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Picture the whole hip hop genre as a successful restaurant with a wide variety of dishes of all cuisines. I’m talking Italian, Indian, Korean, Croatian… They have it all. Imagine now you’re going into the restaurant you can order whatever you want. You could go with the classic “Illmatic” Lasagna or maybe some “Madvillainy” Chicken Tikka Masala. But no for some reason you’re ordering unseasoned chicken with a side of mayonnaise “From a ... read more


Man, you can really feel the dogshit of a whack Em feature like, 3 seconds in.

This Cordae dude reminds me of Common, but with less wit/rhyming ability and more youthful ambition. Sonic palette is similar, almost zero dissonance. Some shades of Logic in there too, but Cordae is better at conveying an older soul conviction, the kind of MC who's a little wiser then his age might imply. He just doesn't do anything that you've never heard before unless you're 13 and this is your 4th rap album ... read more


Yes king! Give us nothing!!

After almost three whole years, Cordae finally gives us a new album... that isn't all that interesting. My fellow reviewer @Rollo_P put it best, "He just doesn't do anything that you've never heard before unless you're 13 and this is your 4th rap album." I don't think I could ever describe this album better. See, I actually really enjoyed The Lost Boy. It was a very consistent album with sticky hooks and captivating flows. So basically take that album, ... read more


Even though From A Bird Eye’s View is held back sometimes by a few flaws and doesn’t necessarily improve upon The Lost Boy, it’s still an enjoyable project due to Cordae’s talent, the solid production and the decent features.

Cordae is someone who I thought had a lot of talent and potential, but over the last few years I’ve been getting less and less excited. The more of his music I hear, the more corny he sounds to me, and I was worried that he could fall down ... read more


Back in 2019, Cordae was an easy standout among his XXL Freshman class and his former YBN crew. His debut record displayed an old school style of conscious rapping with a new school energy and attitude and showed a lot of potential. Three years later with his sophomore album “From a Birds Eye View”, Cordae still shows a lot of potential - and not much else.

Like I said above, Cordae had a lot of excitement behind him when he exploded on the scene (likely leading to all his A-list ... read more


“Shiloh’s Intro” is the best song because Cordae isn’t on it. There’s not a single original idea on here, and while Cordae is a fine rapper, he’s not all that versatile nor do his performances have all that much personality. The closest we get to seeing a personable performance from him is when he sings on “Chronicles,” and his sing rapping style is trash. This project feels like every mediocre quality of J. Cole and Logic were sucked up and spat ... read more


Cordae is one of those rappers who I’ve always thought had massive potential and this was one of my most anticipated albums of 2022 . Did he live up to that with this album? The flows on this album don’t disappoint (most of the time). However, sometimes he sounds like his rapping is forced or he sounds like a discount Cole. Solid project though with some great tracks.


J. Coldae

Look, I can tell this guy has some potential to make something actually good and worthwhile. However, is he able to do that now? No. This album does have its moments where it can be fun and great ("Jean-Micheal" & "Today" for example), however, that's usually cause of other factors other than Cordae, whether they be the somewhat flat but still kinda entertaining at times production, or the features, which this album has a veeeerrryyy mixed bag of in terms of ... read more


Cordae's debute was full of potential and great songs, so I was excited to see what he would cook up here, and well.. It's just a decent collection of conscious, introspective hip hop tracks. Overall, Cordae got some really clever bars here, his storytelling is compelling and the jazzy production he picks is chill, but also just really one note, and so are most of his flows. So yeah, this album proves what we've already known - Cordae has a lot of untapped potential, but he still needs to ... read more


You mean not only did people have no problem sitting through this, they actually ENJOYED it? Much like the humor in Marvel films I just cannot stand the disgustingly saccharine taste of the lowest hanging fruit.


Lil J Cole


I started hearing this when it dropped back on Friday, but for some reason never finished it until today. It took me a little to figure out exactly why that was. I like Cordae; as a dude, he seems chill, and musically, his vision and talent is there, even if it hasn't been executed to the fullest as of now. His debut LP "The Lost Boy" may not have been the most colourful or investing rap project ever, but it still provided that fundamental basis for the North Carolina rapper, that ... read more


This was kind of a chore to get through, and what's the treat you get for finishing the album? An Eminem verse 🥴 Cordae has really perfected his J. Cole impression with this album. So much so, that listening to this album gave me a VERY similar feeling to when I listened to J. Cole's most recent LP. There is just very little on this album that sticks with you. The hooks are forgettable and the beats are boring and kind of thin at times. His verses are fine for the most part but there's ... read more


I've been looking forward to the next album from up-and-coming rap prodigy Cordae since he collaborated with Dinner Party, Common and Nas. At 10 proper tracks, this is a concise and satisfying listen. There's a jazzy tone to a lot of these instrumentals and, apart from 'Today' with Gunna, there's not a bad track or feature. He's not yet realised his full potential but this album's a step in the right direction.

Favourite Tracks: Jean-Michel, Super, Momma's Hood, Want From Me, C Carter, ... read more


After Cordae's charming and heartwarming debut "The Lost Boy", I was excited to see what he'd do next, but this album bored me to no end. It lacks all the fun and good vibes the first album had, leaving us with decent rapping skills, decent production and hit-or-miss features. I did really like "Westlake High", but that's about it. I was fairly let down by this one.


Cordae's the type to sell you garden pebbles but market them as blood diamonds, or if "fake it till you make it" was a person. His delusion impedes his ability to be transparent, to be original, or at least listenable. He's so infatuated with lists and petty comparisons, his abrasive cockiness doesn't work in his favour either. The glaring lack of originality on this LP is chilling. I'm aching to appreciate his music but his seasonal dupery recital is impossible to overlook.



This was legit my face throughout my entire listen of the album. Let's not get it twisted, Cordae is a talented lyricist and I for sure see him making something that will be heavily lauded in the near future, but for right now, he's just playing it a bit too safe. Simple beats, simple rhymes, simple....everything. There is nothing that's actually bad on this album, but at the same time, I couldn't pick a single song on here that I would consider a standout (maybe Gifted or Champagne ... read more


cordee is one of the rappers with potential to be great rapper but a lazy trap production and average feats a bit of this potencial killing you can still say about the weirdly matched flow to beats in some songs and eminem feat is bad and corny
strong 6


Conscious Hip-Hop has been improving and exploring different sounds every year, growing in popularity and making some of the most beloved rappers in this generation. Rappers like; J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Denzel Curry, and Freddie Gibbs hold a special place in the hip-hop community and have inspired many. Cordae is one of many that have grown to be heavily influenced by the aforementioned legends in rap, starting his career extremely early at just the age of seventeen. Later on, he would ... read more


Damn, Naomi Osaka's boyfriend released an album?

On a serious note, "From A Bird's Eyes View" is a massive disappointment. Believe it or not, there was a time when Cordae was heralded as the figurehead for a new generation of conscious hip-hop, a generation that would bring a fresh & fun approach to a subgenre that had gone stale years ago. His debut, "The Lost Boy" didn't blow me out of the water but he certainly was living up to the hype by relasing some pretty ... read more


What Cordae attempts to achieve on his sophomore effort is surely admirable. Across a respectably trim 14 tracks, From a Bird’s Eye View never fails to impress lyrically, as Cordae details his youth, friends and the struggles of incarceration. Dedicating the album to his late friend and grandmother, he paints vivid pictures of a life radically altered due to success, losing friends over stupid money arguments, and reminiscing on the past and the influences that helped him attain the ... read more


Apostado para ser uns dos melhores álbuns de hip-hop do primeiro semestre, 'From a Bird's Eye View', segundo álbum de estúdio de Cordae — sucessor de 'The Lost Boy', acabará pôr não conseguir atingir as expectativas.
Pressionado para tê-lo conseguido (tendo em consideração o tamanho do sucesso obtido com seu álbum antecessor), o jovem de apenas 24 anos diz em entrevistas quê sentia-se muitíssimo apreensivo ... read more


Cordae's sophomore record seems to be decently consistent and cohesive, not straying too far away from a very normal sounding straight up hip-hop record. It doesn't take any real creative risks and sounds very similar to Cordae material from the past, but there are definitely moments where Cordae seems to shine a little brighter than usual, such as tracks like Jean-Michael and Champagne Glasses, but there's nothing here incredibly groundbreaking, it's just an overall solid, albeit somewhat ... read more


I love how he got Gunna & Freddie Gibbs on the same album lmao. Also where'd that Nas feature go on Champagne Glasses? That would've made an already great track even better.

Cordae is very confident and almost braggy about most of his lines on this album, but it balances out since he's not in your face about it and talks about his past upbringings. Whether he has enough credit for that confidence is up to you, but there's that Logic and J Cole level of style that he can get away with being ... read more


So as far as this new Cordae album is concerned, overall I'd say I enjoyed it. Cordae's flows are consistently interesting, on the beat, and have a lot of intensity to them. Yet his vocal and lyrical delivery are so reminiscent of some of his contemporaries, mainly J. Cole and in the tracks C Carter, Sinister and Chronicles Lil Wayne. Overall I'd say this is a significant step up for Cordae, but it's not a jump that's going to blow him up as one of the biggest artists of the year. I think if ... read more

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