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feel free to rate my own single here: YouTube playlist with songs over 80+/100: ...
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Singles I've listened to that came out in 2021 ranked (not updated 100%). Other ones I didn’t review in my other account
Updated 3d ago207 albumsRanked 8
A list of all the singles that were realesed in 2021 and my opinions/rankings about it
Updated 1d ago128 albumsRanked 3
Updated 7h ago30 albums 1
Updated 4d ago78 albumsRanked
I narrowed down the best songs from the first half of 2021 (January to June). To shed light on many artists, I specifically made sure to limit all the artists on the list to only one song. Some parts ...
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Updated 1d ago35 albums
Updated 1mo ago6 albums
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+ it'll be a ranked list before the year of the year. + favorite albums, eps and singles will be listed when 2021 ends. + reissued albums won't be here, but will be rated and placed on the blurb. [ ...
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favorite singles from 21
Updated 1w ago33 albumsRanked
Some of the best tracks released in 2021. Where the song isn't a single, I will add the album and title the respected song
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new things i listened to....
Updated 3d ago64 albums
If there's anything on here you recommend lmk!
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July 2021 Playlist