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Have You in My Wilderness

Julia Holter - Have You in My Wilderness
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2015 Ratings: #5 / 977
Year End Rank: #9
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2015 Ratings: #9
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The Skinny

Uninhibited, focused and majestically crafted, she’s simply never sounded more vital.

This may well be Holter’s most accessible album to date, but it’s this very approachability that renders it all the more intriguing, drawing you in with open arms. Stately and serene, it’s a wilderness that begs to be inhabited for some time, a country you’ll be reluctant to leave.
The Guardian
The result is a genuinely exceptional and entrancing album, opaque but effective, filled with beautiful, skewed songs, unconventional without ever feeling precious or affected.

While it's tempting to say Have You in My Wilderness is her most personal music yet, it might be more accurate to say that it's her most approachable: this time, her brilliance demands a lot from her listeners, but also meets them more than halfway.

Loud and Quiet

Rather than nodding respectfully at the artists of the past, Holter now fixes her stare inward, shining a torch on what makes her tick as a human being. The result is a much more honest and more personal collection.

Under The Radar

Superlatives barely do the record's beauty or brilliance justice. Something this exquisite extends beyond words on a page or, frankly, sound in the ears. Have You In My Wilderness is meant to be experienced; it's meant to be felt. Only then will you understand just how special Julia Holter's creation truly is.

It’s hard to imagine anyone else ever recording these songs, so indelibly does Holter leave her mark.

Have You In My Wilderness finds Holter narrowing her focus a little. In doing so, she gets the best of both worlds, showing off her ability to write warm and breezy pop music while maintaining the complexity, and perplexity, that made her so intriguing to begin with.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Have You In My Wilderness is all about walking away and looking back, the content of desire and its form, the voice in search of clarifying itself.


The songs on Have You in My Wilderness move gently with few exception at the peaceful state of many ballads.

The Needle Drop
Julia Holter's latest record is one of the most heavenly albums I've heard in the past five years.

Deciphering the message in her words relies on just how much time the listener is willing to devote to the album, but with music this brilliant, the task seems all the more alluring.

The Line of Best Fit
In a career that has been nothing short of innovative, this arguably marks a creative peak.
The 405
In all, Holter has made an album about blissful, hypnotic escape in many forms, and in listening to it and engaging with it, you'll be overwhelmed by these feelings too.

For an artist who could sometimes seem forbidding or remote, Have You In My Wilderness feels humane,  and with each new release, it seems like a bit more of the personal is teased out of Holter's stately, high-concept approach.

Resident Advisor

Even if Have You In My Wilderness is Holter's most accessible record to date, it's riddled with enough puzzles, lyrical twists and delicate refinement to remain intriguing listen after listen.

Consequence of Sound

While still dreamlike, Have You in My Wilderness, Holter’s fourth album, is something clearly felt — the ocean spray on the warm breeze, the sun baking exposed limbs, a hand glancing across your skin before drifting away.

Pretty Much Amazing

Have You in My Wilderness’ best quality is that it won’t let you down if you get up close and sit with it for a while.

Drowned in Sound
Holter’s songs are grand, cinematic experiences, akin to entering a nebulous, shimmering other-world.
Julia Holter always stood out as a left-field crafter of melody; this album establishes her as a unique lyric voice, too.

Album number four from this Los Angeles native is defined by its sense of cinematic grandeur and romantic narrative.

NOW Magazine

Her new one ... is about matters of the heart, and its stunning textures come in part from the 30-year-old singer/songwriter’s ensemble of talented L.A. musicians.

Crack Magazine

Have You in My Wilderness sees her positively gliding towards accessibility; she sacrifices none of her experimental credentials, but demonstrates no fear of allowing her sound to evolve either.

God Is in the TV

With the change in musical temperature on Have You In My Wilderness, Julia Holter’s collection is now suitable for all seasons, rather than just the cold and sheltered moments of winter.

FLOOD Magazine

With Have You in My Wilderness, Holter’s musical worlds continue to engross.

Rolling Stone
All the world's indeed a stage on this enchanting fifth LP, the latest in the California singer-composer's evolution from avant-electronic vocal explorer towards a lush semi-pop middle-ground that's theatrical, liturgical and shoe-gazing.
Julia sent me back to her strings... I passed out.

Dreampop... Like most of the styles born (or popular) in the 1980s, dreampop continues to be used by many musicians in the new millennium. The problem, as with other movements of the time, is that this kind of music depends so much on big production effects that the records created quickly became so similar that they were condemned to float softly with the rest of the style in a steamy soup whose originality is hard to discern, so meticulously ... read more
For this review, I’m going to try and separate myself from the front page of the website, as I want more of my reviews to reflect my personal thoughts, not a mirrored edition of what the most liked review is. I’m guilty of this a lot.

Anyway, this album. Have You In My Wilderness. An intimate but heavenly experience lead by none other than Julia Holter. How did I experience this album?

By playing Minecraft. With shaders.

I don’t regret it one bit. I could care less about ... read more
Alright this is literally one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard playing at stupid volume through high quality speakers
It's hard to do homework to this album. Every fifteen seconds or so, you get chills that make it impossible to do anything other than to lean back in your chair and whisper "goddamn" to yourself. Bravo Julia. This is a gem
never has an album, or any body of art for that matter, made me feel so safe
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Added on: July 9, 2015