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You need something to listen too? This is simply an alternative version of the random album generator...but this time it's every album Fantano has given a named reviews too! That means no classics ...
Updated 19h ago2,803 albumsRanked 88
The end of the year is approaching and it looks like everything will be hibernating for a few weeks so here's the final summary ! A much better 2021 than the previous one (although you have to take ...
Updated 7mo ago108 albumsRanked 63
The best projects I've heard in the whole year. Some might please you, some might make you angry... The criteria is based on score+longevity throughout the year. (I'm not including re-recordings ...
Updated 8mo ago100 albumsRanked 41
Hi everyone! A week ago or so, the homie @PelicanManners and I asked you which songs you liked the most in 2021 (so far at least lol), and I'm very happy to see lots of variety of genres & ...
Updated 8mo ago179 albums 38
Every 2021 album that I listened to RANKED, based on personal opinion. (100+ albums) (I added my original review for each album to their corresponding blurb.)
Updated 8mo ago143 albumsRanked 15
All the projects (including EPs) I have heard in 2021, RANKED! (100) - Masterpiece: 0 (94-99) - Phenomenal : 4 (88-93) - Amazing: 9 (80-87) - Great: 34 (70-79) - Good/Really Good: 56 (60-69) - ...
Updated 4mo ago220 albumsRanked 15
rules: albums only. no eps or singles. mixtapes and compilations are allowed if they feature mostly new/previously unreleased material. live albums and remixes are allowed but i normally donโ€™t ...
Updated 7mo ago414 albumsRanked 13
(things i wanna listen to or relisten)
Updated 6d ago773 albums 8
OVER 500! I can't believe it. *A lot of these are just first impressions and are subject to change*
Updated 6mo ago544 albumsRanked 7
Called the first one savage mode my mood thatโ€™s what it does (21, 21) letโ€™s hope this year is better than 2020
Updated 8mo ago54 albumsRanked 6
My top 111 of 2021. Being honest I thought this year was so weak in terms of music. Maybe it's just because I wasn't paying as much attention as I was in 2020, maybe it's because the biggest trends ...
Updated 2w ago111 albumsRanked 5
updated December 31 (added TWICE, McKinley Dixon, Aesop Rock, Converge, dltzk, Juรงara Marรงal, Nas, Arca & Adele to top 50) 2021's been a pretty great year so far. I'd even go as far as to say ...
Updated 7mo ago301 albumsRanked 5
gay shit and post punk
Updated 7mo ago135 albums 5
Here's my favourite records over this past 2021~
Updated 7mo ago20 albumsRanked 3
Hey folks, I'm trying to compile the AOTY User List Aggregate for 2021. If you've posted your Best Albums list for the year and I haven't already liked it, I probably haven't seen it. So drop a link ...
Updated 7mo ago43 albumsRanked 3
So much good stuff this year.
Updated 3w ago114 albumsRanked 3
A record of every album I gave a first listen to in 2021 - Goal: Listen to 350 new (to me) albums in 2021 | 101.7% done (356/350)
Updated 7mo ago356 albums 3
Updated 8mo ago278 albumsRanked 3

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