Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue

The Melodic Blue

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What if you went to heaven and God said...

Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Let's get this shit, let's, hmm
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin'
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Hold on, let's get this shit, let's get this shit
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the mornin', top of the mornin', top of the mornin'
Top of the ... read more
Damn that Kendrick Lamar guy should make an album, he'd pop off

Maybe only on occasion

Edit: I enjoyed this album fuck you
The Melodic Blue is an incredibly flawed album, but I find Baby Keem and the music on here to be so entertaining, catchy, and personality-filled that it mostly makes up for it.

Baby Keem, Kendrick Lamar’s cousin, has been an artist I’ve been excited about for a while now. I really enjoyed his “DIE FOR MY BITCH” project, and I’ve liked a lot of his singles since. A few of them were pretty one dimensional however, and I felt that they showed some limitations ... read more
The Melodic Blue is like a recipe to potentially make a great feast but when you taste the final result you have this impression that some ingredient is missing or that the cooking is not necessarily mastered. If Baby Keem didn't succeed in crossing this step, there are still some satisfying points if not a really thrilling album experience...

Hykeem Jamaal Carter, better known as Baby Keem, is purely that kind of new wave rapper. That is to say a modern artist rather versatile, relaxed and ... read more
i can finally say this is safely the brand of trap that i really like.

baby keem’s last mixtape was amazing. i loved keem’s experimentation while still having fun with his debut and overall, his “chillness” in and outside of his music was what i came to love.

keem’s aesthetic carries over to this album, starting with the wonderful gradients on the single covers. although not all of them made it onto the album, arguably the biggest two were included. durag ... read more
Is it rash to already call this album overhated?

Baby Keem's long-awaited debut LP "The Melodic Blue" is a very promising display of one of the rap game's most exciting prospects. Chock-filled with dynamic verses, production that, although fairly inconsistent, goes pretty hard at its peaks and fantastic features that always add more meat to the bones. But, at the end of the day, the defining feature of the record is just how great a time it is. Save for a couple of outliers, the ... read more
'The Melodic Blue' is Baby Keem's debut album and it's surprisingly more boring than crazy, with Baby Keem creating basic trap music and not much else. Most of these songs lack Baby Keem's fun personality and cool cadence, being much more emotionless which was something I wasn't worried about much before the album dropped, but something I should've seen coming as it was teased through the two singles. What I was expecting was some messy experimentation, but looks like Baby Keem played things ... read more
Edit: ok this might grow on me
Edit 2: it’s growing on me

Just finished listening to the melodic blue, currently lost for words man, crying real tears keem bro, this is quite possibly, quite literally, sincerely, one of the most disappointing albums I have ever heard. My ears are dripping with blood, currently on my way to the emergency room.

ok but kendrick’s part on range brothers made me cackle so it gets +1 point

he really said
🟦☁️🟦🟦☀️🟦[TOP OF THE MORNIN ... read more
Sounds like one of Kendrick’s voices has escaped and become its own entity. Kendrick keeps appearing on tracks in an attempt to recapture his voice so he can return it to his body.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.
Ok, but the muppets voice on Pink Panties goes hard.

Some people might not like this album and that's 100% due to the very interesting sound it has, but Baby Keem shows up with an actually very unique, bold and varied record that sounds miles better then his previous works, even if i enjoyed those a lot as well.

Every song sounds different, not only in terms of overall sound, but also Keem's voice. He switches his voice every song and makes the album ride so much more fun. The writing is his ... read more
Baby Keem better grow the fuck up or I'll pour acid in his diaper
On “range brothers,” Baby Keem reunites with his cousin, Kendrick Lamar, to discuss numerous topics, including the financial success that comes with fame along with their tough upbringings, sexual prowess, and criticisms of disloyalty.

Like their first official collaboration, “family ties,” this track has multiple parts, which are marked by beat switches and shifts in their flows and cadences.

The track was initially leaked on September 8, 2021, two days prior to its ... read more

I completely understand why everyone brings up that Kendrick Lamar is Baby Keem’s cousin whenever people are discussing him - his family tie is definitely the most interesting thing about Baby Keem
Could be better.

This is Baby Keem's debut album which, for me, is a bit boring, I can't really appreciate his vocal performance as it is changeable throughout the album, and yes, um... I wasn't very captivated by this album.

Favorite tracks: Scapegoats, Lost souls, Durag activity, 16.

Least favorite track: Cocoa.
Baby Keem was a name that I first heard when he dropped one of the singles for this album 'durag activity' featuring Travis Scott which I found to be pretty lifeless and bland. Then not too long after he dropped 'family ties' with his cousin, Kendrick Lamar. While overall I didn't care for this track that much, I could see that there was a lot of potential in Baby Keem's sound with his fun and unique vocal inflections and flows. I thought that he actually outperformed Kendrick on that song. ... read more
Baby Keem is pushing a new style of trap music with every release and his debut proves he’s here to stay

"The Melodic Blue" is truly amazing and has only been growing on me since it released

He’s been having a hell of a year so far! From his incredible contribution on Kanye's "Praise God" to great singles all year long to now the release of his debut album the man has been on a hot streak

From the fantastic singles "Hooligan", "Sons and ... read more
Favourite: family ties (with Kendrick Lamar)
Worst: south africa

1. trademark usa - 7
[Quite a decent track with the lyrics being not too bad. Production wasn't too bad, good start!]

2. pink panties - 4
[huh? This so different to the first song in a bad way. Lyrically it's poor. Tbh I'm just confused

3. scapegoats - Not Included

4. range brothers - 6
[Irish Kendrick is a vibe]

5. issues - 8
[I really like this song, quite deep with the production being the best part. The only problem I ... read more
Nevertheless, Keem’s crateful of vocal styles surpasses even his cousin in numbers and variation. Equally, in the moments where he gets real, his regular inflexion is just as convincing. ‘scapegoats’ is a time-stopping interlude with white-robed background vocals and a manipulated chop of a serpentwithfeet song. Lodged in the middle of it, perhaps clashing too much with the sample vocals, Keem darts around subject matter in a tight verse, the highlight being when he neatly ... read more
Hey, at least it's better than Certified Loser Boy!
kendrick lamar is jacksepticeye confirmed⁉️⁉️

reason: “top of the mornin” 😱😱😱😱💯💯🔥

please like and subscrib for more conspiracy theory!!!
Even tho I’m a bit bummed that this didn’t top DFMB, this debut album still fucking slaps. The production is amazing on here with some of the most grandiose trap beats I’ve heard in a while. Keem sounds aggressive and that’s what I love about. The main thing that bothers me is what I felt never went well with Keem: auto-tune. Keem may be a trap artist but god damn auto tune does not fit this dude AT ALL. Also pink panties has to be the worst chorus out of any Keem song. ... read more
Shit, I'll take a 20 year old still trying to find his voice over a bunch of 40 year old hacks who don't appreciate my attention. Features here were solid, pretty straightforward pop rap that doesn't take itself too serious. Just happens to have some moments of really nice quality (trademark usa, scars, booman), and some head scratching moments as well. The highest point of the earlier part of the day.
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Top o' the morning
Wow. This album has all the things I loved about his 2019 project 'DIE FOR MY BITCH' with an upgrade in the production and some big name features. I don't think it's as consistent as DFMB, but I still think it's an excellent follow-up. On every song Keem provides the listener with a flow or style different from the last. It's just impossible to get bored while listening to this album. He is not only able to stand out on trap bangers like trademark usa but he also performs very well on vibey ... read more
Kendrick's verse on "range brothers" is the funniest thing to happen all year
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