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Amyl & The Sniffers - Comfort to Me
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Based on 19 reviews
2021 Ratings: #20 / 682
Year End Rank: #39
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Based on 347 ratings
2021 Ratings: #181
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Louder Than War

Amyl And The Sniffers have stripped out some of the bedlam in favour of a sound that menaces more than attacks at times while still retaining plenty of bark and bite.


It's pretty much the perfect modern punk record: the band have unabashed talent, as well as thunderous fire in their bellies. Superb.


Forget the sophomore slump, Comfort To Me is the sound of a band on the rise.


This is raw, unadulterated punk with no prefix that can only come from a band with immense amounts of talent and character.

The Line of Best Fit

While vocally she proves to be a voice as unique as punk icons such as Kathleen Hanna, or Poly Styrene, her form on Comfort to Me has her, and her band hurtling towards being 21st Century punk icons with ease.

The band are effectively building and complexifying their sound to keep things fresh. 'Comfort To Me' sounds like it could be played in a rowdy Australian pub the band are used to – or a colossal arena.

Their rapid growth is as head-spinning as the songs themselves, lending a triumphant air to Comfort to Me that keeps Amyl and the Sniffers primed and ready to conquer the world -- again.

While personal and sexual politics were always implicit within Taylor's bovver girl workouts, her words have grown tougher and sharper.
The Forty-Five

For those seeking the manic, mulletted energy of Amyl and the Sniffers’ debut, and something that pokes a little deeper at pub rock, there’s plenty here to satisfy.

Northern Transmissions

The Sniffers have struck a cathartic chord with their sophomore album, one to be universally embraced.

The Skinny

Amyl and the Sniffers' new album retains a fiery core, but it also reveals a more pensive and reflective side to the band.


On the whole, this feels like Amyl and the Sniffers finding their purpose. It’s something to behold.


Though ‘Comfort To Me’ retains The Sniffers’ talent for a rowdy rock’n’roll track ... it also shows a more reflective side to the band amid the silliness.


On their second album, the Australian quartet expands into a Colossus-sized version of itself. Everything feels bigger, heavier, and more meaningful.

Under The Radar

Compared to the group’s debut, their new record symbolizes their willingness to improve while not isolating longtime fans for a complete sonic pivot. The audio production is sharper, and so are the lyrics, which become slightly underrated when it comes to those only listening for guitar riffs.


The Sniffers sometimes sound limited by their studiously low-brow, lo-fi aesthetic. Even so, Comfort To Me offers a mostly exhilarating mix of headbanging riffs, profane wit and gutter-punk attitude.

Loud and Quiet

On Comfort To Me, Amyl and the Sniffers get stuck into the fundamental weirdness of humanity in all its messy, drunken, complex glory.

Never been a huge fan of traditional punk rock music but some of these songs are fun, furious and sound fresh. Hope the rest catches up with me.

Security, Hertz & Knifey for sure.
What a boring album

I swear there's just nothing going on here, I mean, you can say that having a female vocalist at least makes this a little more interesting, and I guess the rawness is cool? But, then, if you listen to the first song you've basically heard the whole album, after that one, it's always the same structure, same sound, same delivery, there's no variety. I mean, at least try making your album have more than just re-hashes of the same thing over and over.

I actually thought this ... read more
Like The Sniffers, sometimes you just have to keep things simple.

This thing kicks some serious ass.

Lead vocalist Amy Taylor has had a pretty notable year leading up to the groups sophomore album, being featured on England's veteran post-punkers Sleaford Mods most recent album as well as singing with Sebastian Murphy of Viagra Boys for their duet cover of John Prine. Those two features definitely got the groups name out there, and I can say that because the effect worked on me as intended. ... read more
I thought that I was going to dislike this album, not being the biggest fan of punk, but this album has such attitude and front, it's great.

I highly recommend this.

Essential track - Capital
Every track sounds the same, and that sound is bad punk that was played when my dad was young.
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Added on: July 7, 2021