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Solar Power

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feel free to rate my own single here: https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/315297-amazing-blizzard-until-the-end-of-time.php YouTube playlist with songs over 80+/100: ...
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Singles I've listened to that came out in 2021 ranked (not updated 100%). Other ones I didn’t review in my other account
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A list of all the singles that were realesed in 2021 and my opinions/rankings about it
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this is not a ranked list. way too much work and it would be impossible for me to choose between some of these songs. i’ll just add the ones that i’m listening to the most.
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forgot to do this for 2020 oops
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Projects I’m anticipating, for better or for worse.
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lista (ranqueada, e ainda em construção) criada para registrar notas e comentários sobre singles soltos (ou musicas não pertencentes a um álbum num geral) escutados no decorrer do ano. sistema ...
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Just like my relationship status
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