Until the Quiet Comes
Flying Lotus - Until the Quiet Comes
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2012 Ratings: #14 / 928
Year End Rank: #12
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2012 Ratings: #38
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Beats Per Minute

UTQC is a testament to imagination and vision and the capabilities of the human soul by way of music.

The 405

Ellison struck out into uncharted territories, taking the basic elements that have shaped his landmark works and applying them to this new, dreamy and subdued affair.

Pretty Much Amazing

This is not a collection of songs so much as it is a patchwork of different moods, sewn together to form a distorted stream of consciousness.

A.V. Club

After multiple listens, the album reveals itself to be as nuanced, as subtle, and a lot more digestible than its predecessor, a sidestep into sonic territory that’s no less admirable for its comparative somnolence.

Drowned in Sound

He is, however, a radiant example of an artist with the ability at his fingertips to close the schism between the true avant-garde and the leftfield mainstream, and in this respect Until the Quiet Comes is the record to date we’ll most likely crown his masterpiece.


With this record, Flying Lotus has continued his explorations of the outer regions of sonic experience whilst simultaneously creating a playful, and thrillingly visceral, listening experience


Ultimately, this album is the sound of the future.


While this might be Flying Lotus' most accessible record, it's less about being pleasant and more about deep focus. 

Consequence of Sound

FlyLo silenced the external forces and produced an album that is dark enough to spin at LA’s Low End Theory, yet smooth enough to garner listens from fans well outside of the club’s beat freaks. 


The more you listen to Until the Quiet Comes, the more you get the sense that you’re only scratching the surface of how much is really going on with it.

Under The Radar

Every track and sound feels new and experimental; much of Until the Quiet is so wonderfully weird, there's no way for it to be boring.

FACT Magazine

For an album that, at times, is beautiful, it doesn’t hypnotise you, it doesn’t entrance you, and even its best moments fail to stay in your head

Tiny Mix Tapes

It is coming straight from Warp to a cocktail bar near you and, soon after that, a Starbucks. It is the sound of an artist in retreat from the shadow of his own success.

Oct 8, 2016
He continues his undisputable winning streak by releasing another remarkable record. It's a spacial and dreamy world from which you will never want to escape.
Oct 31, 2015
I really dig the ethereal atmosphere of this album. It's dreamy and gripping at the same time. My main issue with Until The Quiet Comes is a lot of the standout tracks end before I even get the chance to enjoy them. They have a beginning and a middle, and then they kind of just end abruptly (Getting There, See Thru To U and DMT Song are good examples of this). Most of the short motifs found throughout the album don't do anything for me either. It's still a good record, but not at all Flylo's ... read more
Oct 30, 2015
one completely uniform and whole project. there isn't a single track that seems out of place, and the flow from song to song is stellar. i love the light beats and slow feel, it adds to the overall character of this project. i just dont really care for the features on this album, the light vocals annoyed me, especially from niki randa.
fav tracks: tiny tortures, sultans request
Jul 4, 2015
To me, this album sounds like a mix between 'Los Angeles' and 'Cosmogramma.' It's got the flawless production and progressions plus it has a sort of urban nighttime style to it. The first half is a bit underwhelming, but I still think this is one of his stronger works.

Favourite tracks: The Nightcaller, Hunger, Phantasm
May 16, 2015
I've never had music stimulate me to the point where I felt like I was on drugs until my friend told me about a producer and musician named Flying Lotus. He told me about his new album, "Los Angeles", and I fell in love. "Cosmogramma" and "You're Dead!" were amazing, but in my opinion, "Until the Quiet Comes" takes the cake. UTQC consists of perfect transitions and almost chilling beats, with an almost bipolar vibe, as you feel like you're flying realm ... read more
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Track List
  1. All In 
  2. Getting There [ft. Niki Randa] 
  3. Until the Colours Come 
  4. Heave(n) 
  5. Tiny Tortures 
  6. All the Secrets 
  7. Sultans Request 
  8. Putty Boy Strut 
  9. See Thru to U [ft. Erykah Badu] 
  10. Until the Quiet Comes 
  11. DMT Song [ft. Thundercat] 
  12. The Nightcaller 
  13. Only if You Wanna 
  14. Electric Candyman [ft. Thom Yorke] 
  15. Hunger [ft. Niki Randa] 
  16. Phantasm [ft. Laura Darlington] 
  17. me Yesterday//Corded 
  18. Dream to Me

Added on: July 18, 2012