Injury Reserve - By the Time I Get to Phoenix

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

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Do you ever hear an album that makes absolutely no sense, yet at the same time, makes perfect sense? Have you ever felt that duality, that stark contrast, that perfect clash when listening to something? Because for me, 'By the Time I Get to Phoenix', the sophomore record from Injury Reserve, is exactly what that is; it is something that makes absolutely no sense, but it makes perfect sense. This is an album that is grief personified, laid out and dissected, to a horrifically accurate ... read more
Just finished my first listen, and I have no clue how to feel about this. Wtf is this? I mean I clearly am not fully getting it to some degree, but like this is barely a hip hop album. This is about as far of a left turn as possible. After the passing of Groggs, I don’t know what I expected, but this album literally sounds like a large chunk was violently ripped out of it, and the damage/debris from the tear are part of the experience. The instrumentals are barely functional, and the ... read more
This should've been a mistake...

By almost all accounts, this should have been a terrible idea. Groggs was a vital member of the group. The three man weave *is* Injury Reserve, The prospect of taking any single one of them out of the equation is one that is reasonably met with hesitance, yet they pulled it off. Ritchie and Parker successfully made both the best album they've ever released, as well as an incredible tribute to their late friend.

The first thing I have to talk about is the ... read more
Post-pretentiousness: the whole album sounds like freestyling over your indie-head bestie playing random mashups and you recorded it off a very good mic in some random field

-1 points because it isn't Kanye West
-1 points because he said 5G
-1 points because Ritchie only said "check it" once

+97 points because this is the second album to make me cry

by the time i get to phoenix 🖼️❤️☀️🧍🏻

mind-boggling (middle nine)

what if you had a campfire party ... read more
it's almost as if you can hear the band's physical reaction to groggs' death through the music.
there is no album like this one.
Possibly the most ambitious record I've heard all year. It's crazy to think that the singles might be the most accessible and conventional songs on the album.

Injury Reserve are no longer 'just' a hip-hop group. What genre do they inhibit now? I have no fucking clue.

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix" is a dense amalgamation of a multitude of sounds and genre influences. As a result, I can't say this album sounds like anything I've heard before. This is a double-edged sword. On one ... read more
first off, R.I.P Groggs.

if i’m being completely honest… i’m quite disappointed in this album.

i’ve known of Injury Reserve for a few months now, but i only listened to a full project of theirs yesterday so i could have a taste of what they’re like before jumping into this sophomore album. Injury Reserve’s self titled project caught me off guard. it was intense, abrasive and captivating. with killer hooks, production and features, like JpegMafia, ... read more
I didn’t even know who Groggs was until today and this album has me sad
'By the Time I Get to Phoenix' is Injury Reserve's sophomore album and it's guaranteed to take your breath away, but not guaranteed to give you a good time. The singles to the album were perfect, with both singles creatively capturing the effect of anxiety using outstanding, overwhelming sounds that sound like nothing I've heard before, with the album building on the picture those singles painted but failing to fully color it in. Probably the most ambitious album I've heard so far this year but ... read more

I never take joy in giving these types of scores, even less when it’s on an album that is adored by many. But look, the honest truth is that I base my score on enjoyment mostly, and I didn’t enjoy this at all.

I can see why people like this, it’s different, it’s daring, it’s most likely is lyrically genuine (and cathartic), which are all great things. But for me, regardless of the heights that these criteria effectively reach, if I can’t ... read more
EDIT: Just read an article that described this as post-rap. Perfect.

If this album gets the right amount of traction, I think it has the ability to do for abstract hip hop what The Money Store did for industrial hip hop. The ability to combine this level of abstract production with catchy vocals and hooks could take this genre to another level.

I had the privilege to see Injury Reserve perform in 2019 when they were touring their Self-Titled album in Australia.
To this day it's one of the ... read more
After years of bubbling up as one of the most exciting new artists in experimental hip-hop, most people assumed Injury Reserve had a long career ahead of them after their debut album. But no one could have possibly expected the passing of beloved member Stepa J. Groggs so soon after their first album, immediately calling the future of the band into question. As of writing, members Parker Corey and Ritchie With a T still don’t know the answer to that question, but they knew they had to ... read more
A morte de alguém querido é algo que em grande parte das vezes afeta bastante nosso emocional, e o luto por alguém é quase sempre algo bem difícil e triste. E "By The Time I Get To Phoenix", segundo álbum do grupo Injury Reserve, mostra como é passar por essas coisas de uma ótima forma.

Em 29 de junho de 2020 tivemos a triste notícia da morte do ex membro do grupo Groggs, e isso foi algo que abalou bastante os fãs ... read more
Favourite: Knees
Worst: Wild Wild West

1. Outside - 10
2.Superman That - 9
3. SS San Francisco (feat. ZelooperZ) - 10
4. Footwork in a Forest Fire - 9
5. Ground Zero - 10
6. Smoke Don't Clear - 10
7. Top Picks for You - 9
8. Wild Wild West - 9
9. Postpostpartum - 10
10. Knees - 10
11. Bye Storm - 10

Average: 9.63
Quick Comment: That cover perfectly resembles all of us. Mind blown!
“-the heartbreaking necessity of lying about reality, and the heartbreaking impossibility of lying about it.”
- kurt vonnegut, “cat’s cradle”

review out soon
wtf even is music anymore
'By The Time I Get To Phoenix' is what I like to call post-experimental. It's a little far from just mixing genres and productions, it is reaching to deepest, connecting and disconnecting all type of sounds a.k.a organized mess. The artwork solidifies the record in the clearest way possible, a human floating in nowhere guided by light and distortion, a void. What I actually experienced listening to this for the first time was a moving sensation, like the music was flowing through my ears like a ... read more
Stepa J. Groggs died in June of last year (2020). He was the third member of the rap group Injury Reserve. A year and a bit later Injury Reserve released an album entitled “By the Time I Get to Phoenix” Phoenix being where the group currently resides. By the Time I Get to Phoenix could be considered as an album to commemorate Groggs but I see it more as an that was made by him.

How do you deal with death? Better question, how do you deal with grief?
Take a second to think about it. ... read more
Good album.

"By The Time I Get To Phoenix" is the first album I've heard from Injury Reserve, and I really liked it. It was a somewhat peculiar and strange experience since I think it is my first time listening to experimental Hiphop and thinking that I was not going to like it, because I think it was the opposite, I really liked it, I would be interested in listening to this album again, now already having more context of this, but, yes, I like it.

Favorite tracks: Outside, SS San ... read more
Fucking Weird, Hurts to listen to
9.7 - Must Listen

“Just workin' so that you can just, jump right back in, but you ain't jumpin' back.”

Injury Reserve, a rap group who I believe needs no introduction, is back with a new album, since the passing of the member Steppa J. Groggs, and shit, this is tough to listen to. Like this album doesn’t feel real. As someone who arrived into the Injury Reserve hype train way too late, By the Time I Get to Phoenix is everything about the group that I’ve wanted, yet ... read more
'By the Time I Get to Phoenix' is the long-awaited sophomore album from Arizona Experimental Hip-Hop and Hardcore Hip-Hop group Injury Reserve, a group that has proven themselves to be one of the most essential and fun groups in the current pool of Experimental Hip-Hop artists and they slowly but surely made themselves known in the latter half of the 2010's with fantastic project after fantastic project. To say that I'm a fan of the groups work would be an understatement, I absolutely adore ... read more
It's difficult to process grief. Whether this person was very close or there were little conversations with them in the form of, say, a dm, there's always a little hole in the heart when someone you know loses their life. Such is the case for hip hop group Injury Reserve. Midway through 2020, the "Three Man Weave" lost a key member. Jordan Alexander Groggs, or Stepa J. Groggs, was his name and he was just as important to the band as Ritchie and Parker. So, without Groggs present for a ... read more
When I woke up this morning, it had slipped my mind that this album had dropped. I read through some of these reviews and tired not to let it cloud my judgement, it didn't.

I started listening to Injury Reserve in 2016 when 'Floss' dropped. Later, in 2017 the 'Drive it Like You Stole it' EP came out and I was certain this group was going to blow up. When they announced the debut album in 2019 I made a post saying that I was certain the album would be the AOTY. I was back in London that year ... read more
Édit: It Grew on Me

As someone who loves old Injury Reserve and is saddened by the kinda recent death of their legendary member Groggs, I will say their sound has changed a ton since then. Their first album “Live from the dentist Office” kinda holds a special place in my heart for Many reasons. “Floss” was an exceptional follow up to a very innovative record and it only expanded the sound of Injury Reserve. There s/t finally settled the case for the three album ... read more
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