Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land

MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
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The Arts Desk

She has clearly rediscovered her muse, resulting in this outrageously enjoyable album.


There are few stars like MARINA who find the balance between being unfiltered in their politics while also creating top-tier, intricate pop music.


For eleven years, Diamandis has allowed her muse to guide her wherever it may lead. Having closed any sort of divide between the two sides of her creative mind with Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land, she is currently acting with a new level of control and confidence over her songcraft. 

The Irish Times

It’s an outrageous album; preposterous, attitude-laden, camp, romantic, strident, gorgeous, gutsy, opulent, girl-powered, arch, hammy, ridiculously tuneful, vocally slipping between operatic soprano and belligerent sass-mouth, every song a killer.

The Line of Best Fit

The result reads more like a follow-up to the personal Froot (2015) than it does the collaborative Love + Fear, and finds MARINA emboldening her trademark theatrical glam with sharper edges.


A 10-track wonder that is a more mature and eclectic take on her gloriously femme and thundering electro-pop.

She was always too interesting to fit into a cookie-cutter hitmaker mould, and here Marina Diamandis settles nicely into her own idiosyncratic groove.
Under The Radar

The first half of the album is intoxicating—it is danceable and full of fun energy. The second half of the album is all heartbreak and slow piano-filled ballads carried by Marina’s whimsical and hollowing vocals.


Marina re-embraces her inner strength and quite possibly creates her magnum opus with Ancient Dreams in a Modern Land.


Ancient Dreams is a quick dose of what makes Marina great: heartfelt honesty from a fellow misfit consistently pushing the boundaries of pop.

The Forty-Five
Her fifth album, β€˜Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land’, reasserts some of the wide-eyed delight of early Marina: the British artist who gushed onto the scene in 2010 replete with diamonds and a glistening soprano.

The unmistakably dramatic pop singer seeks the divine feminine, embracing a bold yet soft aesthetic that’s more effective than some of her lyrics.

Spectrum Culture

While Ancient Dreams succeeds musically, uneven and sometimes heavy-handed lyrics drag the effort down.


The difference between her new material and the ‘Electra Heart’ and ‘The Family Jewels’ albums it sonically references is that ‘Ancient Dreams’ takes itself too seriously.


If there’s anything the album lacks ... it’s some of the knowing playfulness of her previous work. It seems to be missing a slight spark that made Marina such a fun breath of fresh pop air. Maybe that’s the point though. These aren’t fun times, and Marina is here to deliver harsh truths.

The Observer

Anti-misogyny manifesto pop could easily become clumsy and overwrought, but the joy Marina invests into her mannered, quasi-operatic delivery makes sedition sound seductive.

The Needle Drop

It's admirable that Marina tackles a number of weighty subject matters on Ancient Dreams; unfortunately, there's often not enough follow-through on the musical end.


Ancient Dreams In a Modern Land is not only a return to form for Marina, but on top of that it has surprised itself positively on several occasions. If we don't necessarily find the prowess of the beginnings, on the other hand we quickly forget Love+Fear.

We feel the Welsh singer-songwriter Marina reinvigorated, as some important things that were cruelly missing on her previous and disappointing album Love + Fear. First of all, this hint of madness, as well as this contagious energy as ... read more


She looks like if lana del rey was actually a nice person


O quinto álbum de Marina lhe põe na posição de uma artista confiante e destemida.

Desde que surgiu, Marina teve uma trajetória marcada de tentativas. Com erros e acertos ela permeou entre vários cenários, inclusive um quase parecido com o mainstream durante a época em que o indie ainda era uma classificação adorada no tumblr. Com seus álbuns 'The Family Jewels', 'Electra Heart' e 'Froot', Marina havia de fato se ... read more


it was okay


Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land: 9/10
Venus Fly Trap: 8/10
Man's World: 10/10
Purge The Poison: 10/10
Highly Emotional People: 8.5/10
New America: 7/10
Pandora's Box: 8/10
I Love You But I Love Me More: 8?5/10
Flowers: 8/10
Goodbye: 5/10



I see why MARINA was so popular on 2014 Tumblr among all the superwholock nerds. This album is very dramatic. It's all produced to sound very grand and important when in reality it's just a pop album. So sometimes it comes across as pretentious or just a bit hollow. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, I thought it wasn't bad. The highs are very high, namely Purge The Poison, which takes the central themes of the album like fuck capitalism/fuck the patriarchy and just doesn't hold back. It ... read more

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Added on: April 14, 2021