Centipede Hz
Animal Collective - Centipede Hz
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2012 Ratings: #251 / 928
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2012 Ratings: #129
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Pretty Much Amazing

Though it never escapes the shadow of its elder sibling, Centipede Hz is, in true black-sheep fashion, undeniably entertaining.

Beats Per Minute

Centipede Hz is dense and unforgivingly full-throttle ... and home to some of the band’s best and most involved lyrics to date.

Under The Radar

A magical album that takes the listener on a wondrous journey into a party where love is found, lost, and ultimately sublimated into an unsurpassable catharsis. 

The 405

With Centipede Hz, it's not just the case that they've done it again, it's that they've been doing it since the turn of the century, and no-one's going to stop them having fun anytime soon.


It’s chaotic and confounding. It will frustrate as much as it delights. And no, not everything they throw at the wall manages to stick. 

Consequence of Sound

Centipede Hz is upfront about its intentions of difficulty, announcing them with a tone equal parts self-aware and challenging. 

No Ripcord

As it stands, it’s a portrait of growing up that is wonderfully vivid but a tad unfulfilling, a collection of tracks boasting some remarkable tunes and a complex theme, and an album that is bound to satisfy both hardcore and casual fans.


Centipede Hz is an album that’ll get a hold on you as all its arms grab on and don’t let go. 


Centipede Hz, by comparison, feels like someone throwing a burrito on your windshield: The songs hit with a jolt, instantly splaying all their ingredients before you.

Drowned in Sound

It’s not a major album, but are Animal Collective obliged to make major albums?


Centipede Hz evokes nothing so much as diner placemats or knockoff dollar store beach pails.

A.V. Club

It’s like a manic transmission that’s only being half picked up, leaving the receiver the task of attempting to reconstruct the message from incomplete information.

FACT Magazine

The problem with Centipede Hz is that there’s just no room for the listener’s own imagination, rendering it a difficult album to connect with.


Oversaturated with obtrusive vocal effects and muddy synth textures, these songs are forcefully suffocated by untamed jumbles of sonic detritus.

Dec 12, 2017
Sep 24, 2017
Musically dense and scattered but vocally interesting and energetic, Centipede Hz is underrated in the Animal Collective canon. Maybe if it wasn't following up such a critically praised album like Merriweather, it would have been seen in a different light. The opening "Moonjock" and "Today's Supernatural" is a great one-two-punch of an opener but I do see how the album becomes a bit homogenous from that point on. There are still great moments and it's honestly one of their ... read more
Jan 15, 2017
Could it be one of 2010s most underrated albums? For sure! High expectations set by 3-year-lapse since 'Merriweather' besides 'Honeycomb/Gotham' single awesomeness might have bring that disappointment halo over this one. "Today's supernatural", "Applesauce", "Monkey riches" or "Mercury man" are excellent songs, sometimes touching, hidden behind possibly excessive background noise.
Oct 5, 2016
What more can you expect from a band that released a bunch of great records one after the other? It's good enough for me to shut up and listen to.
Aug 5, 2016*
After reaching their peak with "Merriweather Post Pavilion", Animal Collective takes steps towards somewhere in often uncertain, multidirectional fashion and therefore with lots of hits and misses.
A step forward or bacwkards? I really can't say. But they definitely didn't stay in the same place.

• Today's Supernatural
• Monkey Riches
• Pulleys
• Amanita
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Track List
  1. Moonjock 
  2. Today's Supernatural 
  3. Rosie Oh 
  4. Applesauce 
  5. Wide Eyed 
  6. Father Time 
  7. New Town Burnout 
  8. Monkey Riches 
  9. Mercury Man 
  10. Pulleys 
  11. Amanita

Added on: May 14, 2012