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every album from 2021 that i listened in 2021 not ranked, cronological order
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My favourite albums from Australian artists! Albums 75+ belongs here.
Updated 17h ago53 albums 2
Albums I still need to hear from 2021.
Updated 1d ago17 albums 1
Albums I'm interested in checking out from this year and don't want to forget about. Might love em, might hate em, who knows!
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Updated 2d ago67 albumsRanked 1
Work in progress.. These are very loose ratings. I like all these albums but it's impossible to rank art.
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Updated 2d ago34 albums 1
Updated 10h ago413 albums 1
Updated 2d ago126 albums 1
Every 2021 release I've listened to. For my rankings, see my top 25 of 2021 list.
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albuns que quero ouvir - albuns that i wanna hear ouvi✅ - listened
Updated 9h ago945 albums 1
do przesłuchania
Updated 4d ago41 albums
Updated 3d ago9 albums
Updated 37m ago23 albums
Ranking dos ouvidos no mês
Updated 2h ago24 albumsRanked
Every album from 2021 that I listened to. Ranked.
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September 2021 Playlist