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feel free to rate my own single here: YouTube playlist with songs over 80+/100: ...
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All of 2021.
Updated 23h ago216 albums 11
All singles I've listened to that came out in 2021 ranked (not updated 100%)
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Updated 3d ago105 albumsRanked 3
A list of all the singles that were realesed in 2021 and my opinions/rankings about it
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this is not a ranked list. way too much work and it would be impossible for me to choose between some of these songs. i’ll just add the ones that i’m listening to the most.
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A Musical Journey Through the Year
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I will be updating this list as the year goes on, feel free to recommend me anything in the comments! (Anything that I give at least a 70 will be added)
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Some of the best tracks released in 2021. Where the song isn't a single, I will add the album and title the respected song
Updated 1w ago87 albums
This will be updated the moment I review / develop thoughts on a new single. Also, I write mini reviews for singles I don't have enough original thoughts on (in my eyes), to write a full review of in ...
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new things i listened to....
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2021: 7,25/10 - 48 entries January (15): 6,95/10 February (8): 7,00/10 March (11): 7,67/10 April (12): 7,06/10 May (3): 7,67/10
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Singles of 2021, ranked. 2021 Rating Distribution (100) - Masterpiece: 0 (90) - Excellent: 1 (80) - Amazing: 24 (70) - Great: 69 (60) - Good: 77 (50) - Average: 19 (40) - Not Good: 4 (30) - Bad: ...
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