The Wombats - Fix Yourself, Not The World

Fix Yourself, Not The World

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This is a fine enough indie rock album, and I like some of the songs. But can we talk about “If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming with You?” It’s easily one of the most toxic songs I’ve ever heard, and while the instrumental isn’t bad, the lyrics evoke a serious uncomfortable air and are downright threatening. I genuinely can’t tell if the band made it intentionally creepy or if the songwriter is unintentionally waving his red flags around. It’s ... read more


If The wombats had a million fans, I am one of them. If The wombats had one fan, that fan is me. If The wombats had no fans, I would no longer be on Earth. If the world is againstThe wombats, I am against the world πŸŒŽπŸ’šπŸ·


Leave it to the Wombats to provide filler for alternative radio stations around the world. It will forever be a mystery how this can even be considered 'alternative' as I personally have not heard such a generic pop-oriented brand of indie rock in quite a while. The quirky lyrics certainly do not help this complete snooze fest of an experience.


Flip Me Upside Down - 2/5
This Car Drives All by Itself - 3/5
If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You - 4/5
Ready for the High - 3/5
Method to the Madness - 3/5
People Don't Change People, Time Does - 4/5
Everything I Love Is Going to Die - 2/5
Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard - 3/5
Wildfire - 3/5
Don't Poke the Bear - 3/5
Worry - 3/5
Fix Yourself, Then the World (Reach Beyond Your Fingers) - 3/5


Damn, some Radiohead fans just really don't know how to make music, and this shows

So, honestly, I hate The Wombats. To me, they just kinda fall into this category of indie pop/rock bands that are just ripoffs or tremendously uninspired. I think everyone that's heard any of their albums can tell that this band is almost on the level of Catfish and the Bottlemen of being so generic and boring to the point where just by hearing their name, you already know it's gonna suck, the big difference ... read more


The Wombats - Fix Yourself, Not the World

Genre: Pop Rock
Country: UK

Final Verdict: 57% (Pleasant Album)
Yearly Ranking: 31th / 46

Highlight: Everything I Love Is Going to Die

Made me think of:
Catfish and the Bottlemen
The Strokes
The Vaccines


1. Flip Me Upside Down = 3,5❀️
2. This Car Drives All by Itself = 6,0🧑
3. If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You = 7,0πŸ’š
4. Ready for the High = 7,5πŸ’š
5. Method to the Madness = 7,0πŸ’š
6. People Don't Change People, Time Does = 7,5πŸ’š
7. Everything I Love Is Going to Die = 6,5🧑
8. Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard = 7,0πŸ’š
9. Wildfire = 7,5πŸ’š
10. Don't Poke the Bear = 6,5🧑
11. Worry = 6,5🧑
12. Fix Yourself, Then the World = 7,0πŸ’š


VOZ = achei bem ... read more


What's wrong with a bit of fun? If you're honestly stumbled into The Wombats expecting Radiohead level of music, then I'm afraid you've barked up a wrong territory.
One look at the artwork and you're guaranteeing this will be a nostalgia polished circuit-board that still hasn't faltered and that's what makes The Wombats remain as the pioneer of Indie music to this day (If you don't believe me, go check their past festival experience).
I wouldn't say this their ground-breaking album that's going ... read more


Bands suspended in 2008 with their pop-rock still think they are changing the world, but it's all extremely outdated and boring.


Fix Yourself, Not The World is not doing anything new or artistically relevant, but it is catchy, well produced and very enjoyable.


Flip Me Upside Down • 7
This Car Drives All by Itself • 7
If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming with You • 7
Ready for the High • 6.8
Method to the Madness • 7,2
People Don't Change People, Time Does • 7.2
Everything I Love Is Going to Die • 7.6
Work Is Easy, Life Is Hard • 7
Wildfire • 7.2
Don't Poke the Bear • 6.8
Worry • 7
Fix Yourself, Then the World (Reach Beyond Your Fingers) • 7.2


this kinda sucked booty cheeks


Never liked this band and this changes nothing. More of the same run-of-the-mill upbeat sounding indie music, with overly pretentious song titles and lyrics, full of shallow references to previous indie-culture and blatantly attempting to imitate The 1975 (why would you even want to?) There's like, two moments where I actually went, "ok this sounds alright". Waiting on the day they'll realise that this songwriting formula doesn't create good music, though I doubt they'd care.


God damn this just gets worse and worse. The Wombats are easily one of the most landfill of all indie landfill.

Fav Track: Method to the Madness
Least Fav Track: Don’t Poke the Bear


The Wombats have also been the most average band on the planet. Emerging from one of the blandest moments in British music history, they have thus far served to give alternative radio something to play on repeat and fill out local festival mosh-pits. But now with the band steaming towards their 40s, it seems they have simply run out of things to say. I think this is better than their last album thanks to some 'experimentation' with genres other than pop rock, but Fix Yourself continues to see ... read more


New artist for me, first impressions.

What. Is. This. Garbage. Took me until the 5th song to realize how unbearable this band is. Never have I heard a band try their hardest to give their songs gimmicks and hope it lands well or becomes a hit for how extra the songs are. This album is void of passion for music and is filled with visions of success out if their careers no matter what. This feels like a disingenuous way to make the most Pop sounding rock music I ever heard.

I don't know if ... read more


Eu adoro a banda e a voz do vocalista Matthew Murphy, o que me pareceu nesse álbum é que as músicas não se conectavam e como acontece com algumas bandas indie achei um pouco pretensioso, mas ainda assim me agradou muito pois é uma sonoridade que acompanho e escuto sempre.
#1 If You Ever Leave, I’m Coming with You
#2 Everything I love Is Going To Die
#3 This Car Drives All by Itself
#4 People Don't Change People, Time Does
#5 Ready fo the High
#6 Flip Me ... read more


Last thursday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing The Wombats premiere this album a week before it’s full release in Kingston, a small town in Greater London about ten minutes away from where I live. Not only was the atmosphere absolutely electric, but the album being played live made me extremely excited to hear how it would sound in a fully-fleshed studio recording, and I was not disappointed.

All of the cuts on Fix Yourself, Not The World are so memorable, with mesmerising hooks ... read more


The Wombats have traded upbeat and high energy for a more gloomy tone, a different era but the expectation still lingers of a Joy Division type groove. I’m not for it and It really isn’t a standout album to me. It has very great production but they sound, bored.


I'm not particularly sure why this album is called "Fix Yourself, Not The World" when many of the lyrics on these songs mainly focuses on the singer explaining to us how they are in control of their life, fighting off haters, exploring not very interesting facets of the singers recent awakening of their existentialism, weird and slightly confusing life advice, then BAM they say goodbye and the final lines explains that in fear of getting manipulated they're gonna stay in the ... read more


The sound of band looking forward to the mid-price festival circuit returning in 2022.


I've never seen The Wombats as a great band, but they've made a few songs that I like and that also do very well at sunny festivals. Surely, this album has some moments that seem written to be exactly that: a fun intermezzo in between the acts you actually want to see (This Car Drives By itself).

But damn, some of these songs are
- So generic and lack any depth (If You Ever Leave, Im Coming with You),
- Sound so incredibly bland (Ready for the High; Work is Easy, Life is Hard)
- Have ... read more


This album fuses the worst aspects of muse and 21 pilots with an indie rock twist. The production on this album is so sterile and overcompresed, that whatever emotion it wants to convey it fails in doing so. Especially on the choruses and a part where they want to use brashes and ends up sounding so unatural. The compresion is insane to the point of hearing it with mid volume is too much. Most songs in the beggining sound good, but when the whole band enters it turns to shit. This band needs to ... read more


just the usual indie rock (?). can we talk about how the opening song "Flip Me Upside Down" is just one wrong turn after another? i hated it, and i have no idea why they'd put it first.

anyway, i feel like my ex would have loved "If You Ever Leave, I'm Coming With You" (at least in 2016-ish), but i didn't come with them so i can't confirm that.


The Wombats in 2022. What else.

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