that’ll haunt you long after those taillights fade.

Under The Radar

With a clear opening and finale, upbeat moments and downbeat ones, romance, tragedy, and plot twists, Kill for Love feels less like an album and more like a feature film. 

FACT Magazine

Kill For Love matures with each listen, and there’s enough craftsmanship at work to more than compensate for the more listless moments.

A.V. Club

On Kill, the tracks blend together into a flat, echo-drenched concoction of Radelet’s blank Nico croon and guitars borrowed from The Cure’s Disintegration

Feb 13, 2015
Oh, come on guys! I know those 7 minute interludes were originally 24 minutes long. Why did you have to cut them down?! You guys should have added the other 18 tracks that didn't make the album! I would have loved an hour more of emotionless vocals, lifeless beats and song arrangements that go absolutely nowhere!

Favourite tracks: Dust for Dust, The River
May 19, 2017
How Not to Make a Double Album: The Album

passionless vocals from someone who looks like a b-list celebrity
passionless playing
synth passages at the end because why the fuck not
uhh..... I guess... some... REVERB

This is honestly some hot shit. It blows me away how this album was praised in any way. It is just one of the most drab and passionless albums released this decade.
Mar 20, 2017
One of the most overrated albums of all time, for me at least.

Not even a single moment that grabs your attention. Not only that, it's waaay longer than it should have been.
Mar 15, 2017
Undoubtedly accomplished and intricate synthpop that can be quite compelling -- especially in smaller doses. While their compositions often fare best in four to six minute chunks rather than as smaller songs, stacking so many of them one after the other makes it easy to lose focus.
Jun 13, 2016
A visceral soundtrack to a nonexistent film, featuring an array of different styles all brought together to create something quite gorgeous and coherent. Ruth Radlet's vocals are haunting, emotionally drained, and at times rather mesmerizing, accompanied by visceral, stylish, nostalgic, and endlessly stunning instrumentation.
Track List
  1. Into the Black 
  2. Kill for Love 
  3. Back From the Grave 
  4. These Streets Will Never Look the Same 
  5. At Your Door 
  6. Lady 
  7. Flashback 
  8. Running From the Sun 
  9. Dust to Dust 
  10. Birds of Paradise 
  11. Electricity 
  12. Baby 
  13. The River
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