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Happier Than Ever

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Breathtaking vocals, flawless production, and a wonderful tracklisting. This album turned me from a sceptic to a believer. I also have no doubt that this album will be huge, maybe even more than her last album. This is such a mature turn for Billie. I was not a fan of the fantasy, edgy stuff on her last project. I am a fan of nearly every single idea on this new one, down to the spoken word interlude of Not My Responsibility, to the most intense corners of this project. Billie is on ... read more
Billie Eilish’s explosion onto the music scene is unique in a way that is comparable to basically no one, being immediately loved by mainstream listeners, indieheads, alt-kids, and the music industry/award shows at large. She essentially received the level of fame one would expect of a Justin Bieber type while still having some sort of “cred” from music nerds (at least the ones that don’t hate women with dyed hair). So after sweeping the Grammy’s and the love of ... read more
On Happier Than Ever, Billie expands and refines her formula, giving it a bigger dimension than in the past. Thematically, this new album is overwhelming, urgent and poignant, showing all the will of its author to break the codes of the Pop.

The interest of the music industry for very young talents has always existed. So has the self-taught development of this type of artist. However, the case of Billie Eilish is to be classified among the exceptions, as out of the ordinary. Whether you like ... read more
A young artist that may be underestimated finally emerging into herself as a musician, curating a new and improved style for herself. Ridiculed online for a disappointing era in her newfound spotty discography, against all odds, ‘Happier Than Ever’ delivers on Eilish’s best project yet and shows even more promise than her debut.

Coming off of a melodramatic electropop, alternative R&B debut, Billie Eilish is now back with her sophomore release, “Happier Than ... read more
It was quite obvious from the beginning that Billie Eilish's new album "Happier Than Ever" would be significantly more mature than her previous works. You could see this in the name, the cover art, and some of the singles. I've been excited to see this progression of her, and I can say that it is definitely rewarding. This new album, in my opinion, is absolutely better than her debut. It is much more atmospheric, experimental, and memorable. It feels like the record has less filler ... read more
I would love to call Billie Eilish’s ‘Happier Than Ever’ a major improvement compared to her two predecessors (‘don’t smile at me’ in 2017 and ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ in 2019). She has stronger vocals, more ambitious sonic directions, and better lyrics. But for ever pro, there is a con: some of these ideas don’t translate well, struggles with being bloated, and production can feel empty at times. But let’s back this ... read more
'Happier Than Ever' is Billlie Eilish's second studio album, being an excellent album as the path she took for this album was one that I was not expecting at all as the entire album felt so much more experimental that I expected, not being the bland experience I expected but an exciting journey filled with twists and turns at every corner as I never could see what was coming next. The way that Billie and FINNEAS connected on this album was fascinating as they show why they may end up as one of ... read more
Billie Eilish isn't just a new girl in the block, after some years she became a new generation icon.

Well, still till this day I can't believe she did all those things in so little time. We've seen her grow into this very interesting artist & young woman, from the empty desert of bellyache till the "grown up" music video where she's partying with girlfriend laughing and just celebrating her success. In this little time she won the biggest award of music (AOTY) on the grammys but ... read more
Wow. This definitely exceeded my expectations. I really liked her debut, but in my opinion this is an improvement in almost every aspect. It's more mature and experimental, the production and songwriting are fantastic, and this album has some of her best songs ever. I still need to listen a few more times, but this was a great listen.

Full review soon once I listen a few more times.
Look, this album is a whole mess, but the content is undeniably good. I’ve been a fan of Billie since she dropped her debut EP in 2017 and it’s been crazy to watch her become this superstar that she currently is because everything happened so quickly. I remember that a few months before her debut album dropped she was still seen as this “new alternative teenage girl” and it was so surprising to me how literally the day it came out she suddenly became this huge phenomenon ... read more
You guess you could say...I could be happier.

If you want the too long didn’t read version of this review, then here you go: I feel like this record is both a improvement on maturity and lyrical content but a downgrade on a musical front, and while I’m probably not going to be coming back to this record as a whole, there are some true highlights that make this album at the very least worth one listen.

But, for those who want the long version...let me take you back for a second.

I ... read more
Apesar de ter gostado da maioria dos singles, as escolhas destes foram um pouco duvidosas e por isso achava que o disco seria bem fraco comparado com o seu debut, porém parece que Billie apenas escolheu os singles errados, pois este é um ótimo, coeso e bem feito álbum, provavelmente um dos melhores álbuns pop do ano.

O álbum começa com a simples, mas bela, "Getting Older", com bons vocais e letras. "I Didn't Change My ... read more
"Happier Than Ever" is the second studio album by the artist of the moment Billie Eilish, and we can say that the result really made me happier than ever. The singer has been targeted by the public eye since the beginning of her career, whether by people who love her or people who hate her as a result of her winning the Big Four at the Grammys, the particularity of her voice and style that's not common in the music industry and her quick rise to stardom. In the opening track ... read more
Billie Eilish’s Happier Than Ever: Sophomore slump or comeback of the year?

The Sophmore LP from world famous, critically acclaimed, record breaking Billie Eilish was a worrying one, considering how the singles were not only inconsistent in style, implying an incohesive experience, but quality as well. While “Your Power” and “Therefore I am” were fantastic, and “NDA” would surely fit nicely and work incredibly well in the context of the full LP, ... read more
Billie Eilish’s “Happier Than Ever”, her highly awaited sophomore release, contains many of the great qualities that has defined her best work; Billie’s vocals are great, FINNEAS’ production thrives in creating an atmosphere that feels tailor made for Billie’s vocals. They all contribute to create a sound that symbolises a new step in the nineteen-year-old’s career. However, this new step more like a step back (which, from what I’ve heard, is an ... read more

This is what this album represents.

This is such a mature follow-up to her very edgy debut from 2 years ago and I am honestly here for it. While I did enjoy a handful of tracks on her last album, tracks like "my future" and "Your Power" some of Billie's best and most emotionally powerful songs in her entire catalog. Also, the production on here is soooooo gooood, FINNEAS fucking killed this album, especially with "Oxytocin" and "NDA". Also, that ... read more
better, happier, more mature, but..... not good

Billie eilish's second LP is the reflection from her slowly growing out of her teenage angsty and teenage depression phase (but still carrying that depression and heartbreak) on her music.
Happier than ever is a compilation of songs in the style of her previous record, a few lana del rey-ish songs, and a mix of both. The best part about it is her new sound and the more powerful lyrical content (specially on the title track that was a huge ... read more
Não tô afim de copiar a trackilst, então só vou deixar o rating, e falar que é longo, cheio de música chata.
In this work by Billie you can clearly see that it's a more mature album, the lyrics are phenomenal, and the mood of the album is also super beautiful. However, as far as the singles go, I wouldn't have put Therefore i Am on the album at all because it's not a song that fits with the others.
But further on, another error I noticed besides Therefore, is that some songs seem to be incompletez
it's just too easy for billie. to say her vocal talents and harmonic knack have done wonders for experimentation and refinement in her music would be an understatement. the soundscape is 50/50 between the production and her absolutely massive vocals, which shows all the confidence billie has in herself as an artist. the chemistry and understanding between billie eilish and her brother/producer, finneas, is on the level of music royalty. finneas is easily one of the most talented vocal producers ... read more
The album is pretty good, but for God's sake someone give this girl a smoothie, she needs to get some sun.
I already knew i would love this album based on the singles which i absolutely loved. It feels great watching her getting older, being more confident and experiment a bit more with her music. Halley's comet, Billie Bossa Nova, Oxytocin, NDA, Happier Than Ever and Male Fantasy were the true highlights of the record to me. While I enjoyed every single track in here I still think Everybody Dies was a bit of a let down because even with its somewhat comforting atmosphere I still found myself a bit ... read more
my first thought when listening to this album was that it really doesn’t feel like an album by one of the most popular artists in the world. to be fair, neither does WWAFAWDG, but while that album was unique in its darkness, this album feels a lot more stripped back than most modern pop albums. for me, billie’s success has always been an anomaly. that’s not to see i’m not happy she’s successful, i’m just surprised by it. the second thing i have to say about ... read more
Idk, her crown's missing
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