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lately i feel EVERYTHING

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Fruto da absorção natural de suas influências, WILLOW em 'lately i feel EVERYTHING' escorrega em vários momentos, mas não cai em nenhum deles.

WILLOW sabe trabalhar muito bem suas influências e ela deixa isso claro ao abordar com maturidade alguns temas batidos dos quais sempre se fizeram presentes na temática cujo o seu novo disco, 'lately i feel EVERYTHING' é guiado, rendendo ótimos destaques no meio de instantes de pura insanidade ... read more
Willow’s transition into pop-punk isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty solid and has some really enjoyable moments.

Willow was not an artist that was really on my radar, but I heard the single “t r a s p a r e n t s o u l” with Travis Barker earlier this year and was really impressed. I thought it was a great pop-punk track with a great instrumental and catchy refrain. I thought Willow’s vocals were the weakest part, but it didn’t really take away from the ... read more
Willow's early 2000's rock experiment is the best call she ever did in her career. Not only the genre suits her voice so damn well, everything about this record exudes authenticity, Willow sounds confident and the production carries her all the way there, to that great point she's been looking for since her first album. Bringing Travis Barker to the table she delivered one of the best pop punk songs of the last 10 years with 't r a n s p a r e n t s o u l', he's also on 3 other tracks (all ... read more
Willow, a voice made for R&B and that somehow married EXTREMELY WELL in a punk sound.
This album managed to mix several elements from other genres and make something with its own characteristics. As much as it has a punk sound as its main vein, here we have elements of Nu-Metal, often Dream Pop, R&B, and her voice helped A LOT to make everything match perfectly.

I got to know Willow through their 2019 album Willow, and I was somewhat scared by the musical quality there. Quite honestly, ... read more
They say if you say "travis barker" for 5 times in front of the mirror he appears in your house with a drum kit.

First of all, black women in punk rock? I'm here for it. As someone who only knows willow smith as an actor and also will smith's daughter, this is my first time listening to her music but i'm impressed especially because this is great for an artist who used to make music in a completely different genre. But i have to point out that there were some fillers in this record ... read more
Não conhecia muito a artista, so tinha ouvido dela o seu primeiro álbum e o hit "Whip My Hair", porém os singles de seu novo álbum me interessaram muito me deixando bastante animado pra seu novo álbum e fazendo me interessar mais por ela como artista, e o resultado final dele foi bom.

Nas três primeiras músicas eu pensei que o álbum seria bem decepcionante, Transparent soul é uma ótima musica punk rock, porém ... read more
'Lately i feel EVERYTHING' is the fourth studio album by the multi-talented artist WILLOW. After releasing one of my favorite albums from 2019 with the psychedelic R&B-inspired self-titled "WILLOW", the singer decides to change the trajectory of her musical path and bet on a more rock and pop-punk sound. We can see in the performance of 't r a n s p a r e n t s o u l' (on the charts and general public acclaim) that that switch was very well-received, earning her first entry on the ... read more
as a huge fan of late 90s and early 2000’s pop punk, it’s surprising that i haven’t really been enjoying most of the music that’s been coming from the recent wave of pop punk revival spearheaded by travis barker. idk i like the instrumentals a lot but it feels derivative, the lyrics normally make me cringe, and most of their voices aren’t suited for pop punk imo. however, i really enjoyed this new willow project. her voice is incredibly powerful and perfect for pop ... read more
Willow Smith filha de Will Smith lança esse ano seu 4 álbum lately i feel EVERYTHING que é um projeto super pop rock
Esse ano está sendo visivel uma certa volta do estilo pop rock ao mainstream com o single good 4 u da olivia rodrigo e mesmo que Willow não seja mainstream tem gente que ve ela como mais uma chave pra isso
As 5 primeiras com exeção de f**ck you são boas mas depois o álbum da uma decaida na qualidade,4ever é ... read more
this is okay. i feel like it could’ve been much better if the songs didn’t feel so unfinished. to me there’s plenty of good ideas surrounding this project but they didn’t took enough time to really develop them in the best way they could. not only the tracks are extremely short, they also fail to leave an impression on the listener, and i can’t say that’s willow’s fault cause imo she did good on the vocals and some of the hooks were actually quite good ... read more
After spending years developing her R&B sound to a point of making consistently good tracks, WILLOW threw a curve ball with a headfirst dive into the world of pop-punk, backed by the busy as ever Travis Barker. While her entry into the genre isn’t perfect, “lately I feel EVERYTHING” is a solid entry into the genre that I hope WILLOW explores again in the future.

First of all, I have to commend how WILLOW’s R&B vocals fit perfectly with these dirtier pop-punk ... read more
Cool to see that Will Smith is back making music.

Actress turned Art Pop artist now turned Pop Punk superstar, Willow Smith, daughter of famous actor Will Smith, Willow debut in music with her debut “Ardipithecus” a not very well received record, but of course I wouldn’t know because I didn’t listen. This is really my first time interacting with her music other than hearing “t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l” hundreds of time due to the fact that it was a huge ... read more
'lately i feel EVERYTHING' shows WILLOW shifting to pop punk with this album, ending up continuing the return of pop punk in the process, started by MGK and Olivia Rodrigo. WILLOW has many interesting ideas in all aspects, working with wonderful producers to help bring out the many beautiful melodies from inside her, allowing her to release all her emotions in the process in a magnificent, messy way. The album really has an indie touch to some of the tracks, being one of the last things I ... read more
Uninspired. Overproduced. Obnoxious. The Pop Punk Revival should just stop if albums are gonna turn out this soulless and bland.
Very gross cover
t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l: 8.9/10
F**K You: 2/10
Gaslight: 7.5/10
don't SAVE ME: 6.7/10
naïve: 7.2/10
Lipstick: 8/10
Come Home: 7.6/10
4ever: 6.5/10
XTRA: 6/10
G R O W: 9.7/10
BREAKOUT!: 6.8/10
It's hard to find anything to relate to here and it's a straight up commercial release, but there's still some fun here and the fact it's very short and snappy with a consistent approach helps that.

Willow succeeds (and is comfortable) in this pop-punk, alt-rock sound that so many popular artists have been failing & embarrassing themselves at lately (MGK most notably). Her youthful exuberance as well as not taking herself too seriously on 'lately i feel EVERYTHING' makes it a (somewhat) ... read more
WILLOW isn’t afraid to mix things up within the genre too - doing so alongside the likes of Canadian songwriter Ayla Tesler-Mabe and American rapper Tierra Whack. Ayla’s softer vocals compliment the heavy riffs and yearning lyrics on “Come Home” whilst Tierra’s slick rap verse on “Xtra” give the record a stylish shake up. When pairing with rockers Cherry Glazerr on “Breakout”, WILLOW opts for a more abrasive, garage-punk style - the same ... read more
If this came out 20 years ago you guys would be eating this shit up 😭.

Nonetheless, I’m surprised but not surprised to like this album. Willow really fits the pop punk sound imo and really delivers on this album. There were one or two tracks I didn’t care about, but the majority was a nice listen, and she really worked well with her features (particularly, Tierra Whack).
I have a bit of a dilemma with the pop punk revival. (Date: 16 of July, 2021)

I was raised in pop punk. Granted, mainstream pop punk bands, and only limited myself to the music videos; but still -- I am as into pop punk as anyone, at some degree, does. I have all the reasons in the world to be invested into this recent pop punk revival. I have checked out some songs from some artists and I still do every now and then, yet... Nothing really hits.

I think to myself "well, maybe I'm just ... read more
Well, looks like I've got someone else to add to my "artists I'm going to keep a close eye on in the future because what's displayed here is very promising and there are quite a few really cool ideas here - one great track especially - but there is just something that is holding this album back that's keeping me from really getting into it, which in this case is the off-putting vocal mixing" list!
* t r a n s p a r e n t s o u l (6.5/10)
* F**k You (3.5/10)
* Gaslight (6/10)
* don't SAVE ME (6.5/10)
* naïve (6/10)
* Lipstick (7/10)
* Come Home (6.5/10)
* 4ever (6/10)
* XTRA (6.5/10)
* G R O W (8/10)
* ¡BREAKOUT! (7.5/10)

Nota Final: 64/100
as a crazy fan of 00s pop punk, the album makes me touched in a new decade. willow ain’t do it just for fun. she knows and loves pop punk so well, even she was not raised in the golden era of pop punk.
now do it again but normal length songs and we’ll have album of the year!
don't let the final score fool you; this album could've been a whole lot better. for all the incredible vocal chops that willow smith can display on track after track, they aren't enough to completely eliminate the mosquito on the album that is the production and mixing. often feeling drowned in reverb, the instrumentals are too one-dimensional for what willow is trying to pull off. the mixing is no help at all (e.g. the mixing demolishing any positive to the second single, ... read more
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