Björk - Homogenic
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While it might not represent every side of Björk's music, Homogenic displays some of her most impressive heights.


Homogenic embraced all of Björk’s most provocative contradictions. The main theme is the wish to rush headlong into a life lived to the fullest—an unbridled yearning for the sublime.

Tiny Mix Tapes

The fact is, Björk has managed to create something so refreshingly unique that trying to categorize and label the music is rather dubious. It is easier to see Homogenic as the backbone for the future of music.

Slant Magazine
If not the greatest electronic album of all time, it's certainly the greatest of its decade.
Amid all the premillenial tension, she had this great idea: Why not something new?
Rolling Stone

With Homogenic, Björk proves that good art, like good love, relies as much on the interplay of opposites as it does on fusion.

Sep 5, 2016*
Really awesome album, very emotional performances and lyrics from bjork on this thing definitely hit me very hard. Whilst this thing is super powerful, the lovely the production can't be overlooked either, it's wonderfully diverse and for sure a strong aspect to this album. I just think a few songs feel a little unfulfilling (Unravel, 5 Years) but besides that, this album is really great, definitely recommended.
Oct 7, 2015
bjork comes up with one of the best electronic albums of all time. the mix of electronic production with strings and other instruments was an incredible fusion, creating one of the most memorable albums ever. bjorks lyrics are very entertaining and real, they vary in tone, so it isnt the same whine that she often has, she has some deeper cuts on this LP.
fav tracks: joga, 5 years, alarm call, bachelorette,
Oct 20, 2017
A career-defining album for Björk, 'Homogenic' showcased a time of recreation for the Icelandic singer.
Sonically, this record explores a very different territory when compared to 'Post' and 'Debut', sounding much more abstract and experimental than her two previous efforts.

Björk intended 'Homogenic' to be a representation of her home country, Iceland, encapsulating the contrast between its harsh climatic conditions (the country faces recurrent snowstorms, heavy rains and even ... read more
Mar 6, 2017
fucking incredible in every single aspect. what's to say about this outstanding piece of work that hasn't already been said?
Dec 29, 2016*
Bjork's "Homogenic" is an electronic/experimental bible- laying the groundwork for many artists to come. From the haunting melodies of "Hunter" and "Bachelorette" to the groove of "Alarm Call', she blends pop, jazz, baroque and electronics into a pantheon of sound that is purely its' own genre. There is no denying the sheer power of Bjork as a songstress, as she both reels in and let's go with lyrics and her voice along the course of the album. Nearly ... read more
#2/Consequence of Sound
Track List
  1. Hunter 
  2. Joga 
  3. Unravel 
  4. Bachelorette 
  5. All Neon Like 
  6. 5 Years 
  7. Immature 
  8. Alarm Call 
  9. Pluto 
  10. All Is Full Of Love
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