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Remi Wolf - Juno
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2021 Ratings: #65 / 666
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2021 Ratings: #81
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Like that friend that always makes everyone else feel great, Remi Wolf is the seretonin shot 2021 needed. The next greatest pop star on the planet has arrived.

The Line of Best Fit

Charistmatically stepping onto the scene with an unmistakable presence in an era of reclaiming confidence is not an easy feat but Remi Wolf has delivered a debut that is powered by a true liveliness to be fun and real.

The Young Folks

Remi Wolf’s debut album is an explosion of color, and I don’t just mean the music videos. Listening to Juno is like being in an arcade room, jumping excitedly from one machine to another, simply having to try them all.


On her debut album Juno, Remi Wolf confirms her status as one of pop’s biggest partiers, each song couched in a sense of wonder and risk.


As a first full-length release, Remi Wolf has pulled off pop music that most artists couldn’t dream of. It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t be captivated by her pure charisma and pop splendour.


Accompanied with her scatter board samples and untold charm, ‘Juno’ is a resounding celebration of existence and Remi Wolf is the MC.


Deeply reflective and in-your-face all at once, the Californian artist's debut album is an unashamedly proud celebration of recovery.

Wolf is in her own universe, creating a new style of artistry that will inspire many others for the years yet to come.
The Observer

Her debut album Juno is fluorescently coloured with bright, high-pitched vocals and fizzing with psychedelic instrumentals. But this isn’t mindless pop music.


For all the modern bedroom pop accoutrements, Juno's greatest strengths are the raw materials of melody and lyrics.


In the California pop singer-songwriter’s bright, hallucinogenic world, everything glows in the dark and almost every chorus is chanted.

The Needle Drop

An impressive debut from the pop singer/songwriter.

with one of her songs blowing up last year on tiktok to checking back into rehab, remi wolf has had one hell of a road to this debut album. and her life mirrors this album; crazy, unpredictable and down right uniquely her.

i discovered remi wolf in mid-late august this year from big man fantano as he was really digging the singles she was releasing. listening to quiet on set for the first time felt like a deep dive into wolf’s colorful brain. i can only describe the song as a huge acid ... read more
Remi Wolf é uma artista ainda pouco conhecida mas que esta tendo um pequeno sucesso com uma música hitando no tik-tok e após alguns eps finalmente lança seu album de estreia - que mostra uma cantora criativa e extremamente talentosa.

Os vocais em algumas musicas poderiam ser melhores. A perfomance vocal de Remi em "Liquor Store", por exemplo, me estranhou um pouco. Porém ao longo do álbum ele vai melhorando, ainda que continue sendo o ponto ... read more
people might not have gotten this until now, but remi wolf is truly a trailblazer for young artists and might as well be the future of modern R&B. after two very solid EPs, remi has returned with every drop of her flavorful, crunchy production and her amazingly talented voice. i’ve gotten to the point on the album where i don’t really care about the songwriting, since everything else is so good once you take your mind off that. i’m so glad that this was such a home run for ... read more
Favourite: Sexy Villain
Worst: Buzz Me In

1. Liquor Store - 8
[How high was she when she wrote this?]

2. Anthony Kiedis - 9
[Wow just such a fun track, quite a bumpy kind of song. It's quite weird style it's like recording pain experienced in a fun way lol. She also sounds a bit like Sia at times, not a bad comparison]

3. wyd - 7
["They want Escargot" Woman no one wants Escargot they are fibbing to you don't be jealous]

4. Guerrilla - 8
[I think part of the instrumental was a ... read more
'Juno' is the result to loads of pop production experimentation. Remi Wolf as a brand new artist, is bringing the fresh sounds to the table, she's a hell of a creative singer/songwriter which is so interesting for the nowadays music industry. Coming from a glitch kinda aesthetic the music she makes reflects it's inspiration directly, it's in all places at the same but still has that cohesive flair that is essential, you can catch a lot of references in each track, her voice is as melodic as any ... read more
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Added on: August 18, 2021