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CFCE 87.8 FM Weekly Genre: Progressive Rock

*Zero the hero, for the last volume of his adventures, was getting too big for his britches....*

Time has passed since the joyful nonchalance of "Camembert Électrique". The Radio Gnome trilogy, the majestic french prog-rock project, both ambitious and uninhibited in its delirium, ends with this "You", more "space" than ever. But the stakes are far more complex than the simple making of an album; it is the last ... read more
Gong goes full on space adventure on You, in its psychedelic, playful atmosphere, it is quite an enjoyable album and their most hypnotic it and other worldly sounding record and although it is my favorite release by them, my god is their so many amazing moments such as Master Builder and A Sprinkling Of Clouds

Track Review

Thoughts For Naught 8.5/10.
A P.H.P.'s Advice 7.5/10.
Magick Mother Invocation 7/10
Master Builder 8.5/10.
A Sprinkling Of Clouds 9/10
Perfect Mystery 7.5/10.
The Isle Of ... read more
I feel like I definitely need to listen to this one again to really get it, because it's been almost 3 years at this point, and I really didn't get into it the first time, but for now this is where I stand on it. It's a crazy, fun prog album that I just couldn't find myself getting into, but I would definitely recommend to any fan of prog rock because it's zany, fun, and eclectic.
This is like those youtube recommendation full albums but fully realized.
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Fav Trak: Where Have All The Flowers Gone
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Added on: July 27, 2015