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It may deliver on its promise from it’s name “All Over The Place”, but it seems that KSI barely makes any artistic growth and in some aspects takes a step back and puts himself in a strange position in the industry. The sophomore effort by KSI tried to pick too much more than it could chew and ended up lacking in most fronts.

Rather than digging into what made this album not reach out to what it looked for, I will be talking about how improvements can be made. To go into the ... read more
'All Over the Place' is KSI's sophomore album and it's such a disappointment, feeling like a rushed project with a lack of effort from KSI. The singles to the album were solid, teasing at a new direction as KSI had moved more towards the pop genre from the rap genre, a change I wasn't a huge fan of initially but grew on me as the singles dropped. I do have to appreciate the experimentation that KSI attempts on a few songs such as 'Patience' and 'No Time' as those honestly turn out to be the ... read more
All Over The Place lives up to its title.

I had heard of KSI as a YouTuber, but I didn’t actually watch his videos and didn’t really know who he was until he started releasing music. When he released “Dissimulation” I was intrigued, as I saw some notable features and wondered what the YouTuber turned musician would sound like. And it was about what I expected it would be: a mediocre album with generic production, some boring performances from KSI, and phoned-in ... read more
i already knew people were gonna hate on this.

with his sophomore album, KSI massively improves on, well, everything.
KSI's "All Over the Place" is...yeah, not good at all. All the things that were problematic about "Dissimulation", a lifeless, albeit promising release from the British artist, are still largely prevalent here. But, KSI seems to crank up these problems even more, making it actually a step down from his second release. I mean, the tracks on this project are so, so boring, not leaving their comfort zone for even a second. The beats are incredibly generic and immediately ... read more
JJ’s has kinda been on a roll recently. After the surprising step up in quality with ‘Dissimulation’, He’s basically spent the time in between that album and this follow up dropping back to back hits, with nearly every single he’s dropped in the interim reaching the top ten in the UK and topping charts in multiple countries. It’s been insanely impressive to see and I commend him for actually going a lot further with music than I ever would have expected.

I ... read more
I didn't really mind KSI's last album, so I was intrigued to see what he would do if he would continue his music career. And this is definitely a step up from his last album. Its still a bit one not tho, with some spotty production on here, but there are still some pretty good moments on here. I honestly really enjoyed a good number of tracks on here, like "Patience" and "Really Love" with their honestly waaayyy different sound and style than most stuff on his last album. So ... read more
I really don’t know anything about KSI. I’ve never watched any of his videos and I don’t know how seriously he takes his music. I know he fought Logan Paul and won, so I guess I’m rooting for him, and “Dissimulation” better than a lot of Youtuber music, though it still wasn’t very good at all. “All Over The Place” also isn’t a project I would call good, but I’d definitely call it an improvement since his last ... read more
Soulless, uninspired, boring, carried by features… this KSI allbum was a big miss.

He made it sound like his sound had changed in the span of a year, and that’s false. This is really not good. His vocals lack any emotion, the autotune sometimes had me laughing out loud, I’m disappointed if you couldn’t tell.

Only good thing to come out this album was the features. And even some of them miss (IMO Bugzy was one of the most disappointing features on here).
The album is also far too long. Fair enough, it dabbles in a couple of different styles but after eight or so tracks, the whole thing starts to merge so that the last few songs are forgettable. There is another poor feature from Bugzy Malone and yet another from Lil Durk...no one seems to have brought their A game to this one.
KSI's second solo album, while an improvement on many fronts, is still a very patchy collection of somewhat generic radio pop-rap tracks. Just like Dissimulation, the tracklist here is filled up to the brim with huge name features, which unfortunately (once again) is a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing as most of the guests carry the songs with KSI changing up his style depending on who is he on a track with. Overall pretty underwhelming.
Last year, on the same day KSI released Dissimulation, The 1975 released their album Notes on a Conditional Form. That album was known for being very inconsistent and, to some, messy, but I enjoyed the progression of the tracks on that album, even if some of them didn’t hit as hard.

Why do I bring up that weird, seemingly disconnected fact? Well, this new album, All Over the Place, by KSI just sounds like a hip-hop-esque bootleg version of that The 1975 album. KSI claims he’s ... read more
One of the few times an album title is correct
KSI; YouTuber, wrestler, rapper, a man of many occupations. His debut album last year, Dissimulation, was one that intrigued me more than it impressed me, because KSI actually sounded like your average top 40s rapper, unlike the Paul brothers or Ricegum for example, but it was mostly run-of-the-mill trap bangers. All Over The Place however, is the better album, and does keep its promise with the title, but the issue is that it's not much better, and we're not really any closer to finding out ... read more
KSI. Youtuber, boxer, rapper, general internet sensation and probably my favourite youtuber of all time as I have followed his career since around 2014 has now released his second solo LP after releasing 'Dissimulation' last year. Dissimulation was pretty impressive considering who KSI is and was easily the best YouTube rap album at the time but in general was a pretty unflattering and unoriginal album. It was a solid basis for KSI to start his music career though and left many questions on how ... read more
Imagine a DJ Khaled album, but DJ Khaled is British and actually raps. That's pretty much this album in a nutshell. Overproduced to the max, completely overshadowed & carried by features, lacks cohesion, clearly trying to be radio/mainstream friendly so more units gets sold & overall just a complete sell out abomination of pop rap.

More power to KSI. It's pretty much obvious that music is just another business enterprise for him rather than a platform to express himself artistically. ... read more
I've never been a fan of KSI's YouTube content, but at this stage I think it's fair to say I definitely enjoy it more than his music. The directionless Dissimulation last year felt unsure of itself, straddling a blurry line somewhere between UK hip-hop and US pop rap. As its title may suggest, All Over the Place is little more than a second helping of its predecessor, complete with weak attempts at genre-hopping, completely phoned-in guest features, and uninspired instrumentals. From the ... read more
Uhhhhhhhhh this is a sudden change of pace. Obviously, the jokes about this album being all over the place stylistically make themselves, but I won't lie and say that there aren't some great tracks here. I think a lot of the features show up and do a good job, which really helps in KSI's favour. The production is an area that i think he still needs to improve on, as a lot of the beats are just really generic and bland. His flows are getting a lot better and his singing definitely improved as ... read more
So bland; so boring; so uninspired; KSI maintains his baffling musical popularity by dropping 'All Over the Place'. I don't try to hate on KSI blindly, and would even say that 'Patience' is a fairly listenable song despite how poor YUNGBLUD's own musical career is so far. However, like every one of his projects, he manages to be the worst thing about it, and every feature somehow outshines him. Even on the songs he performs solo, his grating vocals and his cheap lyrics make almost every song ... read more
way too fucking easy
This is actually not that bad
I intend to make this review as lazy as the album itself. Apologies if I fail.

None of the singles for AOTP really caught my attention, other than it was clear KSI was making music with intentions of gaining radio plays. A lot of the material is bland, lacks structure along with really cheap sounding production - and KSI's performances don't exactly make things much better.

There is nothing "KSI" about this album, more or less it's either formulaic radio pop or a blatant rip off of ... read more
Um, yeah. This new KSI album is hot shit.

KSI is someone who, as a rapper, I've never had much faith in. This album backs up my views on his music perfectly. As the title suggest, this is all over the place. Every song is something so drastically different than the last it raises the question, what even is KSI going for? His skillset has only improved slightly, with his rapping being more polished and his singing voice being improved. Mostly it's just the same album as ... read more
The new KSI album is actually better than expected. Some of the singles are bangers while others are just decent. In the deep cuts that are a handful of duds, but in general it’s not that bad. The only way to go now is up. Hopefully.
At its best, KSI's sophomore studio album, All Over the Place, gives enjoyable pop rap moments to the listener, but unfortunately, its experimentation with various genres and influences (and even its lyrics) often results in the downfall of its quality. And these weak moments overshadow those stronger ones.

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji is the full name of the British YouTuber, one of the prominent influencers in the UK, who has recently started to dive seriously into his own musical ... read more
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