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Deafheaven - New Bermuda
New Bermuda
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As a jaded 21st-century consumer of far too much music, it is actually depressingly rare to find an album that affects in an inexplicably visceral way. 'Sunbather' was such an album. As a post-rock-infatuated teenager, I found so much to love in Deafheaven's heavy "post-metal" sound. I even enjoyed the vocals! 'New Bermuda' was easily one of my most anticipated albums of this year. And it was a thrill to listen to in those first weeks following release. My reaction to it has muted ... read more
Still a blend of black metal and post-rock, but way less effective than on Sunbather. The post-rock on here is surprisingly dry and the transitioning from one musical theme to another is conspicuously sloppy at times. I love Deafheaven's approach to black metal, but they could have done much better on this. 74

Best Track: Brought to the Water or Luna
Worst Track: Gifts for the Earth

EDIT: Yeah, fuck 2015 me
Deafhaven took the alternative streets of post-metal nightmares with melodic aggression and suddenly found themselves, being praised, in the boulevards of epic blackgaze.
An epic record with chilling vocals, ambient walls of sound.
Take the beauty and sound from Sunbather and colored it with the kind of riffs you hear in Slayer. They prove that they will no stop and will always produce excellent music.
Shockingly impressive. Let me just get the negatives out of the way first: some transitions in the songs do feel kind of rushed and too simplified - they can get repetitive too. With that said, this album is a complete success. My god. I'm not a metal fan per say, however, this album completely conquered me. What does this record get right? Its perfectly achieved metal and progressive sound, the, at first, uninviting vocals that blend in so well with the guitar, the shoegaze influenced and ... read more
I've heard this thing now 5 times since last night. I think Deafheaven made another masterpiece. They add in a lot more elements of traditional metal along with more elements of post-rock. If your a fan of stuff like Slint or Mogwai and older thrash metal kind of stuff like Metallica, then you're probably gonna love this thing. I'm not sure if this album will change your opinion about Deafheaven if you haven't enjoyed their previous stuff, but at least give this one a try. I bet you'll like ... read more
While some may say that Deafheaven tred on the same ground that Sunbather did, not only does Deafheaven refine and exceed in the seed of sound that they planted in their previous records, but it also matures the sound, aging the music like fine wine. It's a record that's classical, brutal, sad, happy and various other emotions. It's a new era: The era of Deafheaven.

Favorite Jams: Brought To The Water, Luna, Baby Blue

Lest Favorite: Come Back
While they strip back what made them so compelling in the first place, I still believe this is a pretty good album. The lyrical content is intriguing and the vocals are on point here. The vocals are a bit more decipherable here without compromising the heaviness. I do prefer their shoegazier material. Sounds like they forced some aggression on this album to maybe get rid of that hipster tag they were given before.
This album doesn't really show the band progressing from Sunbather very much as structurally they do kinda tread familiar ground quite a bit on here, but still when this album's at its best Deafheaven see themselves writing some of their most compelling material to date, so overall I wouldn't hesitate to call this a fantastic album at all, Luna to Come Back is a near perfect 3 track stretch too.
The transitions on this record are god-awful.
Top Favorite: Baby Blue
Other Favorites: Come Back, Brought To The Water, Gifts For The Earth
Least Favorite: Luna
I think in this day and age we gotta learn to accept the truth. Black metal? Shit genre. Deafheaven? Shit band. And yet, when you combine the two, you get the best album to come out in 2015, ladies and gentlemen.

It's really impressive how such bland boring riffs and washy instrumentals can come off as so beautiful! The same tired ideas being used over and over, because they're so nice to hear every time, with a little bit of changes here and there.

And I'm not being sarcastic. Every lame ... read more
After creating what is without a doubt one of the most innovative metal albums of the 2010's, Deafheaven follows up their masterpiece with a let down filled with bland post rock and a lack of direction.
The record started out just as aggressive and raw as Sunbather, however it quickly proved to have a change in direction, as the blackgaze was gone, and replaced with a type of post rock that takes a different course just way too often. With pianos, acoustic guitars, and even bells (!!!) used ... read more
Lo desgarrador y emotivo de Sunbather ha desaparecido y les sera casi imposible repetir esa formula ganadora, por momentos parece que juegan con la idea de ser Metallica, lo cual no esta mal mientras no sea St. Anger.
Possibly one of the most existing albums this year. A very deep and Progressive album with a lot of personality. Few bands could successfully follow up an album like Sunbather, let alone go above and beyond as Deafheaven have. In my opinion their best work to date.
+Hard Hitting
+Plenty of relistenability
Deafheaven deliver another strong atmospheric black metal record. The only that takes this one back, is that it isn't quite as ambitious as Sunbather. However, overall a fantastic album.
At first I was trying to compare this album to Sunbather, but when I started to see it as a stand-alone work, it proved to be not only one of the best metal albums of the 21st century, but also, one of the best overall.
The feelings i get when i listen to 'Sunbather' and 'New Bermuda' is the sort of feelings that i chase every time i put on an album. I feel excited and calm , i am both angry and happy at the same time, there are moments when i am totally at peace and there a moments where i am filled with hate. The contrasts of 'New Bermuda' is really what makes it such a special album. it is not only the the absolutely stunning shifts in musical styles that is impressive, but the journey of emotions the album ... read more
Creo que Deafheaven es la razón por la cual empecé a entrar en lo que es el Black Metal, y con "Sunbather", lograron dejar una gran marca en el paladar de todos. Deafheaven no solo es una de las mejores bandas del genero actual, sino que es la banda que adentró el genero Metal de nuevo al juego, eso no pasaba desde los tiempos de Metallica o Iron Maiden, o desde la ola de fanatismo por el ñu-metal. Un nuevo material de la banda dejaría ansiosos a ... read more
Deafheaven impress once again with their blend of aggressive sheerpower and softer, mellower instrumental passages that do blend really well, as the band did on their acclaimed previous record, Sunbather. Though New Bermuda isn't as solid as its predecessor, it still shows the band's mastery on metal-songwriting, with just five long cuts that stretch out the band's intense, blasting verses with triumphant choruses and wretched vocals that don't really sound human at all. The main issue is that ... read more
★★★★★: Brought to the Water; Come Back; Gifts for the Earth
Deafheaven continues to build upon the foundations that they laid on Sunbather with great success. Extremely interesting from start to finish.
very funny, thx deafheaven
From a non-metal listener's perspective, what's hardest to swallow about the genre as a whole is the piercing screams. However, upon listen to New Bermuda, you get a sense that the expansive guitar play and the harsh vocals are actually one of the same and inseparable. The lyrics come in at the most desperate moments and when there is none, pleasant shoegaze will allow you to come down from New Bermuda's highest of highs.
After my second listen, I have decided that I like this a slight bit more than Sunbather. I'll give this a 93 for now. However, I want to give it more listens and I might change my score in the future.
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