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There isn’t much new here as far as the style and musical spectrum the band established on their debut is concerned, but the quartet is still doing what they do quite well.

A.V. Club

What they’ve delivered in Babel is part two of Sigh, with more irresistible pop hooks, lofty lyrics, and the dynamic interplay between loud and soft that pushed the group into the international spotlight.

Under The Radar

With Babel, Mumford & Sons has proven that it can do it again, replicating all that made Sigh No More so successful and well loved.


If you can get past the earnest nostalgia and tweedy affectations, this isn’t a bad album, just an average one. 

Consequence of Sound

Babel, on the other hand, is more streamlined than their debut LP, and its shimmering production value sounds more like a stack of individually recorded tracks.


While there are some real gems here, occasionally the songs tend to fade into generic background folk music. 

Pretty Much Amazing

On Babel, Mumford & Sons dismantle the pieces of Sigh No More, reassembling them into a bizarre, grating mishmash. All too frequently, Babel sounds like a warped mimicry of the band’s debut.


If there's only a finite number of albums that will ever be made in the history of the universe the fact that Mumford And Sons now account for two of them is tragic.

No Ripcord

It’s truly perplexing how a band like Mumford & Sons is allowed all the creative freedom, production, and studio time the music industry can offer, and still come up with an album so sterile and devoid of any real emotion.

May 25, 2014
3 years have gone by. Millions have been waiting. Mumford and Sons are proud to present the new chapter in the saga: Sigh No More 2: Banjo Boogaloo.
Jun 16, 2013
This attempt to sit atop the clouds of folk legends falls like a brick through the stratosphere. Anodyne, fake, faux-naïve, Marcus Mumford sounds like a man with an anger management issue, who flares up, screams for a few minutes, realises he's made a fool of himself and sits down embarrassedly. They over-emote and use expensive studio tricks trying to sound epic. Laura Marling takes an acoustic guitar and soars higher than they ever will - maybe it's because their banjos are ... read more
Dec 24, 2017
I had plenty of complaints about "Sigh No More," and "Babel" is basically a watered-down, faded carbon copy of its predecessor. Mumford & Sons found an approach that worked and broke bank, and they stuck to it without coming up with anything inspired. Every song sounds the same, every swell and big "bluegrass" moment entirely predictable. And frankly, Marcus Mumford sounds completely out of place, even when divorcing myself from the "he's a rich kid" ... read more
Nov 10, 2017
pure sonic agony
Dec 20, 2015
Poderoso e muito bem trabalhado.
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Track List
  1. Babel 
  2. Whispers In The Dark 
  3. I Will Wait 
  4. Holland Road 
  5. Ghosts That We Knew 
  6. Lover Of The Light 
  7. Lover's Eyes 
  8. Reminder 
  9. Hopeless Wanderer 
  10. Broken Crown
  11. Below My Feet 
  12. Not With Haste

Added on: August 7, 2012