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Friends That Break Your Heart

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Although more immediate, Friends That Break Your Heart is not a watered down pop version of James Blake, it is on the contrary a deeply liberating act that offers us this collection of ballads as hypnotic as emotional.

I would like first of all before launching into the analysis of this new album to specify that James Blake remains probably one of the favorite Pop/Electronic artists of this last decade and one undeniably underestimated. I find him very singular, in-fluent, bewitching, ... read more
Em "Friends That Break Your Heart", James Blake lança um excelente disco contando com 12 baladas com letras inteligentes e belos vocais.

As letras abordam temas relacionados a sensação de se decepcionar com um amigo ou o fim de uma amizade, as musicas "Famous Last Words" e "Funeral" demonstram muito o quão é triste essa sensação e como isso afeta o emocional da pessoa e eu como alguém que já passou por ... read more
James Blake drops 'Friends That Break Your Heart' and it's an absolutely beautiful album that captures the heartbreak that follows loosing friendships and when friends disappoint when it matters. James Blake has musically taken a conservative approach, not taking any large risks but still coming up with a lovely, lively atmosphere that keeps up with James Blake wherever he chooses to venture, with a lo-fi backdrop creatively working with James Blake's lavish, delicate vocals. Coming into this ... read more
Favourite: Say What You Will

1. Famous Last Words - 10
[Wow. Just brilliant I mean the emotion poured into this and the production into this is amazing!]

2. Life Is Not The Same - 10
[Interesting to get more of a hip hop producer on this but this kind of change is really refreshing and just still fits so well with James' Blakes style. Other than that once again the emotion, even the vocals leading and the slight background vocals just so brilliant]

3. Coming Back (feat. SZA) - 9
[Love ... read more
Despite him contributing to a number of projects that I enjoy, I never felt inclined to give his own music a listen besides 2019’s “Assume Form” (which, to be honest, I didn’t really care for). However, I found myself really enjoying listening to his latest album “Friends That Break Your Heart”.

This record finds the singer/songwriter/producer in a very melancholic state, one that is not unseen before in Blake’s music but definitely at its most ... read more
Friends That Break Your Heart is another beautiful album from James Blake that has some fantastic production, great songwriting and vocal performances from James Blake, and some really solid features. I’m gonna need more time with this to fully collect my thoughts, but this really impressed me.

Full review soon
Apart from the most disastrous artwork of the year, the record is very very interesting. 'Friends That Break Your Heart' is a work that defines what James Blake sounds like nowadays, mixing his old sound to several variants of electronic productions that he has been digging into these last few years. The minimalistic beats over some great orchestral moments are the best part of this album that is clearly looking into a future R&B agenda that is most definitely impacting the general ... read more
Wow... this album is pretty good, without a doubt one of the best of the year for me. I really like the production and something that should be noted is the vocal performance of James, because oh god... I was elevating myself with each vowel on this album. In my first listen I really enjoyed the album, I will listen to it again obviously, and maybe it will grow more in me already than it really is.

Favorite tracks: Famous Last Worlds, Life Is Not The Same, Coming Back, Funeral, I'm So Blessed ... read more
“Friends That Break Your Heart” Will Break Yours Too

VIDEO REVIEW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7jWhwf9a8E
James Blake’s 2019 record “Assume Form” was the album that got me into listening to new music. It still holds quite a significance with me, being one of my favorite records of 2019, and one of my favorite albums of all time. And even then, James Blake has become one of my favorite artists as well.

Upon the announcement of his 2021 record “Friends ... read more
James Blake has already been getting around this year, having fantastic features on both Dave's and Slowthai's albums. Blake is capable of communicating raw emotional power with his voice and silky, euphoric cadence, which, when used to its full capacity, can make for some truly beautiful songs (I immediately think "Are You Even Real"). So, evidently, I was hyped for the Englishman's newest release "Friends That Break Your Heart", a record that, although tumultuous in ... read more
Normally, I'd find pop that is this stripped back and low tempo to be boring or uninspired, but James Blake has this unique ability to create some the most haunting art-pop you've ever heard. Each track on this record is beautiful—yet cold as ice. The production, while mostly minimal, still has so much going on under the surface that you're sucked right into the atmosphere. Blake's singing is also has chilling as ever, with his weeping falsetto. This is definitely one of the best pop ... read more
It's been a minute since an album made me reflect on my life, my relationships with those I love and those who I don't love anymore... This piece just broke me, and I just can't go to bed after this experience that is Friends That Break Your Heart, I need to get this thoughts off my system right now, it just can't wait.

First of all, the technical aspects are fucking immaculate. James Blake shows us yet again that he's one of, if not the finest producer in the game right now, you can feel this ... read more
'Friends That Break Your Heart' is James Blake's anticipated fifth studio album and comes as one of the most enjoyable and comforting experiences of 2021 so far, despite some issues with its consistency.

Most current albums focus on themes like love, but James Blake departs from that subject and talks about the heartbreak we can have with friends, relationships that are capable of making us suffer even more than the romantic ones. The opening track 'Famous Last Words' represents the album's ... read more
this was quite the artistic flex. using his blend of poppy singing and r&b (with a twang of trap) production, he’s managed to make a record that just screams quality all over. james should be damn proud of all the vocal work done to enhance quite melancholy (and occasionally dull) instrumentals, given that it makes every track a potential hit with catchy melody after catchy melody. it’s by no means a masterpiece, but it carries it’s weight in consistency, and makes me want ... read more
Clash: "Vocally, he's unsettlingly beautiful."

Congrats, you just described everything about James Blake in one sentence.

Some of these songs are so ghastly and lonely sometimes that i start to question reality. And yet.. they still somehow manage to vibe off a very warm and calm feeling to me. The production is almost ethereal and floaty as well. It's like every aspect of this record is working together perfectly enough to put you into a state of complete chill. Late night shit, ... read more
James Blake's recent work inherited the atmosphere of Assume Form, which embraced trap vibe and various genres. His singing skill has developed significantly, and there are clearly wonderful moments in addition to his previous singles. I'll have to keep listening to it, but some of the tracks don't impress as much as I expected. In particular, JB's collaboration with other artists was highly anticipated, but it was not that outstanding.
Anyway, the entire album is just good and ... read more
200TH AOTY REVIEW!!! (thx to this site and all its wonderful people and musical minds!)

This album should be titled ‘Friend That MENDS Your Heart’ because that’s what Blake does for me whenever he releases. 💗

For over a decade James Blake has graced us with his angelic voice and innovative production, seeing an evolution from skeletal electronic numbers to idiosyncratic alt-R&B to psychedelic hip-hop and trap numbers on his most recent LP ‘Assume Form’. ... read more
SZA song went so crazy
Beautiful, I cried
O álbum começa com a música "famous last words". A faixa tem uma sonoridade boa, vocais lindos, instrumental lindo também.

"life is not the same" é muito boa, bem agradável, só tem algumas mínimas coisas que não me agradam.

"coming back" é um feat com a SZA, ela não agrega nada de interessante na faixa. Ela é boa mas nada demais.

"funeral" dá pra tocar essa ... read more
blames jake
This and the Magdalena Bay record on the same day!?!?!? Both have some of the best album covers of the year.
I think this might be his best album to date. It's without a doubt the best display of his vocal range and his ability to craft a good ass melody. The production was god-tier as well, with countless unpredictable choices that make it extremely interesting from start to finish.
‘Friends That Break Your Heart’ starts and finishes strong but loses motion in the middle. The production and lyricism is excellent as it always is with James, and I appreciate that the collabs were handpicked to better benefit the record. But some songs in the middle will just impress you on first listen and fail to catch you later. Great concept for an album though.
James, when you sing these songs you're beautiful

No wait...you're a James Blunt~?

The role of acceptance isn't solely defined by rejection, a hand signal to come on over, or an affirmation of good work. To many of us, it takes years of youthful personal outbursts. To others, it takes a lifetime of either having pockets full of junk or pockets full of dust. But, in general, obtaining acceptance is inevitable. For James Blake, that moment of inevitability appears to be whenever he decided to start writing his fifth record.

Blake's discography tends to bleed into one another ... read more
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