Burial - Untrue
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2007 Ratings: #1 / 682
Year End Rank: #26
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2007 Ratings: #5
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Tiny Mix Tapes

The magic of Untrue, however, is that, rather than shifting pace and mood with each song, it keeps that blast of energy alive and distributes it artfully throughout its 50 minutes, bringing the beat to the front, dragging it to the back, and sometimes eliminating it completely in favor of tension-filled synth swells


Untrue is complex, stark, tender, blurred and breathtaking. Burial has managed the impossible and improved on his faultless debut.


If you can appreciate the style of dubstep employed by Burial, it's easy to fall head over heels for Untrue, an album on which there are absolutely no mainstream-crossover concessions, no ego trips, and no willful stylistic variation.

Resident Advisor

Untrue is therefore a new kind of folk music, for Britain and beyond. And like the British weather, it’s all about hoping to catch the moments between the grey clouds, not expecting an unending run of sun.

The Skinny
Found sounds that recall broken lighters, twisted rizlas and guttering match flames evoke a wasted smoker's paradise: a beautifully stoned, 4am bliss.
The Guardian

As addictive as its predecessor, Untrue confirms that Burial possesses not just the keen ear of a Lee Perry or Martin Hannett - the album teems with unplaceably familiar noises which might be the hot click of a lighter or the cold scrape of metal on metal - but a capacious heart.

Drowned in Sound
He’s never going to attract too far outside his niche, but to the right ears and in the right context this is unbeatable, unspeakably romantic, epoch defining.

Unlike Burial, whose technical obsession felt so pronounced, the blurred edges of Untrue’s songs make them feel personal.

All rain-slicked bass flicker, disembodied voices, and electronic drift, it's the perfect soundtrack for both a 24-hour news junkie's end-times paranoia or a 3 A.M. trudge home from a one-night stand.

If taken as a glimpse into the seedy underbelly of London and its inhabitants, Untrue ends up as one of the most refreshing releases of the year.


Untrue is an album meant to be heard at home, in the car, on headphones-- his songs feel almost like beautiful secrets being whispered to a listener.

Slant Magazine
Machine music this unrelentingly intimate is worth the attention it requires.
I'd like to talk about my day if you don't mind?

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"You're supporting corporate billionaires."
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I get out of bed and walk into the ... read more
A little over 560 days ago I created my account on this website, without even a real understanding of what it was. I had very limited experience in music, I'd probably only heard a few full albums, and I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into. Times have changed... a lot. Thank you.
First, let me actually review this record: "Untrue" by Burial. Then we can get into a more personal discussion about this ... read more
So imagine that your on a street.

It's London, it's raining and your about to go in to your friends party. You've known this person for a while now. You've become friends with them, really close. But...you feel something more. You feel this weird feeling in the pit of your soul, forcing yourself to spend as much time with this person as possible. It's a weird mixture of fear, stress and...love. But you don't think about that right now. You go in, and immediately you see ... read more
Untrue is a trip.

I'm walking around on a winter day, late at night, looking at the city skyline. I see people talking, drinking, laughing, but I can't hear a word, I can't see their faces, only the shadows of their eyes. I'm surrounded by people yet completely alone, and for some reason, I find it comforting.

Recently I went on a trip to the desert, and at night, it's dark, really dark, you can see the stars so clearly it's breathtaking, I listened to this while laying down and staring at ... read more
this is where all electronic music from the 2010's is rooted from. untrue shows the dark and ambient side of electronic, with slow and somber beats that set a dreary and emotional tone. this album keeps a continuous style all the way through, and each song is almost as if it represents something that actually happens in real life.

fav tracks: archangel, shell of light
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