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Mini review time: Alkaline Pink is back with his best album yet. Although the first half doesn't really pique my interest as much as the rest of the record, what with the first three tracks in particular being quite generic and the fourth one not being as memorable as what comes after, it's undeniable that it picks up steam over the next few tracks and makes for some of the best moments in Alkaline Pink's discography so far. As with all Alkaline Pink projects, it sets up an atmosphere ... read more

Damn this shit took a while lmao, but finally it is here, my debut album! Thank you so much to everyone who made this possible, it means the world, plus the final product slaps mega hard 👉😎👉.

This is a conceptual album about the apocalypse and the world going from the Nuclear destruction of Nuclear Otacon, to a nuclear fallout, to a nuclear winter, to the END.
So ... read more
(writing a longer review later)
edit: i started writing a longer review and accidentally deleted it so lol nop

While the cheesiness of Oblivion, parts of EXPLODED BODY, and the intro to SELF IMMOLATION do bring the project down, CHAINED TO THE WASTE is an incredible apocalyptic nightmare, told through refined production, drums, and basses. coldworld is a contender for his best track, and (I may be biased but) Disintegration is incredible.
Alkaline Pink's full-length debut album, CHAINED TO THE WASTE is a great sequel to Nuclear Otacon.

When Alkaline Pink released his first Nuclear Otacon mixtape, it was a triumph, at least for me. I was amazed at the wild extremeness of this album, it was unique among the music of AOTY users.

In preparation for the release of CHAINED TO THE WASTE, there were periodically released tracks that were not included in the album, or singles to it. Regardless, everyone was equally noisy and ... read more
This is a major step up artistically and technically from alky, as the production has been refined to near perfection for the heavily distorted and bitcrushed sound that they’re going for. The atmosphere is absolutely unreal and this is able to carry some of the weaker songs through their worst moments. The highlights on here are plenty, however I have to point to self immolation and fleshless as clear standouts on here.

The first half is weaker than the second, as after self immolation ... read more
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Track List

  1. ALARM! (Intro)
  2. EXPLODED BODY (Feat. Riley Schmedeman & ARTEFACTED)
  3. Oblivion (Feat. Isabella James)
  4. Death Mask (Feat. CRAZYF1R3)
  5. SELF IMMOLATION (Feat. Kaiju Soup & elitimesfour)
  6. Abyss
  7. Noxious Rain (Feat. Subpixel Renderings)
  8. Amnesia
  9. Coldworld
  10. Disintegration (Feat. Concrete Castles)
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Added on: May 31, 2021