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Sleigh Bells - Texis
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2021 Ratings: #368 / 673
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2021 Ratings: #257
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Sleigh Bells have not sounded this rejuvenated or fun since they first appeared on the scene over a decade ago. Their core spirit and whatever magic it contained is back in full force, and it’s arguably more potent than ever.

Northern Transmissions

The musicianship is brilliant and the chemistry between Krauss and Miller is the best it’s ever been.


In many ways Texis harkens back to the bombast and sheer euphoria of Treats.


At its heaviest, ‘TEXIS’ is blistering ... And when synths do take centre stage, no impact is lost.

The Line of Best Fit

TEXIS delivers everything that one could hope to find on a Sleigh Bells record: dance worthy beats, angelic vocals, and satisfying boisterousness.


Conformity clearly left a sour taste. For this fifth record they’ve reverted to scintillating savagery.

Beats Per Minute

Even if Texis fails to reposition Sleigh Bells as a noise act to be reckoned with, it does succeed in giving us a glimpse into what could have been if the duo had stayed the course.

The Forty-Five

‘Texis’ may be an unrelenting whirlwind of a noise-pop record, built only for a specific mood and moment – when you want to be completed uprooted from everyday existence – but by conveying a genuine joy for being alive, its bigger achievement is to make that everyday existence bearable.


There are times on Texis that not only do some tracks remind you of previous records, but of previous tracks on the very same album. It’s formulaic, but, as the phrase goes, if it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it.

Under The Radar

While not necessarily new territory for the band, Texis offers much worth loving, and is not so much a step back, as it is, perhaps, an awkward stumble to one side.


Not so much a retreat as a celebration of what Sleigh Bells do best, Texis' finest moments thrive on the razor's edge between sweetness and annihilation.


Despite its newfound musical relevance, the influential duo struggles to evolve beyond its signature template of empowering pop hooks and overdriven arrangements.


The LP seems to lack in any kind of variation or emotional change to keep the listener thoroughly engaged all the way through. It is a lot of fun to have a mosh in your kitchen to, but it doesn’t serve much more of a purpose than that.

Sleigh Bells released the bulk of their material before I started listening to a new album almost daily, and because it’s hard for me to revisit older material due to my schedule I completely missed Sleigh Bells’s output until this album. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I decided to give this record a shot, but I was very impressed by their long awaited fifth album “Texis”.

The genre blending that Sleigh Bells executes on “Texis” is ... read more
Favourite: Knowing
Worst: I'm Not Down

1. Sweet75 - 9.5
2. An Acre Lost - 9
3. I'm Not Down - 8
4. Locust Laced - 9
5. Knowing - 10
6. Justine Go Genesis - 9
7. Tennessee Tips - 9
8. Rosary - 8
9. Red Flag Flies - 8.5
10. True Seekers - 9.5
11. Hummingbird Bomb - 9

Average: 8.95
Quick Comment: Pretty average. At least I don't have to hear Flo Rida anymore :)
This. THIS is more like it. This is exactly what we needed. Now I can sleep in peace.
Straight fantastic from front to back with few skips, if any. This is the type of pop-rock/noise pop that we need more of nowadays. Also Locus Laced is one of the best songs of the year.
‘Justine Go Genesis’ brings back that ‘Treats’ hotness 😏 πŸ˜…

Sometimes when the chugging guitars leave for an entire tune they can get a bit too close to run-of-the-mill pop, but otherwise this is a return to form.
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Added on: July 28, 2021