Radiohead - Amnesiac
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Amnesiac's highlights were undeniably worth the wait, and easily overcome its occasional patchiness.

Drowned in Sound

All the experimentation and new techniques evident on Kid A have been carried across, but there's more tunes, more guitars, more proper singing and despite the songs not flowing so well, it seems more cohesive.


Where Kid A had shock on its side, along with an admirably dogged desire to not be conventional, Amnesiac often plays as a hodgepodge.

Alternative Press

More often than not, Amnesiac finds a balance between twiddling and transcendence.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Although Amnesiac is not a typical rock album, it certainly is a creative variation and a push forward in music. There are some ideas that are right on the dot and some that fall a bit short, but this is where the beauty of experimentation peaks his head.


'Amnesiac' hints at a darker, better truth: this is a record that choses its rarefied isolation, feels its elevation, a damaged record, yes, but not a fragile one.

Under the Radar

If Amnesiac goes down easier than Kid A, it’s not because it’s more accessible — in fact, the opposite is true — it’s because the boys had already prepared us for the kind of music that can do anything at any time, even if those surprises yield as many problems as they do treasures.


Though Amnesiac does steal the lesser parts of it's other albums, there's enough good on it to make it a worthy Radiohead album.

The Guardian

Amnesiac strikes a cunning and rewarding balance between experimentation and quality control. It's hardly easy to digest but nor is it impossible to swallow.

Q Magazine

Also known as Kid A, Part 2, at least unofficially. This was recorded during the same sessions and shared much of that album's turn-of-the-millennium angst.


Resonant, dusty somethings, not much on their own, line up and aggregate into something fluid and sweetly steady.

Rolling Stone

Amnesiac is the work of a band determined to pursue its most wayward and musicianly impulses wherever they might lead.

Slant Magazine

Amnesiac is, essentially, Kid B: overly ambitious, somewhat unattainable, and at once completely scornful and unfailingly devoted to the rock tradition.

NOW Magazine

Amnesiac is a solid EP masquerading as a full album. Despite all Radiohead's protestations to the contrary, this is a B-sides collection, with a few outstanding tracks like Pyramid Song, Knives Out and Like Spinning Plates, and a lot of filler.

The Independent

Released barely half a year after the much-hyped Kid A, this is much more than an album of off-cuts. It includes more conventional songs and guitars than its predecessor, and while it goes off on tangents, it all seems to fit together better than before.

Entertainment Weekly

What they serve up on ”Amnesiac” is neither a grand song cycle à la ”OK Computer” or ”The Bends,” nor wholly satisfying experiments like the most successful parts of ”Kid A.”


Call this Kid A b-sides and I'll fight you.


Radiohead's B sides are still better than some motherfuckers' whole discographies.

"But Bar you son of a bitch, This is not a B side album! This album is its own unique experience, And saying that it's just Kid A B Sides is absolutely stupid and a shame to mankind!!". Anyway, B sides or not, In my opinion this album is obviously not as consistent or engaging as some of the band's masterpieces.

I've had a complicated relationship with Amnesiac for a long time now. Honestly, I've ... read more


Amnesiac by Radiohead. After the massive success of the influential OK Computer and experimental Kid A, the world was watching to see what Radiohead would do next. As it was mostly recorded in the same sessions as Kid A, it contains a lot of similarities. In fact, during the creation there was actually talk of releasing Kid A and Amnesiac as a double album, but felt it would be too "dense." Both records contain a very experimental sound pallet, making use of both traditional and ... read more


Zzzzzzzzzz… Pyramid Song Zzzzzzzzzzzz… Life In A Glasshouse


Oh, Amnesiac, what a beautiful mess you are!

2001 is such a historic year when it comes to music (and nothing else). Toxicity, Vespertine, Discovery, The Blueprint, Lateralus, The Glow Pt. 2, need I say more? And Radiohead also joins this prestigious list of awesome releases with ... Pyramid Song! Oh, and also a full album that came with it, too...

Let's start with the positives: just like any Radiohead album, Amnesiac is an essential listen, full of flavour and ambition, just like its ... read more


It's not kid b

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