Death Grips - NO LOVE DEEP WEB
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2012 Ratings: #222 / 928
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2012 Ratings: #36
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FACT Magazine

By mothballing the swampy fug and tensile detail, this time Death Grips pivot on razor-edged resolve and naked might. 


For now, at least, NO LOVE DEEP WEB is an extraordinary outlier in most every sense, an album with no definitive home or home turf aside from the millions who will likely download it. 

The 405

Although it didn't initially scorch my face off like April's The Money Store did, it has made me realise how serious Death Grips are and has also made me recognise the amount of potential they possess.

Tiny Mix Tapes

One of the most interesting aspects of this record is how very paranoid it is, how it bites us on the hand when we get too close. 

Beats Per Minute

While No Love Deep Web is not the masterpiece The Money Store undeniably is, it still manages to be both a substantial step forward and, even more importantly, a work not easily forgotten.

Consequence of Sound

With NO LOVE DEEP WEB, Death Grips continues to distort and debase the map of rap and punk

No Ripcord

Musical growth takes a backseat to offensiveness, and the urgency that made the group so great before is gone as traits have become gimmicks and parody.

A.V. Club

No Love Deep Web is a cautionary tale of misplaced punk ideals, a so-so album the group rushed to meet an arbitrary deadline it set for itself, then released in protest of a label it voluntarily signed to. 

Jan 10, 2017*
After releasing their masterpiece, The Money Store, Death Grips would release another album in the same year that was quite controversial, to say the least. This is not because of any of the lyrical content of NO LOVE DEEP WEB, but rather because of what Death Grips had done to this project. They released this album by themselves and for free, left Epic Records, and put Zach Hill's dick in the cover. This album is not only a middle finger to Epic Records, but also one to those that expected ... read more
Oct 30, 2016
my dick is bigger
May 14, 2017
I like the cover but the sound isn't really 'cockish' enough for my tastes. Too digital and warbly, and lots of yelling. I mean I guess if you use the black box cover it's more fitting. Not worthy of the dicking... not yet
Aug 25, 2015
lyrics were surprisingly intense and straight up awesome. the beats were aggressive and the rapping was insane. not my favorite death grips album, but thats like choosing between my favorite kids. theyre all good. this was for sure a stronger album lyrically than the money store, not sure about the production though. nice, hill and ride
fav tracks: world of dogs, artificial death in the west, no love, lil boy
least fav tracks: black dice
Jan 6, 2018
Top Favorite: No Love
Other Favorites: Artificial Death In The West, Come Up And Get Me, Lil Boy
Least Favorite: Whammy
#19/The Needle Drop
#32/Time Out London
#42/Tiny Mix Tapes
#37/Pitchfork Readers
Track List
  1. Come Up and Get Me
  2. Lil Boy
  3. No Love
  4. Black Dice
  5. World of Dogs
  6. Lock Your Doors
  7. Whammy
  8. Hunger Games
  9. Deep Web
  10. Stockton
  11. Pop
  12. Bass Rattle Stars Out the Sky
  13. Artificial Death In the West
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