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The best projects I've heard in the whole year. Some might please you, some might make you angry... The criteria is based on score+longevity throughout the year. (I'm not including re-recordings ...
Updated 2y ago100 albumsRanked 39
Hi everyone! A week ago or so, the homie @PelicanManners and I asked you which songs you liked the most in 2021 (so far at least lol), and I'm very happy to see lots of variety of genres & ...
Updated 2y ago179 albums 38
vncsAwards obviamente só tem os que consegui escutar
Updated 1y ago31 albumsRanked 2
Updated 2mo ago777 albums 1
Updated 2mo ago144 albums
Updated 9mo ago26 albumsRanked
Updated 7mo ago113 albums
Updated 1y ago20 albumsRanked
Updated 1y ago15 albumsRanked
+30 mençôes honrosas
Updated 1y ago80 albumsRanked
Ranking dos lançamentos ouvidos no mês
Updated 2y ago39 albumsRanked
Updated 1y ago475 albums

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