Little Simz - Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

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When I heard the song "I Love You, I Hate You" earlier this year, I was blown away with the lyrical quality, and structure of the track, as well the unique integration of samples (most of which are not even samples wtf!? my life is a lie). Upon hearing that, I pretty much knew Simz was going to drop a pretty solid album, but seriously wtf?

This album is amazing, but in a brilliant and unique way that I've never heard before in a Hip Hop album. Front to back, this thing is a fucking ... read more
It’s so cool to see an album this universally loved and appreciated, and it’s definitely well deserved for Little Simz because this album is absolutely fantastic.

On “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert”, Little Simz comes through with one of the most cinematic and grand rap albums I’ve ever heard with some great performances from Simz and some insane production. No joke, the production on here is some of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s sometimes grand and ... read more
Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is the odyssey of Litte Simz, an accomplished artist who keeps proving her immense talent. Through 1 hour of 5 star travel, the London native delivers a moving experience without ever losing sight of her multiple struggles. A real treasure.

If Little Simz is the real darling of the public, it is simply because she is one of the most talented female Hip Hop artists of the last few years, and well beyond. Since A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons (2015), in the ... read more

in all honestly, i really am left speechless after listening to this.

albums like this make me look at other albums and think how terrible they are compared to this. not one flaw in: lyrics, production, flow, storyline etc. i’m quite literally stunned by this album.

idk what to say except for go listen right fucking now. what are you doing not listening to this album rn? this is aoty, this is incredible, this is simz at peak artistry.

oh yeah. it’s also better than ... read more
She may claim she is introverted, but this album shows a hell of a lot of personality.

Maybe another day.
stan SIMBI or die

TPAB shaking rn

my opinion ruined
I really don't want to be the person who ruins the fun, but I have to give my honest opinion, this is overrated but still outstanding. Highly anticipated album, 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' by Lil Simz has dropped and it's certainly quite different to any other hip hop record that I've listened to in 2021, being quite conscious in nature which was a pleasant surprise. To talk about the sounds used on the album, they're quite majestic, with plenty of orchestra seeming to be used in a strong, ... read more
9.7 - Must Listen

Well, GREY Area must’ve been the calm before the storm.

It’s here. SIMBI is here. And she’s back in peak form.

I honestly don’t even know how to start this. Sometimes I Might Be Introvert is such a powerful listen, one that sweeps you off your feet into an other worldly atmosphere, filled with rich environments, insane lyricism, and more. And I feel like alone, it’s hard to do it justice. But I’ll try my best.

This album was a long time ... read more
WOWOWOWWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWWOWOWOWOW. This is an instant classic my friends! I can’t even put into words how incredibly heartwarming and complete this album is right now. I had really high expectations for it but it definitely surpassed them in every way possible. From the impeccable storytelling, and the lush and culturally rich production, to Simbi's sharp pen game and flows, everything is amazingly well put together. It’s quite ... read more
Imagine taking all the best elements of every great hip hop album but it’s made by a woman and she does it even better. That’s exactly what this is. Little Simz wins not only hip hop album of the year but the greatest hip hop album ever made. From beginning to end not one moment does she fall, not one moment does she say a bad line. This is pure perfection in every sense of the word.
'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' soa como um clássico atemporal; uma obra esplendorosamente desenvolvida para ocupar o topo dos melhores discos do ano e, facilmente, da década.

Pode parecer cedo para falar em discos da década, que afinal acabou de começar, mas Little Simz ou Simbi — um dos talentos mais brilhantes da cena UK Hip-Hop, certamente deu start para que todos entusiastas da boa música olhem para seu álbum como um futuro grande potencial ... read more


Listen, I had high hopes after the brilliant British rapper Simbiatu Abisola Abiola Ajikawo, aka Little Simz, dropped one of the best rap albums of the 2010’s at the decade very end with GREY Area. That project was great enough for me to consider her one of best in the game right now, and the only thing I worried about with the announcement of her latest album was that she wasn’t going to be able to top it. But Jesus ... read more
what chode said
Fui ouvir este disco por causa das críticas extremamente positivas, conseguindo um +90 aqui, nota muito difícil de um álbum conseguir. E me surpreendi muito com ele. Sei que ainda está muito cedo pra dizer isso, visto que a década acabou de começar. Porém acredito que este vai ser um dos melhores álbuns desta década.

O flow é algo bem importante em um album de hip-hop, e aqui da pra perceber o quão o flow da rapper ... read more
'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' is without a doubt the best album of the year and possibly one of the best of the decade already.

My first introduction to Little Simz was the single "Introvert" and from then on I noticed that there was something special about her. This first single serves as an introduction to the album and there is no better way to open the album, the instrumentals are grand and immediately bring an atmosphere of ambition, that something big is about to happen. ... read more
while it might lack the cultural impact, this is easily the most grandiose and cinematic album to come out since "To Pimp A Butterfly". how little simz managed to get a budget this big is beyond me, but i'm eternally grateful for all the effort she's put into this album since releasing the first single. this completely deserves the AOTY position it currently holds, and i really can't see anyone being completely turned off by amazing lyricism, flow, and charisma from this absolutely ... read more
This might be on par with Positions

edit: no
There's a war, there's a war inside

The long-awaited Hip hop album "sometimes i might be introvert" by the ambitious and critically praised UK hip hop artist "little simz" is finally released. And i'm not lying when i say that it's one of the most perfect records of all time.
I was looking for something to criticize it the whole record while listening to it, but there's nothing bad about it. Her rapping and her artistic and extraordinary style, her pefect and well-written ... read more
Wow, this album truly did surprise me.

I went into this album not really knowing anything about Little Simz; I'd heard her name, but I'd never really heard her music. So, I went in "Sometimes I Might Be Introvert" merely expecting to be interested, but I came out of it having had one of the best musical experiences I've had all year. What Little Simz does on her fourth album, sonically, lyrically and thematically, never falls flat for even a second. Her flows are potent, the ... read more
🚨 " THERE'S A WAR . . . " 🚨

On her much anticipated, proclaimed magnum opus 'S.I.M.B.I', Little Simz proves just how wonderfully grandiose yet thoughtful a hip-hop record can be, and with it her crown as both the critical darling and the people's hero of 2021.

Simbiatu Ajikawo is an acclaimed London MC with a rich discography that has earned her praise from hip-hop’s crowned king of poeticism Kendrick Lamar, and a Mercury Prize for her fantastic 2019 release ... read more
Depois de ver várias pessoas falando muito bem desse álbum, resolvi ouvi-lo e tirar as minhas próprias conclusões.
O que eu mais destaco é a produção desse disco, é muito percepitível a ótima produção dele, desde a organização das faixas, interludes, arranjos, melodias aos instrumentais, o trabalho da produção foi essencial para fazer desse disco ótimo.
Quanto ao flow e os ... read more
With Grey Area, Simz made some strong cases for her being the best rapper from the UK and maybe even the best female rapper world-wide. With Sometimes I Might Be Introvert she fully claims these crowns

Little Simz has always been attached to conscious Hip-Hop, specifically an introspective style that has garnered praise from day 1. However, Grey Area sky-rocketed that praise, throwing spotlight after spotlight onto her, with its particular brand of nocturnal melancholy and barely restrained ... read more
Sempre, desde o início até o seu fim, houvera está vontade, este desejo, notoriamente-implícito, do ser humano de expressar. Tanto de expressar a si, suas próprias opiniões, doutras opiniões... Já se foi até se expressado sobre a ideia de opinião, do que não é e o do que é opinião e também dos quais devem, ou não, serem respeitados. Tais desejos nós acompanham desde sempre, ... read more
I really liked Simbis last album, and I was excited to see what she would do for her next album. I didn’t listen to any of the singles before this, I wanted to jump into this album with no spoilers and wanted to have it all a surprise. And DAMN, I got everything I could’ve wished for in a rap album. Sumbi leaves all of her emotions out on an incredibly personal album that speak so many volumes it’s genuinely insane. I was captivated throughout the entire experience, with ... read more
Após ouvir esse album em cerca de três vezes no mesmo dia, e me emocionando e chorando várias vezes com as histórias que ele conta, eu finalmente estou aqui fazendo o melhor que posso para descrever o tão grandioso é esse album e o quanto ele acabou de me marcar, obrigado pelo banquete Little Simz.

Com baterias marchando por liberdade, os trompetes rugindo exalando imponência e o coro anunciando sua redenção, assim se dá ... read more
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